Mitt Pulls Out…

“I promise it works, baby.”

And maybe it will. Mitt Romney is no longer in the race for the Republican nomination for President of the United States of America, and my prediction came true even sooner than I expected.

Perhaps Mitt will still see something out of all his invested millions and find a place in the McCain administration. Should, of course, the Republicans find themselves in the White House, which after Dubya’s dubious reign, is unlikely.

I, of course, predicted that Mitt would not win the nomination, let alone the presidency, and I was right. Natalie 1, World, uh, well, somewhere around 5 million at last count.

Look, here’s the skinny. I have mixed feelings about Mitt’s withdrawal from the race. Religion aside, he was one of the best candidates. His FATHER, George Romney, was a man of integrity and honor, who, despite his heritage of racism and segregation (see the Mormon HISTORY BOOK people) stepped out and made a stand for integration and against segregation. For the most part, when you have a father who stands for integrity, the child usually learns something. That’s why dads are so important. That and to mow the lawn and put worms on fish hooks.

When Mitt Romney said he “saw” his father walk with Martin Luther King, Jr., a firestorm erupted. The microscopes came out, and logistics were examined, and everyone scored over old footage and news clippings, and Mitt got lambasted in the papers, and yet… Whether or not George Romney literally “walked” with Martin Luther King, Jr., he did “walk” with him, folks.

Even when an APOSTLE of his church sent him a letter encouraging he stand back and not embrace equality, he ignored that letter. He became EVEN MORE involved.

Is Mitt Romney his father? Nope. Does he have as much to offer? Maybe. I heard that he’s 61, so he has some work to do, but hey, I heard that 61 is the new 41, and in the Mormon “Old Geezer” world, he’s a BABY. Get cracking, Mitt.

He did a bangup job with the 2002 Olympics, picking up a rumor and scandal-smeared dirty envelope and making it pristine white before mailing it out to the world. That could not have been easy.

But, in the end, Mitt Romney’s religion did him in. And frankly, that’s understandable. I don’t see people rushing to the voting booths to put Tom Cruise, aka FrankenCruise, in charge, either. Mormon beliefs are just, well, weird. Late President Gordon B. Hinckley’s protestations aside, Mormonism is a WEIRD religion. Sorry, but it is.

It isn’t the ONLY weird religion. But it’s up there.

I’ve already recounted the reasons why, and if you wonder about my claims, read the blog, and please don’t come back and comment until you DO. Off-the-cuff comments make you look stupid, and me look witty and intelligent. Hmm. Perhaps you should just comment and THEN read. I’m all for looking witty and intelligent.

But that doesn’t make Mitt Romney a bad man. I know a LOT of Mormons who are intelligent, smart, and generally very nice. I think Mitt might have made a decent president, although if he doesn’t back off that Iraq support stuff, I might have to change my opinion. (Note: please do not read this as an attack on our troops. I am a HUGE supporter of the military, and the people who defend our nation AT ALL COSTS. I just don’t appreciate our nation sending our troops into a minefield and telling them to dance. Carefully.)

Truth is, Mitt never stood a chance, and I knew that from the onset. Despite the huge desire among Mormons to be accepted, it won’t and isn’t happening. And I speak from experience, and not anger or bitterness. The outside world might like you. That’s personal. But they don’t admire you. You might hear all those “faith promoting” stories and think they do, but you’re being misled. They think your religion is weird. And it is. And it’s okay. You embrace that weirdness, and more power to you.

But ask yourself this question. Why do I want people to accept this so badly? Is it because I have my OWN qualms about whether or not it can be true? Because if you are basing YOUR belief on someone ELSE accepting it, well, you haven’t looked close enough. And if you DO BELIEVE IT? Why do you need anyone else to back you up? Embrace it and move on. Or stay close. Or whatever.

So, there’s my take on Mitt. Now, I must put my crystal ball away. It’s glowing and keeping Stormy the Wonder Dog awake and agitated, and when he doesn’t get enough sleep he snores. Like now. Stupid crystal ball…..


