Right or Wrong? Removing the FLDS Children

I, of course, weigh firmly on the side of the big cojones in Texas. FINALLY a government entity not afraid of the polygamists! What say you? Should they have removed the children? Should they put them in foster care? Lots of problems will ensue with that, but can it be worse than what they are currently subjected to?


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16 Responses to Right or Wrong? Removing the FLDS Children

  1. Renee says:

    I’m with Texas, but that’s just me.


  2. mattman says:

    In my opinion, most/many of those children were not of an age sufficient to consent to participation in the mature sexual acts they were being coerced/forced into. Age appropriate “sex play” that is perfectly common and normal for kids of almost any age is a completely different thing than this.

    That being said, what was going on was for sure, IMO, abuse. Thus, I feel they should be removed. Kids are resilient, they will recover from the initial shock. I mean hell, they’re resilient enough to live with sexual abuse, I think they’ll do just fine with an intervention like this, don’t you?

    If they were of the age of consent, and had given consent, completely different scenario then.


  3. Elaine says:

    Everything I have heard about the FLDS makes me believe that what the state of Texas did was a necessary evil.

    Whatever you think about whether polygamy should be legal for consenting adults, polygamy is currently illegal and teaching it to kids constitutes abuse in and of itself.

    Whatever you believe about the constitutional rights of the FLDS, the civl and human rights of those kids are being violated…by teaching them that the rest of the world is evil, by allowing them to be emotionally and physically abused (as the stories go, and I’ve heard enough of them to believe that it is true), by marrying the girls off to men who could be their fathers, if not their grandfathers, by throwing boys (seen as competiton for the girls by the leadership) out of the cult on the thinnest of pretexts, by not educating them adequately.

    And speaking of human rights…those of the women are violated, as well, when they are shifted around from husband to husband with no choice and no recourse, are also being violated.


  4. MLBower says:

    I, personally, seem to be fascinated by polygamists. I have become addicted to the show Big Love and had to watch when Oprah had some Polygamists on her show.

    That being said, marrying young girls who are not given a choice or the opportunity to know that there is more out there is wrong. No one should be forced to marry nor threatened with eternal damnation. (You should really have to work hard at earning that one with something great like a controvertial blog or something.) Even if the young girls concented to the marriage because they thought it was the right thing to do or that is was their role cannot have truely made an informed decision.

    I say bravo to those who stepped in on behalf of those children.


  5. Kitty says:

    Utah did not have the balls to take care of this situation before it got out of control because they would have appeared “kettle black.” Hooray for Texas. If a religion today in the USA was sacrificing it’s first born babies, America would be all over it. I don’t see the difference when they are sacrificed in a sexual way when they are still children. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!


  6. Tracy says:

    What I don’t understand is, why are they not arresting the men who married the underage girls and slept with them? Isn’t that statutory rape? It is in my state.


  7. Kent says:

    In this country we shouldn’t punish people for what they believe, we punish them for what they do. Since it is against the law to have sex or participate in the rape of a child, I have no problem with authorities arresting those that commit such crimes. Ii is another story, however, to brand everyone who is a member of this strange fundamentalist group as a criminal and deny them their rights to worship and live according to the dictates of their own consicence within the bounds of the law. If leaders of this group participate in the rape of those who are underage then they should also be prosecuted, but attributing the actions of some in a group universally to everyone in that group is not what our constitution and America is all about. Is Obama a racist like Revernd Wright becase he is in the same Church or is every Mormon racist because of the comments by Church official about race and Black Skin, I hope not.

    If we start down such a road where would it lead. Would you not allow people to home school because it is strange? Would you not allow Muslims to or Hindus to practice their relegion because they strictly supervise the dating of their children or because the arrange marriages? There is enough room in this country to allow people to worship, raise their families, and live how they see fit, within the bounds of the law and the the Constitution which we should cherish.


  8. Rosemarie says:

    Hey *****…ever hear of reasonable doubt? or preponerance of the evidence? You say”It is another story, however, to brand everyone who is a member of this strange fundamentalist group as a criminal and deny them their rights to worship and live according to the dictates of their own consicence within the bounds of the law.” If these monsters were staying “within the bounds of the law”, they would not be dealing with their state supported baby factories and human produce being taken away. There would have been no need to keep the members/victims seperated and hidden from the world if there was nothing to hide. These women and children have already been, or will at some point, become victim to the monsters who choose the “dictate of their consicence through their penises instead of god. The FLDS has been doing these dispicable things for generations knowing full well it was against mans law. It is VERY clear that outside laws have no bearing on these people except for the support money to be had from it. What you say may sound pretty good to people who are impressed by big words, but to any intelligent person it is a very sick joke indeed. FDLS choose sexual gratification over anything godly or lawful. ANY mother who intentionally and knowingly takes their children back into harms way is guilty of child neglect and child abuse. You and your big pompus words make me sick. Why dont you go back to the compound and let your penis play with something else besides little girls!!!


