So the Mormons called tonight…..

Yup, those “locaters.” You’ve heard about them. The missionaries who have the fun job of tracking down the “lost” Saints, who mostly, really, don’t want to be found. So they find Mormon relatives willing to snitch on them. This one was calling my mother. I was all set to give Sister Locater an earful, when she completely surprised me and asked about my step-nephew. I really don’t have ANY clue where he is right now. I think he got kicked out of my sister’s house.

So, I told her, “Nope, I’m sorry, I don’t know. I think he’s homeless.”

Pause. “Homeless?”

“Yeah, pretty much.”

Pause. “Homeless?”


“Uh, okay, thanks.”

And she hung up. Dang, I should have tried that with ME years ago.


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Natalie has more than 30 years writing, editing, proofreading and design experience. She has written 20 books (and counting), has worked for the Sundance Film Festival, and as an investigative journalist, editor, and proofreader. She embraces her gypsy-heart and is following her new free-thinking journey through life. Follow her as she starts over and learns a bunch of life's lessons--some the hard way.
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87 Responses to So the Mormons called tonight…..

  1. Cele says:

    While homeless is sad, it doesn’t have a door bell. Sad to think that is the upside of homeless.


  2. K*tty says:

    I once told some snooty LDS woman, whose son was the same age of mine, that they were both in prison, when she asked how they were. My husband was livid that I did not correct myself and tell her I was kidding. I told my husband that was what she wanted to hear. I could care less who she tells it to. She never cared for my boys anyway.


  3. Todd (another one) says:

    It’s funny, I stopped going to church about 4 years ago. I have only had the missionaries stop by once, and they never came back that I know of since I was walking out the door when they first called and I did not tell them they could not. I never moved although my wife moved out since we were getting a divorce. I did switch entirely to a cell phone and cancelled my landline and was happy I had never given my cell number to anyone at church.

    I still see my HT at the gym from time to time and he politely ignores me unless I walk over and say hi. I tried to keep a low profile at church (I thought of it as “In the ward but not of the ward”) although I had a varietly of callings, some even high level. I never told anyone but my bishop that my wife and I were getting a divorce, and while we both suspected that he would attempt to talk to us more about the decision, simply said that we had done what we could and left it at that. I guess having been in the church and the leadership for a long time, I trust in the apathy of the majority of the members eventhough I have lived at the same address since I stopped going to church. My family is still all very active and my brother’s father in law is in my Stake High Council, and I still never been contacted. When I first left, I was constantly afraid to answer the door or phone and having to deal with that. I was fairly certain that stating I was gay and happier now than I had ever been would possibly stun them for a moment, but not long anough to get away…

    I even hoped that living in California, some well-meaning members would knowck on my door to convince me of the evils of Prop 8, but alas, it never came to pass.

    I guess I may have to deal with this one day, but even with my own very active Mormon family, it has become yet one more topic we never discuss.


  4. Clark says:

    Homeless people also can’t contribute much to tithing.


  5. aerin says:

    It is sad to think about it. Are there official LDS programs to help the homeless?

    I remember years ago, in high school, a friend’s Christian church would make meals once a month and the churches would open themselves up for the night to the homeless. My parents always said that the LDS couldn’t do that due to liability issues. Sad.


  6. Todd says:

    Here in Houston, there is an Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) that we participate in along with several other local congregations.

    One of the local churches house several struggling families and provide meals and support. These families do have to meet certain minimum requirements to enter the program, which is intended to help them back on their feet. The LDS church doesn’t administer the program, we just provide people and resources as a participating organization.

    Several local congregations (both LDS and non-LDS) rotate supporting assignments. Our ward gets an assignment every few weeks to provide meals, overnight security, and child-care services. These assignments usually involve 6-8 people.

    We also participate in other local humanitarian efforts run by both religious and civic organizations.

    “Mormon Helping Hands” is a church-run program that provides disaster relief in many parts of the country. We get assignments regularly after hurricanes hit the gulf coast to provide clean-up assistance to victims.

