Reasons why Obamacare (ACA) is good (from, unbelievably, Fox News)

1.  ACA allows young Americans to stay on their parents’ insurance plans

Because of ObamaCare, which allows kids to stay on their parents insurance plans until age 26, 3.4 million young Americans now have coverage.

The percentage of uninsured young people (ages 19 to 25) fell accordingly, from 48% in 2010 to 21% in 2012.

According to polling, three-in-four Americans support this part of the Affordable Care Act including, yes, over two-thirds of Republicans.

This means both of my children do not have to worry about their own healthcare coverage when they are attempting to attend college and start their own lives. Do you not want this for your own children?

2.  ACA bans insurance companies from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions

Another aspect of ObamaCare that has already taken effect is the ban on insurance companies denying coverage to patients based on pre-existing conditions.

That means an end to insurance company horror stories like four-month-old Alex Lange being denied health insurance because he was too chubby.

This is why the conservative allegation about death panels is so ironic; while the actual ACA law does not contain death panels or anything remotely like them, the fact is that prior to ObamaCare, insurance companies were effectively operating like death panels in denying life-saving coverage to anyone with a pre-existing condition and by applying life-time spending caps on coverage.supported by 83% of Americans. 

This means that if I should have to switch to another insurance, I will not be denied due to a prexisting condition I cannot control. I have an autoimmune disorder that is inherited, and without my very costly gammagloblulin SubQ infusion, I am sick constantly. So sick that I had five MRSA infections in one year. With the SubQ, I am able to function somewhat normally, given some extra precautions.


3.  ACA offers tax credits to small businesses to buy insurance

The Affordable Care Act expands tax credits to help small businesses provide health insurance to their workers.  Companies with fewer than 50 employees do not have to provide insurance, but even for these businesses, ObamaCare will make it easier and cheaper if they choose to do so.

According to polling, 88% of Americans think these small business tax credits are great, including — wait for it … yes, 83% of Republicans.  That’s right, over eight-in-ten Republicans support the provision of ObamaCare that helps small businesses afford and expand their health insurance offerings to employees.


You didn’t know your business owner was lying to you about skyrocketing rates, did you? And if, perchance, your health plan goes up, you just go to the marketplace and find a more reasonable one.

4.  ACA requires companies with more than 50 employees to provide health insurance

Over 96% of companies with more than 50 employees already provide health insurance to their employees.  And contrary to Republicans claiming otherwise, studies show the vast majority of those employers do not plan to drop or reduce that coverage because of ObamaCare.

Also, there is no evidence that ObamaCare has led to companies slashing full-time workers.  In fact, since ObamaCare passed in March 2010, over 90% of the gain in employment has been full-time positions.

Still, we know that companies that can afford to provide health insurance to their workers and yet fail to do so off-set the costs of care onto the rest of us — whether the cost of emergency room treatment that gets passed on to other consumers, or Medicaid coverage that we pay for as taxpayers.

In Florida alone, more than 50,000 workers at companies like McDonald’s and Burger King are on the state’s Medicaid rolls.  Especially with tax credits available to small businesses, there is no excuse for companies to pass the buck.  And 75% of Americanssupport this element of ObamaCare.

McDonalds must know provide their employees with insurance, taking them OFF the Medicaid rolls, so you don’t have to pay for them anymore. Since there are tax credits, the small business (franchise) owners cannot pass the buck. Supersize that, my friends.

5.  ACA provides subsidies to help individuals afford coverage

Many of the 45 million Americans who lack health insurance simply don’t have enough money to afford coverage.  ObamaCare will lower the cost of premiums but also provide subsidies to help low- and middle-income Americans purchase insurance.

Americans who earn $45,000 per year (about 400% of the federal poverty level) will qualify for some form of subsidy.  The amount of the subsidy will be based on income as well as the cost of health coverage in a particular state but, for instance, according to a subsidy calculator created by the Kaiser Family Foundation, a 27-year-old living in Houston, Texas, who earns just $15,000 a year could sign-up for a mid-level plan for about $300 per year with the help of subsidies.  Without subsidies, that plan would cost $2,400 per year.

The few Americans who think subsidizing care is a bad idea should, again, note that we already subsidize health care to a far greater degree in the form of Medicaid and also when the uninsured rely on free emergency room care and pass those astronomical costs on to the rest of us.  But most Americans — 76% to be exact — support the individual subsidy.  That includes 61% of Republicans.

If you fall below the poverty level, which many of us do, then your costs are subsidized. In otherwords, you can go get insurance and pay what everyone else is paying.

There’s even more aspects of ObamaCare that the American people already support — including the employer mandate, the increased Medicare payroll tax on higher-income Americans and the expansion of Medicaid.

