And we're back…

Did you miss me? I missed this blog, let me tell you. I could not post for the better part of a week, for reasons my Web guru can only fathom. He finally got me back online, and, well, phew. Take a deep breath. That was a little frightening. And probably a happy day for many.

Sorry to disappoint those of you who were cheering my brief absence.

I really wanted to blog about the FLDS Eldorado raid, but that’s old news by now. Let me just say, TEXAS, you rock! Teenage girls should be giggling about dates with cute boys, not juggling babies given to them by old pervs.

I tried to respond to THIS comment, as well, from our friend Ted:

Here I am over a year later.
I do not understand something about Mormon critics. Why is it such a common practice to label or degrade the entire Church based on something that an LDS member, or a several members did wrong. Your article is full of this.
For example, “Of course, it’s okay if the Church does not leave ME alone. At least in their eyes. They can harass me to high heaven. And they do.”
FACT: The LDS Church does not harass you to ‘high heaven’. There may be some members who wrongfully harass you, but the Church does not. The Church very vocally condemns such action. Refer to any Ensign magazine ever published, or talks from any General Conference ever held for countless examples. Its all available on the Church website at .
Your article implies that the LDS Church must publish official prophecy condemning polygamy before you will acknowledge that it is a dead practice among the Church. If you demand official declarations from very official sources such as prophecy, then why not stick to official declarations and official sources to attack, instead of obscure actions of people who just happen to be LDS?
I personally attended the LDS General Conference in SLC, October 2007. As I waited to enter the building I was subjected to listen to Mormon critics loudly blaspheming and harassing all who waited to get in. Once I was inside and in my seat, a very calm, clear voice came over the speaker system. I remember word for word what was said.
“We are aware that there are those outside who would try to interrupt this meeting. We ask that you show them respect.”

Which I did.

But now that I can finally post, I find it pretty damn boring. YAWWWWN. Give me a break. Don’t compare me to the street preachers who scream at Mormons, Teddy…. YOU came here. Not the other way around. And it IS Church policy to send people out to round up those strays…. YOU know it is. Sorry, but your argument doesn’t fly. But you have a nice day.

The worst thing now is that the spammers are here in all their glory, and my BIG ASS MOFO SPAM FILTER is not working properly, so until that gets functioning, there might be some, ahem, rather interesting comments. I’ll try to catch them.

Sorry for the inconvenience. It’s good to be back.


About Natalie R. Collins

Natalie has more than 30 years writing, editing, proofreading and design experience. She has written 20 books (and counting), has worked for the Sundance Film Festival, and as an investigative journalist, editor, and proofreader. She embraces her gypsy-heart and is following her new free-thinking journey through life. Follow her as she starts over and learns a bunch of life's lessons--some the hard way.
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15 Responses to And we're back…

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  2. Moon says:

    welcome back Natalie.

    it is great to have another intelligent woman out there. And yes, I have been harassed by well meaning but clueless church members many times myself. Ted, just what is the missionary program about but harassment? In my case, they ignored me until I sent in my letter of resignation, then the LoveBombs started. Suddenly we were on their radar. After I quit.

    Dont tell me about Respect. That is apparently not in the belief system.


  3. Renee says:

    Missed you Natalie! Glad you made it back to the blogosphere. Are you sure your site isn’t secretly hosted by the Church…heh….might explain the problem. Kind of like China shuts down the web when they don’t like the subject, like Tibet.


  4. azteclady says:

    Welcome back, Natalie!


  5. Kitty says:

    Yes, you were sorely missed. I kept thinking, where is she? When TSCC tries to down play their history of polygamy and boldly state they no longer practice it, they are further distancing themselves from Joseph Smith. When they get that smugness about not being like the other cults such as the FLDS, I am quick to remind them that none of these would even exist, but for Joseph Smith. After months of being angry, I am now at the point of just rolling my eyes. I no longer beat myself up for joining the church when I was 11 and trying to fit in when neither parent was a member. When Ted leaves the church, talk to us later about the lengths the church will go to get you back. Until then, you have no idea. It is sad to see what is happening in the FLDS church in this day and age and in America, no less. It is like getting a bird’s eye view of the early days of the Mormon church where that and much much more went on.


  6. Cyn Bagley says:


    Glad to see you back.

    You go girl.

    🙂 Cyn


  7. Will says:

    FACT: The LDS Church does not harass you to ‘high heaven’.

    This is a true statement in some respect, they can really only harass you too low or middle heaven or even worse outter darkness 😦 scary stuff =P


  8. Kitty says:

    Will, that comment made my day. I am still smiling.


  9. aj says:

    My husband and I were both raised in the Mormon church in the “mission field” (as Utahns would say) in Arizona. We spent the last eight years in Provo, Utah and now have moved out of state for work. We decided to leave the church together, about 2 years ago, for reasons that had built up over the years. I wrote a letter to the bishop explaining what decision we had made and that we wished not to be contacted. Of course the entire bishopric came and talked with us and our home teachers continued to visit because they had become friends, and we later learned that they were reporting back to the bishopric on our situation. When we finally left Provo we didn’t tell anyone what town we were moving to so that they hopefully couldn’t find us, but sure enough, a week after we moved in the entire bishopric in our new town knocked on the door. The knew our names and our situation and despite knowing our desire to be left alone, they continue to send birthday cards to our children saying they hope to see them in Primary. Our son who was turning 8 was sent a card stating how excited they were that he was going to be baptized. We were very offended and we just throw the cards away, the kids don’t see them. I think in general the people who aren’t in authority tend to leave you alone, but those with higher callings think it is their duty to keep you connected in any way possible.


  10. Elaine says:

    Yes, Natalie…you were missed. Welcome back.

    aj…I would have asked these folks at some point: “What part of ‘no contact’ do you not understand?”

    But that’s just me, and I can be pretty blunt sometimes.


  11. Tracy says:

    “As I waited to enter the building I was subjected to listen to Mormon critics loudly blaspheming and harassing all who waited to get in.”

    Blaspheming? I thought only God was blasphemed? I guess Mormon’s are different,

    Hey , if you want to get rid of the Missionaries, do what my mother did. They came to the door, again, for the umpteeth time, and she asked if they knew Jesus as their personal savior, and would they like to invite Jesus into their heart. She wouldn’t let up, and now they get to our property, walk across the street , the length of the property, and then walk back across.

    For some reason they didn’t like those questions.

    Of course, you may want to change it to fit your belief, or non belief, but it seems to scare them enough not to even want to walk near the property.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses still come around though, haven’t figured out a way to stop them from coming, but that’s another story.


  12. aj says:

    Do “no soliciting” signs work?


  13. Cele says:

    Oh Natalie you have been sorely missed.


  14. Annette says:


    Invite the JW’s in to watch a porn movie–make sure you sprinkle in a few four letter words and some graphic descriptions of the movie plot. When they decline (with that deer in the headlights expression) and turn to leave, welcome them to come back another time for Yoga lessons.

    Works like a charm. =)


  15. Tracy says:

    Annette, that’s fabulous.


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