    Of course, these supplies and services are provided free of charge. 🙂

    With Love,


  7. Elaine says:

    You know, re: Aerin’s post, it always pisses me off when someone says they “can’t” do something “because of liability issues”. It usually means that they don’t want to do whatever it is, and are hiding behind “liability” as an excuse. It has been my experience that if someone or some group wants to do something badly enough, they can find a way around or through such issues.

    Also, Todd, I’m so glad to hear that your local LDS churches are cooperating with other churches to do something good. Around here, the LDS (I’m talking institution here, not individuals) wouldn’t (when I was active; I don’t know how it is now) lower themselves to do any kind of interdenominational work.


  8. Georgia says:

    They still try to save me, and come knocking at my door every once in awhile. I’ve informed them for 20 years that I married a Catholic and my 3 kids go to mass every Sunday. I get to stay home and luxuriate in the quiet, that’s my church.
    The “sisters” usually send me a birthday card every year. I figure they must want my money, because I don’t know them. I have a great life and family. I do good deeds because it’s the right thing to do, not because I want something in return (to get myself into the Celestial Kingdom). I see that those that live by that goal seem particularly depressed. Wish they wouldn’t bother the happy and content.


  9. Lone Danite says:

    You have so much drama in your life you should write for Lifetime. Get over yourself, give it up, move on. The Mormon Church will only grow bigger and bigger every day. You are accomplishing nothing except forcing your body to need an increase in anti-depresant medication. Cut yourself free.


  10. Carl says:

    “Mormon Haters” This is a self-imposed title – by Mormons. We don’t hate. We just have limited tolerance for stupid people who lie and deceive. So . . . I guess it’s fair to say that we are pro-truth. Mormon theology and people who blindly defend it are (sorry to come right out and say it here) deceived. And probably and possibly stupid.



  11. Lone Danite says:

    Well I NEVER! Just joking of course, I love you Carl, I love you like my own brother.


  12. Carl says:

    You don’t love me LD. I checked out your cute little blog site and once again you are busily going about your vengeful days deceiving. Your religious dribble, shallow theology and endless hate-filled rants against anyone and anything that apposes and exposes Mormonism for what it is, are evidence enough that – not only can you not be trusted for honest responses, your answers are calculated lies. Come on!! You love me!? Send me flowers and apologize for being an idiot then.


  13. Lone Danite says:

    Calculated lies? Name one lie. When have I lied? Just because I expose you Mormon-Haters for exactly what you are, lame hateful envious haters does not mean I lie. Give it up, go and sin no more. Yes I love you, always have always will.


  14. Lone Danite says:

    I just went to my blog to see where you would get “lie” from and came up very short. Idiot, shallow theology, dribble, stupid etc. are all pretty self-evident, but “lies?” I try very hard to keep within the realm of truth on my blog, it is what separates me from you Mormon-Haters. Please tell me exactly where I have ever lied and I will repent, apologize and change the words of that particular post to keep it within boundaries of honesty.


  15. Carl says:

    Archeological evidence of the BOM. Lies. Bountiful being found. More lies. Desperately trying to fit ancient names and places into BOM archaeology; lies upon lies.

    Look, even FARMS admits that no studies have every produced one bit of reliable anthropological, archeological, historical evidence supporting BOM writings. In fact, after reading some of your web site, I referenced back to FARMS statements (that change year after year) concerning BOM historicity, and find your information not only lacking in any back up supporting evidence and data, but extremely pandering to a Mormon public looking for idiocy supporting data for a book considered by experts to be a fraud.

    You want to argue if your articles are lies or not? I will admit that you don’t seem to willfully lie. Your lies are just presented out of ignorance . . . . Your own.


  16. Carl says:

    Lone Danite?? This name alone should make even Mormons a bit queasy. William (Bill) Hickman, Orin Porter Rockwell; these two names are responsible for more killings than the church will ever admit. Sure – there were atrocities committed against the church. But the catalyst for these certainly wasn’t Satan. There were reasons that people hated Mormons back in the day. And there are reasons today. The ignorant arrogance of claiming that Mormons are God’s chosen people. Voting in blocks. Polygamy. Policy towards people of color. Cheating, deceiving prophets. Banking scandals. And to top off the list – lies upon lies, to cover up more lies. Anyone reading church history concerning almost any significant event will uncover lies. The tearing apart of printing presses that were printing facts about JS. Lies that JS told Emma about polygamy. Threats made in God’s name. False prophesies.

