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Good Mormon Girl 101

When my mother was dying, the first councilor in the branch presidency came to the hospital. She was not dead yet, but as we live in a Southern Utah snowbird community, he was aware she would not be buried here. … Continue reading

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Once upon a time…

…there was a little girl named Natalie. She was born into a home of believing Mormons. And she was taught, from an early age, that she had the ONLY TRUE CHURCH, and the ONLY TRUE GOSPEL.And as long as you … Continue reading

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The blog formerly known as Trapped by the Mormons

I’ve learned one really important lesson in my life. I mean, I’ve learned thousands of little lessons, so I’m not saying it’s the only lesson I have ever learned. For example, I will always remember that kahlua and vodka do … Continue reading

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Two roads

Two roads diverged in  a yellow wood. Two roads. One was marked “the way” and the other one had no clear markings, was overrun with weeds, and obviously had not been traveled in quite some time. TWO roads diverged in … Continue reading

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Do not go gentle into that good night… a letter to my friend

I have worked hard in my life to open a dialogue between active and former Mormons, mostly because so many of my family remain active the LDS Church, as well as most of my childhood friends. I still live here, … Continue reading

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