LDS Church President Gordon B. Hinckley Dies

It has just been announced that LDS Church President Gordon B. Hinckley has died. As is usually the case, the information he was so close to death was withheld from the public, so this is a huge shock to many.

I offer my sincere (yes, sincere) condolences to his family, and those who feel the loss of his passing.

While not my FAVORITE person, he was still somebody’s father, grandfather, uncle, brother, and prophet, and thus, we know his passing will cause great distress.

Hinckley was 97 years old, and was suffering from cancer.


Note: Before you Mormons decide to comment, and sling nastiness my way, please be aware that THOUSANDS of people read this blog. Your true colors will speak for themselves. I stand behind my comments. Will you stand behind yours? Once you put the comment there, it does not come off. I also initially wrote “we” in reference to the Trappees. Given the venom spewed by many, and personal attacks on some of those who commented here, I am changing it to make it clear it is MY post and my opinion.

This is a sincere wish of condolences over President Hinckley’s passing. His past actions are NOT recounted here. But it doesn’t mean they didn’t happen.

Additional Note: Based on the HUGE amount of traffic to this site, in the past three hours, I would guess there are THOUSANDS of faithful Mormons who are choosing NOT to comment or spew hatred. Kudos to them. I’m doing my best to keep up with the comments. Bear with me.


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Natalie has more than 30 years writing, editing, proofreading and design experience. She has written 20 books (and counting), has worked for the Sundance Film Festival, and as an investigative journalist, editor, and proofreader. She embraces her gypsy-heart and is following her new free-thinking journey through life. Follow her as she starts over and learns a bunch of life's lessons--some the hard way.
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172 Responses to LDS Church President Gordon B. Hinckley Dies

  1. alfred einstein says:

    this is the worst site i have ever seen.
    Gordon B. Hinckley was a man. He was a leader. He was a kind man. He was caring, loving, honest, true, humble, clean, and an awe inspiring speaker.

    The people running this site obviously hold….none of these qualities.

    Their research is untrue, biased, and otherwise unintelligent.
    Do not come to this site for information. go to the real source.


  2. SP says:

    Have you ever heard the saying, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all?”
    I think you may benefit from watching Bambi one more time.
    Your words were not only flippant, but offensive. You may not respect Gordon B. Hinckley, but it is downright rude to post such a comment only minutes after his passing. Would you like such a post written about you?
    I am so disgusted.


  3. Natalie says:

    Really? Prove it ALFRED. You’ve spent, what, two seconds here?

    Sorry that truth bothers you. Nonetheless, you are obviously a Mormon mourning the loss of your beloved President Gordon B. Hinckley, and thus, we will give you a pass. Today.


  4. SP says:

    Actually, you are welcome to ‘check out’ anytime. I imagine you will find someone to disagree with wherever you live, however. I think you’d benefit greatly from moving FAR away and spending your time griping about something else. You must be a miserable person.


  5. Natalie says:

    SP, why on EARTH would you think my remarks flippant? He WASN’T my favorite person, because he did some REALLY underhanded things during the whole Mark Hoffman debacle, but I didn’t bring that up. I was NOT flippant.

    You’re looking for nastiness and cruel intent where there is none. My condolences and wish of Godspeed were sincere.


  6. John says:

    Thank you for your cander in at least showing some respect for this wonderful man and his family and followers at the time of his passing.


  7. SP says:

    And so you choose to talk about those things at the time of his death. Heartless. SERIOUSLY. But I’m leaving now. Sorry about the strong words. You hit a very sore spot. Wish you the best and hope you can find more peace in your life, and waste less time tearing others down.


  8. Keith says:

    How sad! All hatred and prejudice notwithstanding, he was was every bit as much a prophet as Abraham, Jacob, and others. Perhaps his passing will bring some reconcilliation as did the passing of prophets of old?


  9. dave says:



  10. Natalie says:

    But, Sarah, I DIDN’T. I admitted that in the past I have written about what I consider some of his big faux pas, but I did NOT bring those up here. I was talking about ME. My condolences were sincere, and will continue to be sincere. He meant a LOT to a lot of people, and thus, I am only being sincere.