    I could go on for hours here, but one fact remains; those that want to believe will continue to believe. Just don’t try to convince anyone else using logic, common sense or historical data. To do this, requires lies. And the deception is the main point of contention. Admit who you are. Admit that there is no physical evidence to support your claims. Stop with the videos about Quetzalcoatl and the great white gods. Stop telling your membership that the BOM is used by the Smithsonian institute as a history document. Stop telling people that you have found the lost city of Bountiful. Stop telling people that JS translated the BOM using instruments from Heaven. Stop telling people that God revealed polygamy. Stop using ancient scripture to justify your tribal beliefs. And stop sending missionaries to innocent, impoverished nations to spread more lies.


  17. Lone Danite says:

    So in other words, you’ve got nothing. No lies. I see. You need my blog more than anyone I have ever chatted with Carl. God called Joseph Smith to be a Prophet, as evidence of this he brought forth the Book of Mormon, the most correct book on the face of the earth. I see that my Book of Mormon posts got you a little cranky. I also notice you didn’t mention one lie about them. It’s because they are all true, isn’t it. I got all that information from people who have actually been there. It is all backed up and documented on the Youtube posts I provided. I have noticed over the years that NHM and Bountiful get you Mormon-Haters awful cranky, this is because you know how devastating this evidence is to your lame arguments. The Book of Mormon is true. For 150 years you have tried to blow it off and it just wont go away. This is mostly due to your inability to find “the real author” No rough drafts in anyone elses handwriting, no one else stepping forward and claiming authorship, nothing. This must be very frustrating to you, as evidenced by your comments. You can’t find “the real author” because there is no “real author” except for a bunch of ancient prophets. Visit my blog, and visit it often, I will set you free from the hate and misery that holds you bound.


  18. azteclady says:

    Just because I expose you Mormon-Haters for exactly what you are, lame hateful envious haters does not mean I lie.

    Well then! Just because Natalie and other exmormons exposed people like Lone Danite or Todd for exactly what they are, lame hateful envious haters, does not mean that Nataline and other exmormons lie.

    Give it up, go and sin no more.

    Right back at you.

    Visit my blog, and visit it often

    No, thanks all the same.

    I will set you free from the hate and misery that holds you bound.

    Physician, first heal thyself, then we’ll have a nice long chat, deal?


  19. Lone Danite says:

    I wasn’t inviting you azteclady, you’re not allowed.


  20. Todd says:

    This is me turning the other cheek. 😉



  21. Kirk says:

    Miss a week, and see what happens? THE LOST CITY OF BOUNTIFUL??!! Mr. Lone Danite, you actually found this wonderful lost City? I am immediately going to start going back to church. In your own words, “BINGO”. High cliffs, rivers; I mean the setting is perfect. From the pictures on your web site, I can easily imagine Lamanites and Nephites absolutely loving this location. What a wonderful valley to kill each other in. Let me know when a single artifact from the millions of inhabitants is found, and I’ll start home teaching again.



  22. Lone Danite says:

    Is it just me or do I sense a certain sarcasm coming from you Kirk. Yes, Bountiful has been found, BINGO! The burden of proof is on you to prove me wrong big boy.


  23. Lone Danite says:

    You do realize Bountiful was in the Middle East? Have you ever read the Book of Mormon?


  24. Kirk says:

    There are two historical locations referred to as Bountiful that are related to the Book of Mormon.
    In the First Book Of Nephi in the Book of Mormon, Bountiful is a lush land on the coast containing “much fruit and also wild honey” where Lehi and his party settle temporarily before building their ship (1 Nephi 17:5). After the ship is completed, Lehi’s party departs Bountiful and sails to the Americas. (See Archaeology and the Book of Mormon.)
    The Book of Mormon also refers to a city on the American continent called Bountiful. It holds a significant importance in the book as the place where Jesus Christ is said to have visited people in the Book of Mormon civilization after his resurrection.

    There are two historical locations referred to as Bountiful that are related to the Book of Mormon.

