Alter Ego, Writing as Natalie M. Roberts

Crazy psycho dance moms? Speeding murderous Hummers? Eccentric dance teachers? The new reality show, Dance Mom? No, just the Jenny T. Partridge Dance Mystery Series, available on in Kindle and in Nook (and also in mass market paperback if you can find one of those still available….)



“Blending the humor of Janet Evanovich with chick-lit quirkiness, Roberts adds sassy prose and a spunky heroine to create a new series to watch.”–Library Journal

“When an obnoxious stage mom turns up dead from poisoned cookie dough, the laughs and the mystery start rolling. Roberts’ charming new series is a winner — a one-sitting read with laugh-out-loud moments, a wacky heroine and enough red herrings to populate a fish market.”–Romantic Times Magazine

“…Tutu Deadly is a book I can recommend — stage mothers might even enjoy being skewered a bit. Jenny is a great cozy heroine – with a self-deprecating sense of humor and a big heart.”–Cozy Library

“Grit and humor propel Jenny ahead. Roberts handles a variety of unrelated threads to create a fun read.”–Gumshoe Review

“When a cookie-dough fundraiser goes awry, Jenny T. Partridge, dance studio owner and amateur sleuth, is on the case in this upbeat mystery….In a nutshell: A light caper with many familiar details of life in the dance studio world.–Dance Teacher Magazine

Tapped Out Review!

Anyone who has ever been a dance student as a child, or has a child taking dance classes will instantly recognize the reality of the dance and dance school scenes. This one is a fun, solid mystery, and I’ll be happy to follow Jenny’s progress in the future.”–CA Reviews



5 Responses to Alter Ego, Writing as Natalie M. Roberts

  1. barb aspinall says:

    When is the next Jenny P. Coming out?


  2. C. P. Lesley says:

    Yes, when? I love Jenny Partridge! Own them all (in archaic mass-market paperback, no less) and recommend them whenever I can.


  3. Abigail says:

    Hi,um so I found Tutu Deadly in a bookstore about three years ago and I’ve read the second and the third and I have no idea how to otherwise contact you but I wanted you to know that your series has meant to world to me and its written so perfectly and Jenny is one of my favorite book characters I’ve ever been introduced to. A few months ago I saw that you were coming out with another in the series? I-ehmm- started screaming(shrugs sheepishly) and I hope this is true and I’ll probably be stalking your twitter and blog until the end of time now that I know you have one. Anyway I hope you have a lovely year and wish you all the happiness and sunshine’s(or whatever makes you want to throw confetti and dance around like its nobody’s business).


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