    I am not tearing down anyone. Reality is harsh.

    John, thank you for understanding that my remark was not flippant or cruel, and meant sincerely. Am I to pretend that I have not written candidly about him in the past? Sorry, but that would be dishonest. However, I am not speaking of those things now. He had many good things about him.


  11. T. Woolstenhulme says:

    In behalf of many people who have a sincere and deep heart-felt appreciation for the good that Gordon B, Hinckley has done for this world and the people therein, I offer this challenge to those who read this….Find another man who has done as much good for the world as Gordon Hinckley has done throughout his life. Find a man who has been an example not only in words but also in works as to how we should be to ourselves, our neighbor, our enemies, and most of all…to our god! He was and continues to be an EXCELLENT example to us all, through his teachings! He was not perfect, but did show us how to treat others and try to become perfect! May he be found in God’s presence with his wonderful wife in peace and happiness!!


  12. LD says:

    This site sickens me. Anyone who spends any amount of time trying to bash another religion has very little else to do. I didn’t look closely enough to see if you used to be mormon but if you were, I am sorry you missed the point. A sad little life you lead. I have friends of all differnet religions, dont agree with all of them but I dont have a blog tearing them down.


  13. Natalie says:

    Dave, Not comparing myself to him. I was EXPRESSING MY CONDOLENCES! I can see a new post, WHEN MORMONS ATTACK.

    Keith, I understand you regard him as a prophet. I did not. However, I respect your beliefs. You have that right. And I mourn your loss.


  14. Natalie says:

    Oh brother, I can’t keep up with all these negative and hateful comments. Silly people.


  15. I heard about this also, he was a very loved man. I want to know his death though. It hurts to know that this kind man has passed away. Hopefuly he is happy now. But he is with his wife.


  16. Dick says:

    Yet another anti-mormon who knows nothing about the subject. If you don’t like them, ignore them. Simple solution. Reading through your archives, the only one who sounds pathetic and ignorant is you. With that said, go ahead and post your rebuttal. Mock me like you do them so that you feel good about yourself.


  17. People, why so much hatred… it pains me. This isnt what our heavenly father wants from us. Hmm do as you wish I cant stop.


  18. gaby says:

    I can’t believe this site even exists. Gordon B. Hinckley is a prophet. Do you even know what that means? I feel so bad for you that you are blinded by ignorance.


  19. Idahoan says:

    Wow Natalie. I’m sorry to see such anger flung your way. He was also not my favorite man, but I’m still sorry to everyone for the loss of someone very important to them. His family, his followers.

    May they find peace and comfort.


  20. Larry says:

    You have been running this bigoted website so long, you can’t even tell when you lack civility. Accusing the LDS Church of withholding information like it’s some kind of conspiracy on the date of the death of Pres. Hinckley is uncivil any way you slice it. You can’t possibly have any grounds for such an accusation. However, this entire site specializes in bigotry and groundless accusation. If you left the Mormon Church, that’s your prerogative. To ridicule the sincere beliefs of any sect is bigoted and is your problem. Setting up a website to do it is just plain sad.


  21. Vince says:

    In searching for confirmation of Pres Hinckleys passing, the only googled match was this blog. Reading through the comments I can only reiterate the T Woolstenhulme comments of the greatness this man contributed to Mormons and non mormons alike.
    However I am amazed that for someone ( yourself /natalie) who have no interest or faith in the religion would take time to set up a blog , follow its teachings, advise current events within the church and actively open discuss our religions developemnts. Thank you for your continued interest. I hope at some stage you acheive what you set out to accomplish. Good to see that the inkling of curiosity still exists.
    one of those ‘silly people’

    Being silly maybe I too should invest time and effort in looking at things that i dont believe in or follow.


