Cats and Upworthy

I discovered I can spend as much time on as I can searching out videos of cats on Cool. No. I am not avoiding that book. Why do you ask?

By the way, I do not have a cat. They are like teenage girls. Sneaky.

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Are we Harriet? Not in Iceland….

Harriet, a 10-year-old girl born in Iceland, cannot leave. Her passport was denied because her name, Harriet, was not approved by some council or another. You have to have NAMES approved? Do you realize how awesome this law is? No more Northwest issues…

#harriet #ornoHarriet #notinIceland #trynorthwest #no?

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Is that a message in your pocket, or are you just happy to see T-Mobile?

Why yes, T-Mobile users, your wireless phone carrier is STEALING from you, straight out of your pocket.

#TMOBILETHIEVES #checkyourbill #justasmallsurcharge #herewegoagain

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“Might be crazy, la la la, so call me maybe….”

article-2676912-1F4FE2EF00000578-584_964x660So, he looks like a do-gooder, until you get close, and see that “the-bar-is-closing-and-I-have-not-engaged-hookup-for-tonight” look in his eye. I say, call me crazy. I mean, call him crazy. Just call him. The end.


#worldcup2014 #callmecrazy #superstud


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What is beauty?

One woman, her picture, and different ideas of beauty  from around the world, courtesy of Photoshop.


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Stand up….


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Biological Pyschology, you are MINE

I’m getting very close to my bachelor’s degree, and while this class was interesting, it was hella hard. BUT I RULED the test and totally aced it. Perfect score. I wonder if I should go for a psychology degree? Can you hear Birdman screaming? Guess we better think on that. Isn’t a degree better than a baby elephant? I found out they don’t make diapers that size.

I also just thought I would let you all know that in some rather odd cultures around the United States, “I deleted it because I don’t want to fight on Facebook with family and family to be” ACTUALLY means, “Ima cut you bitch.” So watch that. I’d be careful there.

Suzy Angell and I have been busy trying to get our Breaking Bullies site up, and make it different and unique, with LOTS of resources for parents. Cyberbullying is awful. It makes me sick what it’s turned into it. We hope to help at least a few people get through this awful experience.

Happy four day weekend Friday!

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