About author Natalie R. Collins

Natalie R. Collins has eight published books, several others in various stages of publishing, and is currently working on her next one… or two… or three. She has dabbled in both dark suspense and cozy mysteries, and is happy to be able to work in both genres.

In addition to writing for Binary Press Publications, she has written for Penguin Putnam, Thompson Gale, and still currently has a contract with St. Martin’s Press, awaiting her third book with them, TIES THAT BIND, coming in 2011.

Her critically acclaimed WIVES AND SISTERS received excellent reviews, including one from Kirkus, calling Collins “…a talent to watch.”

Natalie’s books:


9 Responses to About author Natalie R. Collins

  1. Marjory E. Leposky says:

    Is link is no longer working. Do you have a new link that is working?

    Vetted, Non-Fee-Charging Agents – http://www.nataliercollins.com/agent-information/agent-listing.php

    A list of vetted agents from author Natalie R. Collins.



    Happy Holidays!

    Marjory Leposky


  2. Natalie, I would like to speak with you. (There isn’t an email address listed on your website to contact you.)

    I’m an exMormon–and I strongly believe you would appreciate speaking with me and vice versa. We have strong mutual interests.

    Thank you.


  3. Judy C. Adams says:

    Hello from a new reader of your book Behind Closed Doors. I was hooked with the first page. I am trying to find Saints and Sinners along with The Wife’s Secret and can’t locate them anywhere. I have been to Amazon and nothing shows up. Have these been published yet? I am definitely into your books and would love to find these.

    Thanks for good reading that has kept me on the edge.

    Judy Adams


    • Hi Judy,
      SAINTS AND SINNERS died an untimely death, because my publisher considered it too action-oriented and even “masculine.” It will be rereleased later this year, under my own publishing company, Sisterhood Publications. THE WIFE’S SECRET is the same book as SAINTS AND SINNERS. The publisher renamed it before they opted not to buy it. But I still have plenty of books available.


      • Maria Burnett says:

        Hello Natalie,

        I have just finished reading Behind Closed Doors and wish to read more. However I am left rather perplexed by the numerous names attributed to the same book! The comment above helps a little but I have also deduced that the title “The Ties That Bind” is also the same book.
        In recent times I have been reading factual accounts of life in Mormon communities and on two occasions already I have wound up buying the same book with different titles. I would really like for this to not happen again, particularly as some are being sold at greatly inflated prices.
        What would be very helpful is if a list of all titles were available, sub-categorised into those which are in fact the same book. Can you help with this?


      • Hi Maria,

        All of my books are fiction, and ALL have different titles. TIES THAT BIND is coming out in late July from St. Martin’s Press, and has never been published. From the same publisher I have BEHIND CLOSED DOORS and WIVES AND SISTERS.

        Perhaps the confusion is coming in that I also have a book titled SISTER WIFE. This book is available from Binary Press Publications, and while the title is similar to WIVES AND SISTERS, it is not quite the same and it is a completely different book. In the “Sisters of Sin” series I wrote another book called TWISTED SISTER. This book is also available from BPP. Hope this helps.


  4. John says:

    My favorite new friend. I perused your blog and kill an hour at work. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed your writing but feel that you are to restrained. I can understand why you are restrained, living behind the Zion curtain and having be figurative beaten by the omnipresent authoritarian cult of Joseph Smith. Although I don’t live in the land of Brigham Young, I have had a few encounters with the Cult that endears me to the your writings.

    I always had a problem with a group that professes to honor family so much, but actively destroys any family they can recruit from. That they are willing to destroy the relationship between children and parents, brother and sister for the sake of getting one more rube on the church rolls. To invite them to their daughters eternal union, then make them sit on the door step like beggars and heathens. Then when the Cult ends up with a destitute person, saddled with 5 children and no earthly husband, (but will be reconciled on a planet near the star Kolob) that has been shunned by their family because of the turmoil wrought by their conversion and then the attempted conversion of the rest of the family, the Cult, no longer waiting to support them, tells this poor soul, they need to seek help from their family. Seek the financial help of her family so she can continue to give 10% of that help back to the coffers of the cult.

    Having given up their natural family for their new shinny Mormon family, going against their father’s wishes they are lost. Lost like Chava, Tevye’s third daughter in Fiddler on the Roof. Tevye ripped his garment and shunned her for leaving with a Russian a godless communist, one of them who harm the Jew of Anatevk.
    Like Chava, who will never be accepted among the Russian because she is Jewish, and will never be accepted back among the Jew whom she betrayed.

    This poor woman, without support from anyone in the world, because she listened to the lies of the shinny eye, young earnest missionary Elder, who jiggled the Mormon lies with a promise of security and wealth with the hint of sex thrown in by the proximity of young men, converting young women. But only if she kowtows’ to all the male authoritarian in the Mormon church. Her eternal husband, the president of the Ward, the Bishop, chosen apostles and the living profit. No matter how many of her dead Jewish relatives she baptize and no matter how dedicated she it to her tithing, no matter how many of her sons and daughters she send out on secret missions of conversion, she will always be that harlot that divorced her husband on earth living behind the Zion Curtain.

    Obviously I am conflating a relative and a fictitious character from a Broadway musical, but it often seems like a tragic drama.

    The hint of sex thing I mentioned above is as real as it comes. My sister, after her recruitment, attempted to pull in the rest of the families with an endless parade of missionary coming by and invitation to her siblings to attend youth functions at the ward. I agreed to attend the “lessons.” I arrived at the local ward and was greeted by two young women I had never met before. Alone with the two of them in a small meeting room, I asked where are the Elders, I thought I would be meeting with them.
    “We are Sisters,” they explained, like the Elders, on missions themselves and they were going to be giving me the lessons that night.
    “I never saw you riding around town on bikes.” I commented.
    It turned out that they got a car.
    Even at the young age of 17 I got it, they weren’t there just to teach, but to entice. Now how slick is that.

    I listen and agreed with the precepts and they built the lessons. At one point they said they should stop. I said why? I have no place to go, let’s hear what you have to say.
    With each step in the lesson the question was asked of me, “do you feel this is true?” Not do I believe, not are the facts right, but do I feel this can be or do I feel it is true?
    Funny way of putting it.
    “Yeah, that feels true.” I answered through the night.
    Very energetic these young women. Good looking too. It was nice to be cloistered with them. The odor of soap and the fall of their long hair. Despite the long dresses and high buttoned shirts, their womanhood was evident and enticing.
    Then the mood was broken. I said, no, I don’t feel that is true. That I didn’t feel that Joseph Smith had talked with the angels, Jesus and was a prophet of god.
    Good night they said.
    “Wait, isn’t there more?” I asked.
    Yes there is, but we can’t go on because you don’t feel that Joseph Smith is a prophet, talked with angles and found the golden tablets.
    “But I want to hear more.” I wanted to hear their truth.

    I was back outside in the cool night air, to walk home under the street lights of the neighborhood streets. I never seen or heard from those sisters again. I guess there was only one shot to feel that it was true, to drink the lure of a fecundity in the bosom of fictitious precepts supported by well meaning people who think they are Christians.



  5. Natalie – not asking to be published. Just thought I’d share with you a poem I wrote that I think is right up there alongside your own views. I am a recovering Catholic. I now consider myself “spiritual” and ascribe to no man-made religions. Anyway, just thought you might find it meaningful. Thanks.


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