  22. Jeremy says:

    Im not a mormon, but had the honor of meeting Mr. Hinckley several years ago at a wedding, and knew there was something special about him. When I heard of his passing I performed a search to learn more about it and found this site. I feel very badly for this Natalie person… For anyone to have such hatred for any god fearing religion is obviously led and motivated by evil. Though I am not a mormon, but this Natalie person has motivated me to learn more about them. There must be some truth to what they teach, for Satan to oppose them so fervently through his followers.


  23. Natalie says:

    What makes you think I have no interest, Vince? Born and raised Mormon. It fascinates me, even to this day. Actually, you aren’t as silly as most. You posted a genuine question, and I do understand your thought process.

    I don’t agree, but that is what makes the world go around.


  24. Natalie says:

    Yeah, sure you’re not Mormon Jeremy. We ALL believe that one… If you really FELT that way, you’d BE Mormon. OH WAIT. You are!!


  25. Kendell says:

    There must be an opposition in all things. This blog/web site is an opposition to the truth and Jesus Christ. “Trapped by the Mormons”? The Mormon church doesn’t trap anybody. You can leave as you wish. Just ask for your records to be removed from the church. I don’t get why people have to act like the church traps or brain washes and other obserd things like that. If there wasn’t an opposition, there wouldn’t be a God.


  26. Natalie says:

    “This Natalie person.” Muwwahhhaahhhaaa.


  27. Caryn says:

    Wow, Natalie! Looks like you hit a nerve, although this entry was very mild. As a non-Mormon, I actually found your words quite sincere. I do not agree with everything he did either, as is my right, but I do feel for his family and his followers, who I am sure loved him very much.

    As for withholding the information from the public, well, that sort of thing is common enough in many circles and for many reasons, and I sensed no judgment by you because of that but, rather, a mere observation. I, too, was surprised at the news because I did not know that he was so close to passing either. But to keep a sickness private is the family’s right.

    Some people are looking to be insulted, and I’m sure that that is especially easy when said people are already grieving. Still, it is your right to have an opinion and to express it. To try to bar someone from being honest simply because they disagree with what that person is saying is not right. You did not seek them out and force them to read what you wrote; they found you.


  28. Natalie says:

    Yes, Caryn, but that is COMMON SENSE. Why let THAT dictate your actions? The REAL teachings of Mormonism will be exposed simply by the comments of the most faithful.

    How sad they cannot see how much damage they are doing to their own church.


  29. angie says:

    Who’s trapped by the Mormons?


  30. Kendell says:

    The real teachings of Mormonism? Don’t drink Alcohol, Don’t smoke, don’t have sex outside of marriage, Be honest in your dealings with your fellow man, help others. These all sound like horrible things. I better quit the church so I can do all of those things.


  31. SP says:

    I went away for a while. Calmed down. Now I feel bad. Sorry to overreact. Everyone has their freedom of speech. Hope you have a good life.


  32. Caryn says:

    Hmmm. One of the teachings of Mormonism is love to others, right? Many on here are not behaving in a loving manner. Just an observation.


  33. Mark says:

    The anger and vitriol of the Mormons sure speaks volumes. If GBH was the good man they claim to be, he certainly has not rubbed off on them. “By their fruit, you shall know them.” There’s a lot of rotten fruit posting here.


  34. Natalie says:

    LOLOL. Yeah, Kendell, it’s JUST that simple. Either it is or YOU are. It goes MUCH, much deeper than that. I don’t smoke, rarely drink, and I am so honest it pisses you MORMONS off. I also help others, regularly. You don’t HAVE to be a Mormon to live that way.


  35. Kristen says:

    To whoever runs this site, your sincere condolences are welcome to me. As a member of the LDS Church, we may not agree on most things but I am grateful for the life of President Hinckley and the things he taught.


  36. Scytherius says:

    Isn’t it inappropriate for you Mormons griping about her post (which was infinitely nicer than I would have been) to be on the Net on a Sunday?


  37. Possibly more attention to the LDS Church will not be good for the institution’s reputation.

    We get countless letters from Americans who are surprised at the real history of the LDS church, its practices, and its reputation of twisting the truth to meet its needs.