    Sarcasm? Me? Never. I will go head to head with you lone Danite on any BOM or Church history issue. You see, I was the director for PR of the LDS church in Europe for a number of years. Yes, I have read the Book of Mormon more times than your lifetime in years. Studied with FARMS since their inception.

    Your web site goes on in great length about this wonderful discovery (Bountiful). And you say the burden of proof is in my court? You pointed to all the wonderful physical evidence – you prove it. Show us one (just one) piece of evidence supported by the LDS church as evidence and I truly will start home teaching again. You won’t because you can’t.



  25. Lone Danite says:

    You sound a little angry Kirk, if you have figured out “the truth” why are you so pissed off all the time?


  26. Lone Danite says:

    I would very much like to go head to head with you Kirk. On either the Book of Mormon or physically (from your most recent comment it sounds like you are pretty old so a physical confrontation is probably out of the question). I am a boxing instructor and have found over the years that two guys putting on gloves and pounding the bejesus out of each other brings them closer together than they could ever get debating on some lame blog like this one (or mine). However, I would like to discuss the Book of Mormon with you more. I am still trying to dig through your sarcasm to determine whether you really wanted to debate the BoM or are you just pissed off at the world and are trying to make Mormons look bad, or a combination of the two. If you really want to discuss it, name the venue. If you just want to act like an old spiteful dilweed, still name the venue.


  27. Kirk says:

    “Pissed” is probably an appropriate word. Maybe a bit understated. Far too many families, relationships – even cultures and nations ruined; simply because people can’t admit the obvious. And that simple fact is: THERE SIMPLY IS NO “CHOSEN PEOPLE” OF GOD! We are all in the exact same boat. Most are good, honest people searching for truth and happiness. Why do we need to believe that God has somehow spoken to one group more than another?

    Look, Danite …. I’m not pissed at you. I’m pissed when I see so many armature anthropologists, and archaeologists trying to convince people of the historicity and inherency of the BOM where no physical evidence exists. It’s frustrating that the LDS church has spent so many millions of dollars searching for evidence – only to come up short, and then claim that it doesn’t matter, because a testimony of the BOM comes from study and prayer. FAIR, SHIELDS and a host of un (LDS) authorized web sites have claimed so many distorted and ignorant archaeological claims over the years that it is increasingly difficult to stomach. Every time that a new theory is postulated as to the whereabouts of Hill Cumorah, city of Bountiful or almost any other mound-building data or location of the Garden of Eden, ultimately a change in philosophy is forced because of conflicting new data. You don’t seem to realize the damage that is caused by preliminary, unprofessional “jumping to conclusions” over BOM data. Believe it or not Mr. Danite, there are Mormons out there who actually believe what you write. The LDS church has wizened up over the years, and no longer officially recognizes any of this stuff. They don’t even endorse or espouse the views and publications of FARMS, much less FAIR, SHIELDS, or you. Why, you ask? The answer is simple. They know just as well as the rest of us that there is no physical or scientific evidence supporting LDS claims. They don’t want to be caught in the same trap that they have found themselves in so many times over the years.

    So …… Pissed? Maybe. Tired of my family, friends and close relationships being hurt by lies – definitely.

    You sound like a real dillweed to use your terms. You automatically go to physical threats. What a horse’s ass. I’m never to old to ever, ever back down from some ass that provokes me.



  28. carl says:

    Lone Danite. You are a complete ass hole. You loose an argument and then go straight to physical threats. Boxing instructor my ass. You are exactly like the old, gay guys on the web who like to talk sexy to young guys, claiming to be twenty-something girls. You can be anything you want over the internet Danite fag, and you have completely breached all etiquette. If you are looking for a physical fight, just name the venue you prick! I have spent more than twenty years in the oil fields, and have never backed down from anyone that needs a good ass-kicking. You need one. I can find who you are from your web pages if you pussy out. Just name the time and place.


  29. Roxanne says:

    This comment is for Lone Danite. Are you serious? I have been on this blog site now for only a few months. I must be honest. You embarrass me as a member of the LDS faith. Anyone who resorts to physical violence, suggesting that the best way to work something out is a fight . . . well, I just am without words for you. Shame on you. Grow up.



