I think I’m seceding from the union…..

The day President Barack Obama was elected, I knew things were gonna get rocky. Not because I’m a political genius, mind you, because I have nothing but disinterest and disdain for politicians (take DAT you dis-asters). But I’ve never in my nearly 50 years seen so much vile hatred vented toward a standing president. Sure, Behind Closed Doors  (not my book, but I’ll link it anyway) people always ragged on presidents. Probably used racial, religious and ethnic slurs as well. But NEVER were people so openly hostile and vile.

I suspect Barack Obama knew it, too, because he started out this very difficult job taking a very hard line and he hasn’t changed. Now, we are dealing with the stupid-ass Tea Party Republicans and their stupid-ass BIG MONEY agenda, and suddenly people aren’t spending half their time on Facebook saying nasty things about Obama. Thank God. I was getting a little weary of hearing he wasn’t born in America, because people are too stupid and too lazy to do the research.

The open hostility, name-calling, and let’s face it, blatant racism, aimed at Obama is now taking a backseat to the fact that come Friday night/Saturday morning at 12:01, our government is most likely going to SHUT DOWN. Our soldiers who are protecting our country and our rights? They will still have to work, but they will recieve IOUs from the government. Are you FUCKING kidding me. IOUs? “Here, private, stand in front of this tank and hold this live grenade, while I write you an IOU.”

The IRS will also be shutting down. Now, some silly people might think, “WAHOO,” since tax day is next week. Well think again, peeps. You will STILL have to pay your taxes, even though there won’t be anyone there to open or process them. And when the government DOES come back to work, they will be working MANY hours of overtime to try to catch up on all the work they missed because the MORONS WHO RUN THE COUNTRY were too busy pissing all over each other trying to mark their territory and couldn’t come to agreement on a budget. Washington, D.C. undoubtedly smells like one huge urinal right now.

Today at work I sat next to a lady who said she was glad to leave her job and do her part to help with the government getting back on track with the budget. I said, “Uh, what country are you living in? That is NOT what this is about. Your days off will not help. You will collect unemployment from the state, which will then plunge the STATE budgets into crisis, and the days that are missed are going to have to be made up, because the work isn’t going away just because the TOP HEAVY bigwigs in Washington can’t agree on the budget.” She kinda shut up after that.

Do all of you realize that the Congressmen and women, and the members of the House of Representatives, whether Republican or Democrat, WILL NOT BE INCLUDED IN THIS SHUT DOWN? They will continue to get paid. So will President Obama. No IOUs for them. As always, it is the little people who will be hurt. Those of us who actually WORK for a living, and might find things suddenly VERY difficult should we lose our paychecks.

And just so you know, unemployment will NOT cover what we will not receive, and for another FYI, we are obligated to WAIT IT OUT and return to our jobs.

In short, the BUDGET CUTS THE REPUBLICANS are demanding are going to results in MILLIONS and perhaps BILLIONS of dollars DOWN the hole. If you furlough the goverment workers right before tax day, when they DO come back, they will be required to work overtime to catch up. There is a possibility they will receive back pay. Overtime is TIME AND A HALF. And you can work a lot of overtime. That’s gonna help the budget, right? I can certainly see why the Republicans are demanding these budget cuts to things like MEDICAID, and MEDICARE (because why would our poor and our seniors need healthcare), and refusing to sign the budget until they GET THESE CUTS. Of course, when they GET THEM, they will have incurred so many other costs in lost revenue (from National Parks, tourism), money being paid out in overtime and backpay, as government workers struggle to catch up with an already heavy workload because, as I MIGHT HAVE MENTIONED, IT’S TAX SEASON, among with other things that probably haven’t even been considered yet, that we might as well just pull a SOVIET UNION, and dissolve our country.

I just want to make it clear that if the fighting starts, and new countries start forming, I’m going with Hawaii. I’ll wear a grass skirt if I have to.

And frankly, this is all working well for Obama, because I think he figured out a long time ago that he was fighting a losing battle. No one was going to support him, because he could have been JESUS, albeit a black one, and he still would have been the FIRST BLACK JESUS, therefore there was no way people were going to vote him back in. I think he figured he might as well just stay on the hardline, because it doesn’t really matter what he does. HE IS GOING TO LOSE.

So why would he give in to the Republican manipulations? Hmmm? I wouldn’t extend the stupid deadlines any more EITHER. They just want to keep pushing and pushing and pushing. Every inch you give them, they take a mile.

Most of us have learned this lesson as we raise our children. Apparently, Congress has not. It’s like a teenager. If you keep extending that curfew, they are going to keep coming in later and later, and doing worse and worse things, because you AREN’T STOPPING THEM.

It’s time to stop them. Go Obama. Quit voting for these nimrods. GET THEM THE HELL OUT OF THERE. CALL YOUR Congressman and let them know what you think of all this crap.

And speaking of teenagers, my 16-year-old daughter is smarter than any of the nimrods in Congress. When I told her to prepare herself, because the government was most likely going to shut down, she said, “What?” I explained, and her response was. “Why don’t we just hand them a shovel, tell them to dig a hole and then jump in while we cover them up, because that’s what they’re doing.”

Yup. That just about sums it up.

Remember, folks. I’m with Hawaii.


About Natalie R. Collins

Natalie has more than 30 years writing, editing, proofreading and design experience. She has written 20 books (and counting), has worked for the Sundance Film Festival, and as an investigative journalist, editor, and proofreader. She embraces her gypsy-heart and is following her new free-thinking journey through life. Follow her as she starts over and learns a bunch of life's lessons--some the hard way.
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