And then, starting October 1, here’s one more:

6.  State-based health insurance exchanges

Americans of all political stripes like choice and competition, which is precisely what the ObamaCare health insurance exchanges will create.  So it’s no wonder that 80% of Americans — including 72% of Republicans — support the health insurance exchange program in ObamaCare.  And that’s even before the exchanges have taken effect!

Plus, a new report shows that health insurance premiums will beeven lower under ObamaCare than originally projected.

Personally, as someone who pays through the nose for individual insurance in New York State — a state where, historically, few individual insurance options have even been available — I can’t wait to enroll in ObamaCare and see my premiums plummet, as they are expected to by at least 50%.  

Again, all this is why Republicans are in such a desperate rush to try and defund ObamaCare before October 1 — even if it means holding our economy hostage and even if most voters, including Republicans,oppose the repeated and wasteful defunding attempts.

After all, the law is already popular when it’s not fully in effect and most people haven’t felt its benefits.  We all know what will happen when ObamaCare takes effect — and works!

Republicans who are throwing temper tantrums over sour grapes need to grow up.

Congress passed the Affordable Care Act, President Obama signed it into law and the Supreme Court upheld its constitutionality.

The cost of doing nothing on health care reform was too great and the cost of repeatedly refighting the political battles of the past is obscene.  But then again, it makes perfect sense why Republicans refuse to just give up and shut up — because the minute they do, there will be no more distractions from all the good things about ObamaCare.

The end. And they all lived happily ever until the next election.



About Natalie R. Collins

Natalie has more than 30 years writing, editing, proofreading and design experience. She has written 20 books (and counting), has worked for the Sundance Film Festival, and as an investigative journalist, editor, and proofreader. She embraces her gypsy-heart and is following her new free-thinking journey through life. Follow her as she starts over and learns a bunch of life's lessons--some the hard way.
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8 Responses to Reasons why Obamacare (ACA) is good (from, unbelievably, Fox News)

  1. Mast Edon says:

    Hey Natalie, Ever hear of a tax in disguise? Pushing the younger generation to subsidize their parents insurance? Borrowing from the future? Destroying constitutional rights? There is NO choice when the govt demands you participate, or get FINED. You are a liberal twit, unable to recognize the freedoms given us by the Constitution, and your article is nothing more than propaganda to make your piss poor vote for Obama, not feel like you just shot your own foot.


    • Wow, a liberal twit. That’s a new one. It has a rhythmic quality to it. I’m not a liberal though. I try not to be a twit but I know I have my days. However, ACA is NOT a tax of any sort. It is a marketplace for healthcare, sometimes subsidized. Just ask the thousands of people who can finally afford healthcare. There might be some problems with the ACA, but I guess those will come up and they’ll be fixed. The only “tax” people are boohooing about is not a tax. It’s a penalty. Do you have insurance? Then you won’t be paying that at all. Oh, and by the way? Obama haters are just going to have to find another reason to hate Obama. I’m sure you’ll manage.


      • chaser says:

        “The only “tax” people are boohooing about is not a tax.”

        You’re right. It’s a series of taxes.


      • I just saw this comment, which has been sitting waiting for approval for quite a while. Sorry to Chaser. I didn’t see it. Not censoring you.


      • Chris says:

        How about the millions of Americans who are now loosing their insurance coverage? The President (time after time) said “If you have your own plan you like, you can keep it. PERIOD.” Now, people who had (great) insurance (and did not want to change) have to change to comply with the ACA. The President lied, he knew that these individuals would loose coverage. Also, why does the Government need to be in your life? Can you not run your life without the Government? I’m not here to insult you. I actually feel bad for you, because somewhere you lost the concept of “Freedom” and “Liberty”. You need the Government, I don’t. I rely on God. The fact is, millions are loosing their current insurance, and only a hundred thousand have signed up for the ACA.


