The father of the 5 Browns pleads guilty to sexually abusing his daughters

The first time I saw this story, I was both amazed and a little creeped out. Five AMAZING pianists, products of a Utah Mormon home, with an amazing work ethic and desire to succeed. And, as always, a beaming “patriarch” in the background, pushing them to succeed, and a quiet, mouse-like mother standing behind him. Or sitting while he stood.

Utah Bizarro World.

It seems like so many stories that come out of Utah have bizarro endings. I mean, these incredibly gifted and talented pianists have all gone to Juilliard. They have been on Oprah, and NOT because Daddy could not keep his hands to himself. But Daddy’s desires DID have something to do with their success–and his ultimate downfall.

Patriarchy and fundamentalism rarely come without a huge price tag. Patriarchy teaches men ownership, and ownership means that what is yours is YOURS, even if that yours is your daughter. This is still seen to an extreme in the polygamist fundamental Mormon communities, but it STILL HAPPENS in the mainstream families as well.

At this point, twelve Mormons in Utah County are jumping up and down saying, “It’s the PEOPLE, not the doctrine! It’s the PEOPLE, not the CHURCH.”

Well, guess what? I agree that not every Mormon priesthood holder is abusing his children. But when there is a HIGH DEGREE of success, and unusual acclaim, I would suggest you start looking closer. Those little girls were NEVER little girls. And they NEVER WILL BE.

Their father, the man they should have trusted the MOST, took their very innocence away from them.

It is appalling and sickening, and a ton of other adjectives I won’t bother to repeat.

Dear Mormon Fathers:

You do not OWN your daughters, no matter what you’ve been told. And you WILL go to prison if you should decide you DO own them, and thus can do whatever you want with them–if that is send them to the top of the charts, or scar them for life.

As for the 3 Browns, the girls he abused, I have only sympathy and concern. They are standing tall, and allowing their names to be used. I hope they will continue to succeed, and not find themselves trapped in that vortex of sexual abuse that becomes self-hatred and self-destruction.

You are three very beautiful, extremely talented young women who are also very, very brave.

I applaud you.

The father, Keith Brown, has now pled guilty. After an interesting little Valentine’s drive down the canyon with his wife, during which he plunged his PORSCHE into a frigid creek. He probably intended to die, his wife alongside him. He did not.

And I have to wonder, mother of the 5 Browns–WHERE WERE YOU? Where were you when this was happening to your daughters? When you knew charges had been filed? When you went with your husband for a “Valentine’s Dinner” even knowing that he was facing these charges? You let him run your life, before, and he did a dandy job of it, didn’t he?

Ask yourself this?

WHERE WERE YOU? You, too, are a victim, unless you choose to stay silent and by his side. Then, you are an enabler.

So again, ask yourself this. WHERE WERE YOU?


In other Utah Bizarro World news, an accomplice of Weenie Rat Face aka Warren Jeffs might have a plea bargain in the works. Oh, goody. I personally am glad that WRF is in Texas, where they don’t play with justice like kids with plastic handcuffs.

Fox 13 News has learned of a possible plea deal could be in the works for a man charged in the aftermath of the criminal prosecution of polygamist leader Warren Jeffs.

A resolution hearing has been scheduled for Friday morning in the case against Allen Steed. Washington County Attorney Brock Belnap refused to discuss any deal when contacted by Fox 13. A scheduling conference was held in the case on Thursday, when the resolution hearing was then scheduled.

Sure. Let him bargain it down. Why not? It was just RAPE. Just sexual abuse of a minor. JUST PATRIARCHY at its finest.

Steed was charged in the aftermath of Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints leader Warren Jeffs’ initial conviction on charges of rape as an accomplice. Jeffs was accused of performing the marriage ceremony between the then-19-year-old Steed and his 14-year-old bride, Elissa Wall. After the jury convicted Jeffs, Steed was charged with a first-degree felony rape.


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