    Find articles, online videos, and recommended books at:


  38. Kendell says:

    There is no hatred here. Just an observation of somebody spending so much time and effort against people that are trying to be good and follow good leaders like Gordon B. Hinckley. There are a lot of good people in the world that like true principles. The Mormon teaches those true principles to its followers. I have been a member for 42 years and have never been taught anything, but GOOD things. There are no deep dark secrets. Nobody in the church is perfect, so there are mistakes made by humans


  39. Natalie says:

    Thanks Kristen. I’m glad someone could see it for how it was meant.


  40. Renee says:


    I getcha.

    I just had (literally) posted on my blog (as yet unknown to mankind because it’s just not that topical) that I would love to be in a place where I didn’t have to hear or read as a main topic that day every day that Hinckley sneezed etc. etc. I didn’t mean I wanted the man to die and I am sure he was a nice man if and of himself. But the Chuch needs to stop trying to control Utah.

    And, truly, my condolences to his family, and to the Church, actually. He will be missed, no doubt.


  41. BlakeC says:

    Mormons are people, Mormons have feelings, Mormons have flaws. We have the right to be outraged at such a terrible post. And even though it may not be right to hate or to be angered it happens. Have you no feelings or care? He was a great leader and a tremendous example. I know i wouldn’t be saying the same things you said if the Pope died.


  42. JD says:

    We all should be grateful that we live in a free country, which means also freedom in speech. I always have to remind myself of that when I find myself looking at a site like this one.

    I am not a member of the LDS church, but am very familiar with the teachings of the LDS, and KNOW the things you write about on this site are outrageous and in most part are not true. You exaggerate, and have not done your research!

    My guess would be, that you are former member of the church Natalie? Probably one that left without true understanding, and therefore spends all their time bashing the LDS. How sad.

    In regards to the post that brought me to this unfactual site. Gordon B. Hinckley was more than a great man. I also had the chance to meet him, and he was a powerful and inspirational human being. No matter what religion someone may be, they should be able to recognize and have great respect. He will be missed by much more than just the LDS church members.


  43. Kristen says:

    I’m not here to argue, so hopefully this comes out right. I live in Utah and don’t see the Church trying to control it, but as a member I may have a different perspective. I did, however, live in a town in Indiana and all (well it seemed like all) the people there were Catholic and it seemed blindly followed the local Catholoc Church. It can be frustrating. The great thing about America, is people can follow whatever faith they want.


  44. NormaRae says:

    Oh Good Grief! That’ll teach you to be nice, Natalie! These comments are so far beyond ridiculous it’s mind boggling . I mean, expressing condolences, how anti-mormon of you. Actually I think you showed a lot of class and restraint because there are many more thousands of people who think Hinckley was a lying, underhanded, SOB than those who think he was some kind of prophet. But you’re right, he had a large family and had grandkids and great-grandkids who are going to miss him a lot and it was nice of you to put that idea first. Oh, I know, why don’t I go attack someone else’s church instead of this loving church that produces loving people like these posters? Gee, I don’t know, why don’t I?


  45. Julia says:

    He was a kind man yet I am sure that as a man , he made errors. How pitiful that some have been so very ugly at this sad time, whether you are LDS or not. I am more concernerd about our ugliness as people at a time of grief. As an LDS convert who respects and loves others who are seeking God, lets not let pettiness diminish this passing of such a man.


  46. Heathcliff Rand says:

    I think its sad that when the original post went up it wasn’t meant to be an attack but a kind tribute to a man that many have felt attacked by. Although I’m not Christian, I felt that Natalie Collins’ attempt to forgive and feel empathy for Hinckley’s family was far more Christian than you idiots posting hate mail.


  47. Natalie says:

    Kristen, I agree. It seems that whenever you get too high a concentration of any one group, chaos ensues. It’s mass hysteria. My God is better than your God.

