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Brainstorms and Building Walls

Originally posted on Bleeding_Heart_Blog:
I’ve had a uniquely obnoxious and oft-debilitating inherited genetic disorder all my life. It doesn’t show on the outside, so people don’t realize I struggle with it. And most often, I don’t tell them…

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The boy who heard crickets: Darrien Hunt, the Mormons, and the Zion Curtain of silence

Originally posted on Bleeding_Heart_Blog:
“You’re just hassling me. I don’t have to talk to you.” Seven shots to the back later, 22-year-old Darrien Hunt was dead. Chased down like an animal by an officer of the law, Corporal…

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The Internet Panhandler Disses All Women

Dear Matt Walsh, I must admit I had no idea who you even were until someone talked about your blog causing an uproar, so I did a Google search, and lo and behold, therily there you were thus, or something … Continue reading

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“Just don’t talk…. listen.”

I read on the Internet that meditation is really good for you, especially as you make lifestyle changes and try to seek out peace. My soul is like constantly trying to mediate the war going on in my body, and … Continue reading

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patiently awaiting promotion and for things to get better.

patiently awaiting promotion and for things to get better..

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Mews: Poppy the world’s oldest cat dies at the age of 24

Originally posted on Katzenworld – Old please follow the main Katzenworld:
So while reading one of our local newspapers today we found these rather sad but yet interesting news. Apparently poppy who lived in Bournemouth – UK passed away just…

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This man

Dudes. Word.

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Cats and Upworthy

I discovered I can spend as much time on as I can searching out videos of cats on Cool. No. I am not avoiding that book. Why do you ask? By the way, I do not have a … Continue reading

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Stand up….

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A fluffy Puppy

Get your head out of the gutter. It’s a puppy. Look! #puppy #fluffypuppy #thatsallitis #sickos

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