  30. Lone Danite says:

    OK, lets meet. I am in Phoenix Arizona. How about Central and Baseline right now.


  31. Lone Danite says:

    Roxanne, the man said Head to Head. I took it litterally, however I don’t think you read my entire post. I will deabte him or fight him. I will debate and fight any/all of you.


  32. Lone Danite says:

    What do you say Carl. You sound like you sure can talk the talk, lets walk the walk shall we?


  33. Lone Danite says:

    I really want my ass-kicking Carl, are you going to give it to me?


  34. Lone Danite says:

    Before I drive to Central and Baseline NEC, I want to make sure you will be there.


  35. Lone Danite says:

    I am waiting for my ass-kicking Carl.


  36. Lone Danite says:

    When can I expect that ass-kicking Carl?


  37. Lone Danite says:

    How about you Kirk, are you in the Phoenix area.


  38. Lone Danite says:

    I thought you wanted to go “head to head” with me? Lets do it.


  39. Lone Danite says:

    You are right Carl, I’m a “pussy” I’m a “prick” I’m exactly like the “old, gay guys” on the web that pretend to be in their twentys to pick up on chicks. I am 5′ 2″ and weigh 350 pounds and am 65 years old. I don’t stand a chance against you Carl.


  40. Lone Danite says:

    What do you say there Captain Kirk?


  41. Lone Danite says:

    I am literally wearing UFC gloves and ready to get in my truck and drive to Central and Baseline in Phoenix Arizona to pound the bejesus out of you Carl. I am calling your bluff. Are you coming or not?


  42. Lone Danite says:

    Where are you Carl?


  43. Todd says:

    Kirk says:

    The LDS church has wizened up over the years, and no longer officially recognizes any of this stuff. They don’t even endorse or espouse the views and publications of FARMS, much less FAIR, SHIELDS, or you. Why, you ask? The answer is simple. They know just as well as the rest of us that there is no physical or scientific evidence supporting LDS claims. They don’t want to be caught in the same trap that they have found themselves in so many times over the years.

    I agree that there likely is some merit to the characterization regarding the care that the church takes in endorsing or espousing the views of those mentioned and other related publications. But the conclusion he reaches (in bold above) is BS, and he knows it.

    Prudence in jumping to conclusions is something the church has learned over the years, sometimes the hard way. Prudence or silence on a particular matter should not, and cannot, be characterized as acquiescence.

    Kirk should take his own advice and quit hurting his family, friends and close relationships through his malicious and false characterizations of the doctrines and policies of the church they have sacrificed much to sustain and defend.

    Kindest Regards,


  44. Lone Danite says:

    I have named the “time and place” Carl. The offer is still open . . .


  45. Lone Danite says:

    Do you know where Carl is Todd? What city does he live in?


  46. Lone Danite says:

    My name is Weston Krogstadt. I AM a boxing instructor and have been one for 13 years. Any time, and I mean ANY time you want to meet, just look me up. I think getting the living snot pounded out of you would do you some good. Your hatred of the Mormon Church is eating you alive, and me pounding you into humility would be the best possible scenario for your life.


  47. Rick says:

    Well THIS is entertaining! I guess Mr. “Lone Danite” is going to beat the church into becoming “true!” Why not? Isn’t that what the Danites tried to do in Brigham’s time? Defend the church with brut force? Somehow that makes Joseph’s magical claims all true….

    These are different times Weston. You need consistent evidence to sustain the far-fetched claims of Joe. And the church is FAR from consistent. When I was a bishop, we taught that the Lamanites were the Native Americans. All of them.

    Today they are “among” the Natives. A little “oopsie” created by DNA science.

    Doesn’t sound like much problem to the TBM, but quite a conflict to a true investigator of truth. And I don’t think I have to lead anybody to the hundreds of talks given by modern prophets telling the Natives they ARE the Lamanites. I think I’d be a bit upset today if I once thought I was one of the chosen….

    That’s one of the many inconsistencies. And I suppose you could say that God is testing our faith with them.

    Ok. Uncle!

    And I suppose you could hide behind the church’ chronic claims of “fastest growing church….” As if that makes the illogical logical.