    JD, no one is buying your “I’m not a Mormon” speech. And I didn’t say Hinckley didn’t do good things. He did some bad things, too. THOSE get whitewashed and hidden. But this is not the time OR the place to bring those out. And YOU people are the ones who are forcing the issue.


  48. Renee says:

    Yeah, Kristen, the Church coming out against having Bacardi Breezes in stores isn’t trying to control anything. ???

    Again, my condolences to Mr. Hinckley’s friends and family. I have watched some TV of his talks and he seemed like a lovely and faithful man.


  49. azteclady says:

    Natalie, I’ve said it before, if anyone is a SAINT, is you. If this were my blog, I would have closed the comment thread. I mean, it was a bit too naive to expect most mormons to appreciate sincere condolences when they can spew, wasn’t it?

    And I did say, please notice, MOST, because mormons are people, and I’m sure there are good people who just happen to be mormons, who may take the time to read and understand before spewing.

    But sadly, I only count one in this entire thread.


  50. truth teller says:

    I am a former mormon,and I am hear to tell you that Gordon was a false prophet and that when Jesus Christ walked this earth he did more for us and the people,than Gordon could or ever have done,so please stop ganging up on natalie,for telling the truth,and I am sorry to hear of his passing,but now here comes the judgement,because the holy bible tells us to prepare to meet the lord our God Amos 4-12 I love you all a christian brother. p.s. gordon was not a prophet like abraham and jacob,gordon was a false prophet,just like joseph smith was a false prophet,because you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.


  51. Natalie says:

    Yes, there are a few, azteclady. And probably about 4000 more (in just the past two hours) who aren’t commenting. Because my blog is getting hit BIG TIME.


  52. Bonnie says:

    When John Paul II died, I felt sad. I am sure Mormons will feel sad about the passing of their leader.

    I was a member of the Mormon cult for a while, and left. I think the LDS people are just like folks everywhere. Some good, some bad. The church itself it a cult in my opinion.

    All that said, I am sure LDS folks will feel sadness at Hinckley’s death.


  53. Renee says:

    No azteclady – you have supporters. 🙂


  54. Heathcliff Rand says:

    Gaby’s comment is the most telling. “Do you know what that means?” He may have been a prophet to you, but to many he is just a nice old man, to many he’s the leader of a bizarre cult, but in the end Natalie was expressing sorrow for his family. Just because you think he’s a prophet doesn’t mean the rest of the world is required to do so.


  55. Renee says:

    I meant that your comments did. Sheesh, learn to type.

    Natalie, I thought your comments were great.


  56. Elder George Carlin says:

    To all of you Mormons who decide to trash somebody’s blog, because you don’t like another’s opinion:
    Go Fuck Yourselves! This is America.

    Natalie was very cordial and offered condolences. Boo hoo.


  57. Heathcliff Rand says:



  58. azteclady says:

    Thank you, Renee 😉

    On topic:

    To recap: an elderly leader of a church that Natalie doesn’t belong to is dead. She expresses her condolences *even though* she’s not a fan either of him as a leader or of said church. As a result, a mob of … ah… well, a mob descends to HER blog to lynch her for it?

    Perhaps I’m really dense, because I still don’t get it. What’s Christian about such behaviour, I wonder?

    (Not that I would know Christian sentiment from anything else, of course, since I’m only a recovering Catholic–my motives and feelings must be bitter and suspect as much as Natalie’s correct?)


  59. Sideon says:

    I had a very nice comment all typed up, but then I backspaced and lost it – grrr and double grrr. So, from memory…

    Hiya, Natalie. My condolences to the GBH family. It’s disappointing that the Morgbots couldn’t read your comment at face value and felt obligated to pull the eternal martyrdom card – it gets annoying, especially when you can call a still-Mormon family member and get that tone for any perceived slight. I think the biggest gift of Mormonism is being able to see passive-aggressive behavior from a thousand miles away. But I digress!…

    I came by for a reason, since I’ve been out of the Mo-Mo loop for so long (please – don’t say anything about “Fruit Loop”, even though I WOULD crack up if you did). I have a very serious question:

    Is Mitt Romney in line for the LDS Presidency, or does he have to wait to throw his hat in the ring after he starts crashing on Super Duper Tuesday? Inquiring minds wanna know!