      • Hi Chris,

        The truth is, these people aren’t losing their insurance. The scumsucking insurance industry is refusing to pay for those junk insurance policies any more, and they are the ones doing the canceling. Now they actually have to give them policies that WORK. The problem here is the insurance industry, and I don’t get why people don’t see it. And Obama didn’t lie, because he doesn’t run those insurance companies. Sure, he probably knew they were going to pull this little caper and set everybody abuzz, but he isn’t a part of their businesses and HE didn’t do the canceling and has no control over whether or not they keep those policies. Those junk policies do NOT meet the minimum standard of the ACA, which is why the insurance companies are canceling them. They don’t want to have to pay to make the policies useful. It’s not Obama’s fault. However, the rollout of the health care program has been a HUGE mess, and an angry American public is getting angrier. Both Democrats and Republicans have some answering to do, because both sides have dropped the ball and there isn’t anyone that I can see that is WORKING for us, which is WHY they were elected. Unless they can prove they are actually listening to their constituents and making sound, reasoned choices, I am adopting an incumbent-out policy and that’s how I will be voting. Don’t feel sorry for me. We all NEED the government. We just don’t need THIS government, because it ain’t working, and there is no ethics or morals. Filibustering is like two-year-old nighttime story gone horribly, horribly bad. WHY do we allow this? We need term limits, no more gerrymandering, no more filibustering and I think all candidates should have to have spent time either in the National Guard, the Reserves or the armed services. Then when they send our troops over to dangerous places at least they know what they are getting them into. And the drone thing? Holy hell. That is just awful. Talk about science fiction gone bad.

        As far as your statement that millions are losing their insurance, they aren’t. Obama announced yesterday he would allow junk insurance carriers to continue to offer that type of insurance for one more year. So nobody lost their insurance. And even if they did get a cancelation, then they merely needed to sign up for ACA. The numbers you have on the ACA are probably pretty close, but remember, they have until March to switch, and now, even longer. And right now, they need to get the stupid system working. I mean, why did they roll it out if it wasn’t ready? Because the Republicans were fighting off a coup from inside their own party. And it wasn’t a good enough reason, because obviously, it isn’t ready. Anyway, I’ll sit back and see.

        PS. Some of the policies were good, but most were not. They were junk policies. They regularly denied treatments and dumped people who became seriously ill, or refused to insure them because of pre-existing conditions. This is an industry that needs an overhaul, just like our government. I am not a Democrat, and I am not a Republican, or any other party. I’m an American, and I want my country back.


    • M. Shaeman says:

      Well, I don’t know what you call yourself but among whatever else you are, your comment shows it is thee whom is the moronic twit! Do you have car insurance? Obama had nothing to do with that LAW, but I’m sure along with all the FOX brainwashed idiotic “twits” you would believe he did, and blame him, for “taking your freedom” to NOT have car insurance away… Hahaha – your whole untrue, self defeating belief system is based on the BIG LIE. Like all habitual liars and misleaders, criminal-billionaire owned fox 24/7 propoganda machine, claims THEY are truthful, and IT’S EVERYONE ELSE THAT IS LYING AND DUPING FOLKS! HAHAHA!!!!! That is actually sad, but I choose to see the humor in ones who insist on staying duped—the only thing to do is laugh at people too full of false facts to have any intelligent debate with. So I remain laughing at you… bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha 😉 PS-Has fox found a way to convince you that 9/11 happened on Obama’s watch, and Bush and company caught Bin laden? haaaaaaa, wouldn’t surprise me!!! Talk about “borrowing from the future,” who the HEUCK do you think is picking up the bill for Bush’s obscene tax cut for the RICHEST Americans! We are paying for the obscenely vile fact that those who have no need receive the HUGEST welfare and WE pick up the bill! And, who was supposed to pick up the check for that trillion dollars war,based on that lie about massive weapons of deception in Iran????????? Even if you don’t give a daamn about the human lives they took, (revoltingly heinous!) while the big oil companies profited, along with billions in profit in Cheney and co.s pockets… We are stuck with the bill you “twit” not them!!! But try to help folks get health care, like Christ wanted, (that little stuff about feeding the poor, healing the sick, loving thy neighbors, what you do for the least of these, you do for me, greedy selfish rich folks and camels, through needles eyes, etc…) and the FOX money worshiping grubs, those anti-christs, again convincing moronic “twits” that they are christians, while BLATANTLY preaching thier anti-christ agenda, along with all there HUUUUUUGE lying propoganda…and they show how bat-bit crazed they are by selling the lie of THAT becoming “borrowing from the future”. History has PROVEN, along with all the countries which thrived with public health, that THAT is not the economic drain. Morally bankrupt billionaires with entitlement complexes who are in reality blood sucking the economy by refusing to pay back thier fair share (or play fair at all) are!! Have you ever wondered why so many (most!) hollywood 1%ers are totally willing to pay back some of what they owe to the country that made them, while the trust baby born over privileged Bush, Romney, Trump, Walmart siblings set, etc, etc, etc, are not? Why don’t they also support filthy rich immoral greed? Could it be most of them EARNED thier own money? And, are extremely grateful to be soooo well paid for thier talents?? Not believing that by birth they are deserving of over-privilege and over entitlement? Sorry, don’t over tax your little “twit” brain thinking about that, for yourself no less.


    • M. Shaeman says:

      My reply should have appeared under “mast edon”‘s comment.


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