About Natalie R. Collins

Natalie has more than 30 years writing, editing, proofreading and design experience. She has written 20 books (and counting), has worked for the Sundance Film Festival, and as an investigative journalist, editor, and proofreader. She embraces her gypsy-heart and is following her new free-thinking journey through life. Follow her as she starts over and learns a bunch of life's lessons--some the hard way.
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7 Responses to Mitt Pulls Out…

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  2. I thought he made a good candidate, too. And he has “suspended” his race, which is not technicaly a drop out. He isn’t actively campaigning, but could jump back in if he got a boost of support, which unfortunately, is not likely. At least that is how I understand it, even though the media will not present it in that light. As far as they’re concerned, he is out.


  3. Cele says:

    I was surprised he pulled out so quick, especially after making some comment the day before that he was in for the long haul. Of course this way some people save millions.


  4. Georgia says:

    This religion will never be widely accepted, and a Mormon candidate can’t get elected. People are too weirded out by the secrecy, garments, and the supposed happenings in ancient America. These hurdles are just too high for most of us to jump.


  5. Sideon says:

    With Mitt out of the race, the playing field is almost depressing. NO inherent entertainment value left whatsoever. I was so enjoying Mitt the Piñata. Granted, I’m easily entertained, but even so, it was GRAND entertainment while it lasted in this instance… HE spent major bucks and we all got to watch for free. Free entertainment will always trump paid-for entertainment. Always.

    The next round will be fun though, because then we start playing the game of “pay back” and ass-kissing, and I can’t wait to see where Mitt ends up when McCain is the official (Huckster doesn’t have a chance, either) nominee.


  6. mb says:

    So allow me to make observations on my own and ask you a few questions. You (The author) are an obviously intelligent person and has no problem with letting people know it. You probably get off on showing off your knowledge in a battle of wits with a mormon who you seem to percieve as mindless sheep who believe whatever we’re told without doing any research. So let me answer a few questions.
    1- are mormon beliefs different than other religious beliefs? YES
    2- is that a bad thing? NO! When you look at all the crap mormons have been put through over the years (yes its in the history books, journals, etc) and consider that most of these horrible things were performed by “christians”, than its a good thing that mormons are a little different than other faiths. My ancestors were raped, beaten and murdered. Their homes were burned to the ground and their propert was stolen. All done by “christians”. SO I thank God every day that I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of LAtter Day Saints.
    3- Are mormon beliefs weird? Compared to what? Compared to believing that a virgin got pregnant with the son of God (which we believe)? Compared to a mortal man parting the red sea (which we believe)? Compared to the belief that the son of God somehow managed to suffer for the sins of every person who will ever live, died on a cross and then somehow his body and spirit reunited 3 days later (which we belive)? I could go on and on but I think you get my drift.
    4- Are the things that people SAY we believe weird? YES
    5- Are the true? NO
    6- Why do mormons want to be “socially accepted” by everyone??? I cant say for every mormon but I can say for most that we DONT!!! All we want is for all this crap people say about us to stop and for people to get accurate information. You want to accept my beliefs, fine. If not, fine….but dont go around creating webpages and writing books that talk crap about us and then just sit there and expect us to keep our mouths shut. Yes, its true that you have the right to say whatever you want…..but that doesnt make it true and it certainly doesnt make it right. Alot of the stuff I’ve read on here is just a bunch of BS. I have yet to see an entire truth on here with enough proof to back it up.
    7- Let me ask YOU a question. When you talk crap about Mormons what do you get out of it? Does it make you feel better about yourself? Do you feel closer to God? I dont remember God or Christ giving commandments to persecute those who believe differently than you. Actually its the total opposite. Do you talk crap about Muslims and how they have more than one wife? How they treat their women like 3rd class people? HOw they used to beat them into submission? Or the catholics for the thousands of women they murdered? OR the innocent people who suffered because of them during the crusades??? WHY US??? THeir are so many worse things in the world to talk crap about. Why not use your time and energy to protest things that can make a change for the better???


  7. Tracy says:

    mb, you should have read Natalie’s blog before you made a complete ass out of yourself.


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