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Guest Blogger JulieAnn Carter-Winward–THE HOSTAGE CRISIS

(Today’s blog is a guest post by the lovely and witty JulieAnn Carter-Winward Enjoy!) The Hostage Crisis: Being a Mormon Salt Lake Mormon Temple Many people have tales of humor, incredulity or outright indignation surrounding their first encounter with the … Continue reading

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Billy's Plan

God was troubled. He watched as his Earth spun and spun and felt removed from it all. Billy sat by him, watching casually. “So XY, what’s your deal? You got what you wanted. I mean, even mom didn’t think this … Continue reading

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In The Beginning…

Bon Jour, oh fans of Natalie’s blog! Guest Blogger here. You can call me JulieAnn for now. I’m sure that later I will be called many other things. It is not within my capabilities to pick up Natalie’s particular mantle–she … Continue reading

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