  9. Rosemarie says:

    You can not rape the willing. These CHILDREN are willing because they have been raised from infancy believing their place in heaven is based on having babies and being GOOD wives.They have no knowledge of the outside world or that they have any rights or choices above and beyond what they have been taught. They can not make adult or independant life choices if they do not know or understand anything EXCEPT the fear and lies about the outside world they have been taught all their lives. They are like the lambs on a farm who adore the people who lovingly bottle feed them in the spring and take care of them through the summer. Only difference is the lambs are alot luckier because they dont know that the same people they love and adore are going to slaughter them in the fall. The children are fully aware of what is going to happen wether they want it or not, and are taught that they will be punished by their “husbands” and god if they are not “GOOD” wives. Thank God and Texas mans laws says that these dispicable !!!!!!!! can be punished under MANS law. Statutory rape and numerous child abuse charges as well as human trafficking for starters. It is also unlawful for the state to place the children in any suspected harmful place. With generations of sexual abuse of minors about to be proven through DNA testing, that logically should rule out going back to the compound!! I think the men should ALL be prosecuted for anything and everything possible found in the same MANS law that they have ignored in order to keep their penises busy and happy!!


  10. Tracy says:

    In all the court room drama, where are the fathers? They have *POOFED* from existence.


  11. Natalie says:

    Actually, Tracy, I saw a picture of them “arriving” at the courthouse, but have not heard much other than that. I’ll see if I can find the picture.


  12. Cyn Bagley says:

    I am rooting for Texas.


    PS… What I have to say about fathers and mothers who participated and allowed these acts is unprintable. (swearing like a sailor)


  13. tex841 says:

    Actually, you can rape the willing. It’s call Statutory rape.


  14. Barena says:

    I have been a foster parent that specialized in fostering teenage girls that had been sexually abused. These girls are happy healthy productive women and good mothers due to the assistance they recieved from our family and the counseling and protective services provided to them by our state division of family services.
    I believe wholeheartedly that these children are all at risk from FLDS and should be removed from the influence of that congregation. However, at the same time, I have been a front line, crisis interventionist in family social work…working in some dire situatuions and subcultures for 30 years. In the course of my career, I have had more than on eopportunity to have children removed from abusive foster homes, group homes and even homes of family members where they were placed for “safety”. It concerns me that this particular group of children are being placed in the fosater care systems (whjich are already filled beyond what they can deal with and the social workers are overwhelmed beyond belief). The Mormon Church..which does NOT practice polygamy, should step up and assume some responsibility as foster families for these kids. These children are the perfect victioms for our raging adrenaline hyped sociaty and PLEAsE>..they must be certain not to try to acclimate them into our public schools…they would be sitting ducks for all types of trauma. I am a child advocate in our state..known to be pretty ballsy in the courtroom… I wish I knew who to conatct in Texas to help advocate for the kids.


  15. Tracy says:

    I finally saw the fathers.

    It’s sad, they do not know any other way, and anything outside their little world will lead them to hell.

    Jeff has a lot to answer for.


  16. Fred says:

    It is amazing how many people “know” what was going on in this compound. The Texas authorities obviously did, as they admitted they had been waiting for an excuse to go in and “investigate”. So far, they have found two (2) underage pregnant girls (previously reported as 6), 20 women with kids so old that the mothers were “probably” underage when they had them within the last 10 years (a few are still under 18), and (according to court testimony) no other signs of physical or emotional abuse. I’m estimating that 2-6 of the men are in big trouble. However, the judge agreed with Texas officials that every kid from birth to 18 of either gender is in substantial, near term risk of harm or abuse. Somehow I missed the evidence (or even accusation) that suggests children between 1 and 10 are so at-risk that they can’t even be visited by their mothers. All this because of one questionable accusation. Mike Nifong would be proud. I’m sure crimes were committed here, and I’m sure some of those responsible are FLDS.

    News flash! The FLDS women were told that if they were under 18, they could stay with their kids. The number of under-18 mothers is jumping dramatically. Maybe some of those Texas politicians will get re-elected after all.


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