    Well here’s the truth. The church is NOT growing. At all. There is a difference between counting all the members of record, and counting only those that claim to be members. Read this in your leisure time:

    But don’t fret. Mormons are not alone. In a day when information is at everybody’s fingertips, most religions are flailing. So it only makes sense that the doctrines have to change with the times — as Mormonism has done so well. It has to keep up with what is undefendable. The blacks are no longer a cursed race. Polygamy (once a requirement for eternal life) is fading fast. The homosexuals are no longer sinful naturally…only if they act on their “urges.” The list goes on.

    Point is, Mr. Heavyweight champion, you may need to continue pounding it out in your boxing gym. The church claims are not going to be proven true any other way!

    Enjoy the pissing match….


  48. PMP says:

    wowzers, I think Mr. Skains has just been replaced as King of the LOL.


  49. Carl says:

    My name is Carl Wright.

    I live in Iowa, and you can look me up any time you are in DesMoines you PUSSY.

    I’ll be on the corner of 1st and Jensen tonight at 8 you fag. I would love to stomp your pussy ass into the ground. I’ll find you in Phoenix next time I’m there – count on it. Until then, feel free to show your little gay face around here any time.



  50. Lone Danite says:

    You are so full of it Carl. You said “name the time and place.” I named the time, I named the place. You blew it. You are not a man Carl, you are a coward. Look in the mirror and say it out loud, COWARD.


  51. Lone Danite says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Mormon-Haters are all cowards, all of them.


  52. Rick says:

    Oh yeah, well you’re ugly!

    There. I’m sure the church is true now! Do you feel better?!



  53. Todd says:

    Rick states:

    Well here’s the truth. The church is NOT growing. At all. There is a difference between counting all the members of record, and counting only those that claim to be members. Read this in your leisure time:

    While we, the 304+ million citizens of the USA, like to think of ourselves as being alone in the world; it’s simply not true. To cite a USA today article with a headline of “Most religious groups in USA have lost ground, survey finds” and then state that the church is not growing, at all; is a little amateurish.

    The population of the USA represents a mere 4.5% of the world’s population. The phrase “Behold the field is white…” comes to mind. This video is pretty cool demonstration of the church’s marked growth particularly since 1950. The church IS still growing, not that growth by itself is a valid measure of success.

    And, Rick’s attempt to smear the church with a “chronic” propensity to claim “fastest growing church” status falls miserably short, the church’s official position as stated for years here on their website doesn’t quite fit his misguided characterization.

    Another one of his many inconsistencies.

    Piss on!


  54. Carl says:

    You named a time and place near your city. Note to stupid Danite – just because you can read it on your computer screen, doesn’t mean that it is close by your house. What a dumb-ass. I’ll find you, you pathetic little prick. And, I’ll shove your little pathetic head up your ass.



  55. Lone Danite says:

    I am waiting Carl.


  56. Carl says:

    So am I Danite fag


  57. Lone Danite says:

    Come to me little boy. Come to me and I will show you what a real man looks like. The one in the mirror doesn’t count.


  58. Lone Danite says:

    “Name the time and place” What an idiot.


  59. Carl says:

    Show up angry little boy. Just put your money where your big stupid mouth is.


  60. Lone Danite says:

    You better watch yourself kid, kids that talk the way you do will eventually end up in the Emergency room.


  61. Lone Danite says:

    I am here, ready willing and able. Lets get it on!


  62. Lone Danite says:

    Iowa, yeah right. I bet you are out in Mesa somewhere pooping in your tight little jeans.


  63. Carl says:

    Boxing instructor!! What a joke of a profession for a joke of a man. I’ll find you – or you can find me.

    We’ll meet.


  64. Lone Danite says:

    I thought you were going to kick my ass. I thought I needed an ass-kicking. When are you going to give it to me?


  65. Lone Danite says:

    Yeah yeah yeah, I’ve heard it all before “Carl” Talk talk talk. When are you going to meet me?


  66. Carl says:

    Danite – We’ve exposed you for the little coward of a pussy that you are. Big words behind the keyboard. Stupid little man who loses argument, and then gets his ass kicked. Let’s do this.


  67. Lone Danite says:

    Come on Mr. working in the Oil fields tough guy. Show me what you Mormon-haters are made of.


