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Guest Blogger JulieAnn Carter-Winward–THE HOSTAGE CRISIS

(Today’s blog is a guest post by the lovely and witty JulieAnn Carter-Winward Enjoy!) The Hostage Crisis: Being a Mormon Salt Lake Mormon Temple Many people have tales of humor, incredulity or outright indignation surrounding their first encounter with the … Continue reading

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Another “literary” brouhaha

Because my head is apparently stuck in the sand, lately, or my eyes are too red and swollen to read (it’s not from crying, folks, so no worries), I was unaware of the latest literary “brouhaha.” Literary snobbery has been … Continue reading

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Billy's Plan

God was troubled. He watched as his Earth spun and spun and felt removed from it all. Billy sat by him, watching casually. “So XY, what’s your deal? You got what you wanted. I mean, even mom didn’t think this … Continue reading

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The Jade Plates–Another Testament of Jesus Krist

Jesus didn’t know why he’d hopped on that caravan going east. He only knew that something old Eebajeeba said had really gotten to him. Eebajeeba had given him a satchel, and in it were some carving tools, a bar of … Continue reading

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We Interrupt This Blog For An Important Announcement

According to the Nazarene Gazette, Jesus, 12, son of Mary and Joseph, has disappeared. He was last seen in the New Testament, around the beginning of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Jesus’ mother, Mary makes a desperate plea: “Please, if … Continue reading

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The Middle Part

God was very proud of his son. God and Mary were working well together as co-parents. They decided to let Jesus think he was the son of Joseph until he got a bit older. Adoption issues were tough, even back … Continue reading

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The First Christmas or Why God Forgot to Turn out the Light

Billy had grown up. So had XY (God). They were on better terms, but Billy was still a bit of an antagonist. So when he found God staring dreamily into the enchanted mirror at a hottie down on Earth, Billy … Continue reading

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