I suppose this happens in all cultures, where there is too much of one thing. In this case, the “thing” is the Mormon religion. And what happens is that people walk around with a sense of entitlement that perplexes me.

Case in point. A friend of my daughter’s was telling us the story of her now ex-boyfriend, who just graduated from high school and is getting ready to go on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They broke up because he is suddenly “holier than thou” and she is still herself, not walking on water, drinking Coke and wearing a bikini to swim in. But she related to us a conversation she had with him.

It seems he was all in a dither because another mutual friend who is also going on a mission wore a LEI to his farewell. Since he is Polynesian, it was deemed appropriate by his bishop, family, etc.

But Missionary A$$, as we will call him, said, “I can’t believe he did that. He is SUCH a convert.”

And there you have it in a nutshell. Missionary Bravo did not make the wise choice after the war in heaven, and thus he is not one of the chosen people. Of course, if you choose to look at it that way, NOBODY that Missionary A$$ is going out to convert will ever be as valiant as he. Because he was “born under the covenant.” What I regard as sheer luck, this religion sees as a choice, and refuses to acknowledge just how arrogant this belief is.

Further, why on earth would anyone want to join a church that will always consider them “second rate?”

“Such a convert.” Such an arrogant, dismissive a$$hole.

But he was raised this way. His parents and his culture and his religion taught him this. They may not have told him to be so dismissive, and would undoubtedly have all sorts of excuses about his behavior and why he said what he did, but the facts cannot be disputed.

If you are not born into the Church, you are a convert. You will NEVER really belong. They may not tell you this in the missionary drive-by baptism attempt, but it’s true.

If you made the wrong choice before you were born, well, you simply are not as valiant. The Mormon religion teaches there was a war in heaven, and some people followed Jesus, and some people followed Satan. The people who followed Jesus were born into Mormon families on this earth. And the ones who followed Satan moved to California and became porn stars and heroin addicts, and voted for Obama.

So again, why would anyone want to willingly step in to a religion that teaches they were not as valiant when they were even less than a twinkle in their daddy’s proverbial eye?

This will, of course, occur to you if you ever dig deep enough, but most people don’t, particularly around here in Utah. In this state, they think they can decide for you how to raise your child. What your child should wear to dances is their decision. Their child, automatically superior to your child, should be given automatic spots above your child in any endeavor, because that child was more valiant before… before. The before, of course, is pretty vague. Since the Mormon Church is only 200+ years old, there is a lot of wiggle room here.  While Joseph Smith claimed to have brought back the restored gospel, nobody really ever says when the “before” happened.

We’ve dealt with this entitlement for years. It won’t change tomorrow. But I WILL write about it. And then OH YE ENTITLED ONES can shake your heads and say, “The Church doesn’t teach that.”

They don’t?



About Natalie R. Collins

Natalie has more than 30 years writing, editing, proofreading and design experience. She has written 20 books (and counting), has worked for the Sundance Film Festival, and as an investigative journalist, editor, and proofreader. She embraces her gypsy-heart and is following her new free-thinking journey through life. Follow her as she starts over and learns a bunch of life's lessons--some the hard way.
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12 Responses to Entitled…..

  1. Kiersty Sholly says:

    I can’t say how much I love hearing all of this. I love that you write about what I feel. Keep them coming! 🙂 Miss you guys.


  2. bird says:

    Fascinating post. I really had no idea Mormons had such a radically different perspective. Wishing you all the best. 🙂


  3. Matt says:

    First of all, if any of this story is true, sure that missionary is an arrogant asshole. Sure. Guess what? Every religion/culture/whatever has assholes. I bet someone has even thought you were an asshole. Like me, when I read all the complete crap you made up for this post about Mormon beliefs. Feel good about yourself now? Also, “His parents and his culture and his religion taught him this…” Really? Cause I’m pretty sure I grew up in the same culture/religion as this guy, and I don’t feel that way. In fact, I’m marrying a convert. And she’s a lot better than I am.


    • Why on earth would I make it up? ALL of this story is true, as told to me by a young girl two weekends ago, on a very long car ride.

      Matt, what “crap” is it you claim I am making up? Please, be more specific.

      His parents AND his culture did teach him this. They taught him this is “the only true thing.” I, quite honestly, had never heard the term “such a convert” before. It blew me away.

      Does the LDS Church not teach that you made a choice in the war in heaven? Does the LDS Church not teach they have the only true church?

      What, exactly, is it I said that wasn’t true?

      P.S. congratulations on your upcoming marriage. How many members of your family and friends won’t be able to see you actually get married, because they can’t get inside the temple? Does that bother you at all?


  4. DUH says:

    you deleted my comments cuz you know i am right. do yourself and the world a favor and change the world for good instead of spreading hate and ignorance. you have a lot of power and i hope you become a more positive understanding person and accept the community you live in, even though it can be hard at times


    • I deleted your comments because from time to time people come to this blog purely to harass me. It seemed that was your goal, and since you didn’t put a genuine email address, I saw no reason to give your comments any weight. If you want to stand behind them with a REAL email address and name, I’m happy to post them.


  5. Kim Funk says:

    Natalie, it is true that the Mormons believe that there was a war in Heaven and sides were chosen between Christ and Satan. But the souls who chose to follow Satan have not received bodies and are not here on earth in California or anywhere else. The only souls that have been to earth are the ones who chose Christ’s side in that war.

    And there are lots of ass holes in every religion. We’re just surrounded by Mormons here in beautiful Utah.

    Much love and see you Saturday!



    • I really should have been paying more attention in Sunday school. So, if only the people who chose Christ came to earth, does that mean all the people that AREN’T Mormon still chose the right? Heh.


      • dustyD says:

        Yes. But a lot of folks Born in the Covenant feel they were even more right and valiant than those who followed Jesus before birth but then became Democrats on earth.


  6. M.E. Anders says:

    Natalie – on a positive note, I just want to commend you for sharing the truth on this blog. Don’t listen to the cruel comments – you are experiencing freedom, which is threatening to those still steeped in the religion/cult. You go, girl! 🙂


  7. bird says:

    Cruel comments?!?


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