  68. Carl says:

    When do you want to meet me? I’ve heard your typical shit before. I can’t wait.


  69. Lone Danite says:

    Big man behind the Keyboard? I will meet you at Central and Baseline right now.


  70. Lone Danite says:

    When I say right now, I mean, RIGHT NOW. Like walk out the door and drive there.


  71. Lone Danite says:

    Which is it, Gilbert or Mesa. Come on, someone out there help me.


  72. Carl says:

    Pick a time and place mid-way, and I’ll be there.


  73. Carl says:

    Are you so incredibly stupid that you think because you live in Phoenix that everyone else on the internet does also.

    Stupid ignorant little prick.


  74. Lone Danite says:

    Oh, now it’s “Mid-Way” is it. Sorry Carl, you blew it, I’ll find out where you really live.


  75. Lone Danite says:

    You made your “time and place” threat then you ran and hid like a little AIDS infected homosexual. You are here in town, I will find out.


  76. Lone Danite says:

    “You just name the time and place, I worked on oil rigs for twenty years” LOL! I really am laughing out loud. Do you think telling someone you worked on oil rigs is supposed to make them scared?


  77. Lone Danite says:

    “Yep, I worked on oil rigs for twenty years and I certianly don’t like you Mormons, you better watch yourself!” I mean, seriously, do you think this is supposed to scare me?


  78. Lone Danite says:

    Well I guess old Carl ended up being a typical Mormon-Hater. That is, he is a coward just like all of them are. You see Carl, you don’t hate the Mormon Church, you really hate yourself.


  79. PMP says:

    OMG! Really? C’mon Weston, you’re a 38 year old man. Get that hypodermic needle away from your backside, grab a paper bag, and calmly breathe into it. *crazy circles over ear*

    You’re doing a piss poor job of representing your faith. Take some lessons in dialogue from Todd so I can go back to lurking. mmmmkay?


  80. Carl says:

    No, you blew it Danite piece of shit.

    I’ll find you. This is a promise. You can rant all you want – even throw a tantrum. I’ll find you. . . .


  81. Todd says:

    Thanks PMP… I’m glad SOMEONE appreciates my dialog!


  82. Kirk says:

    Josh Skains, Danite, Todd

    Seriously, glad you post and represent the LDS church. After this type of exposure, I’m certain that the world can see you for who you are.

    And you wonder why people hate Mormons.



  83. Rick says:

    Todd says: “The phrase “Behold the field is white…” comes to mind.”

    Okay, stick with that. It’s gonna be white for a long time. Times they are a changin. The younger generation is much more educated and open-minded. There is more diversity everywhere — even here in Zion…and the LDS youth are not as hung up on the “one true church” claim. It’s so divisive, judgmental, and condescending, that I doubt the doctrine will stick much longer. It’s bound to fail, along with the bigotous doctrines against gay rights.

    History helps us understand the process. When the church was threatened by failure with it’s imperatives about plural marriage, it had to change. Same with the bigotry against the blacks. The convenience of “modern revelation” allows for this change, and I actually believe it is what will help the church to continue to survive.

    But I could be wrong.



  84. Lone Danite says:

    I’ll be here Carl. Weston Krogstadt, make sure you spell my name right KROGSTADT. Before you come here to Phoenix and beat me up, or kill me or whatever it is you plan on doing, why don’t you visit my blog so we can chat. I like you Carl, you’ve got spunk.


  85. Kirk says:

    Hey pussy, I’m still here also. If you make it to Iowa before I make it down your way, feel free to stop by. You’ve demonstrated a character that I despise. I’ve got more than spunk pussy. I’ll back up everything I’ve said and more. I spelled my name correctly also, and am not the least bit worried. Stop on by. Or I will. It will happen.


  86. Carl says:

    Kirk – are you from Iowa too?


  87. Kirk says:

    Nope, I live in SLC. I figured that our buddy Danite would make his way to Iowa, have his little boxing match, and eventually he and I would catch up. Anyone that immediately resorts to physical threats during conversations concerning religion is a pussy IMO. Even as I age, I would have to be face down in the dirt before I ever back down from some pussy calling me out.


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