  60. Heathcliff Rand says:

    If he gets the Republican nomination – then for sure. Mormons to save the Constitution! Wow – I think I just threw up in my mouth.


  61. it's true says:

    I feel that it is a sad day when “upstanding Mormons” are attacking this lady for respectfully saying what she believes while sincerely offering her condolences. Sad day, indeed.


  62. Natalie says:

    Okay, my daughters just got a forward telling them to wear CHURCH CLOTHES in honor of President Hinckley’s passing. Yet another way to tell the Mormons from the non-Mormons at A PUBLIC SCHOOL.

    Sideon, hmm…. When he DOESN’T win the Republican nomination, which he will not win, I can see him being appointed to the HIERARCHIES of Mormonism. Should be interesting. Would he take it? I don’t know. Would any believing Mormon TURN IT DOWN?


  63. misunderstud says:

    as a european it is truly amazing to me that people here in the states (the most “advanced”civilization in the world? ahemmm ) actually consider
    fashioning their life styles after a religion (not just mormonism) – and that in all earnesty !!!!!!!!….
    having read some comments by all those wannabe “christians” makes me wonder what they are going to church for ?
    the author made a sincere reference to the passing of gbh. and yet, she gets blasted for it……what the hell? (oops, can i say that on here?)
    repent ye, repent ye and give it up, the celestial kingdom is not for you…………LOL…..


  64. Natalie says:

    It’s true? Thank you. If I read your moniker right, you believe it’s true. That’s cool. I respect your right, and appreciate your respect of mine.


  65. Renee says:

    Wow. Natalie, separation of church and state? ACK!


  66. it's true says:

    actually, i am officially a member, and i still go to church every sunday. however, i have been frequenting the rfm forum for a year now and i do not believe (haha, “know”) that the church is true. i just like the truth is all, and unfortunately there’s not much of that in the lds church.


  67. James says:

    It is a shame that the faithful members of the church would choose to turn what appears to me, who considers himself to be a faithful member of the LDS church, a sincere message by Natalie. While I myself do not agree with everything written on this blog I can say it has helped me gain perspective on where some folks are coming from that choose not to be members of the church. For me it is more about accepting people for who they are which I believe is something that President Hinckley himself taught on more than one occasion.


  68. Brian says:

    I pray for people like you every day. You are my wayward sister and I still love you. This is not to be funny. I really am serious


  69. Dave says:


    You were more than diplomatic in your article. I find it incredible that mormons brag about all the good things they do and the bad things they shun. Their sacrosact , holier than thou attitudes make me want to wretch.

    The claim that you haven’t done your research is laughable. Most LDS members have no clue about the sordid past of it’s leaders. What is even more laughable is one doesn’t have to read some anti book to find the stuff–it’s all in church history and pretty easily accessible. However, the members are told not to read such stuff ’cause it is the first step to apostasy to question. To be accused of apostasy or being on that path is highly TABOO. Many are too spineless to venture.

    GBH does not have his faults washed away just because he passed on. The things he did will be even more scrutinized now that he is gone. Lying, obfuscating, pretending to uninformed, is no excuse for one who claimed to be the mouthpiece for God.

    Yes, he did do some good things and at least he wasn’t anything close to the murderous SOB Brigham Young was. Don’t believe it….read Journal of Discourses Vol. 10 p. 110 and then continue your research if you dare. Your mouth will gape open with incredulity.


  70. Heathcliff Rand says:

    James – I don’t know which Gordon Hinckley you’ve heard, but I remember him for the opposite. I remember has harsh, inflexible, with an incredible ability to make you feel like you didn’t belong. What surprises me is that so many people are heralding him as perfect, when the guy was human in the end and had a lot of flaws just like anyone else – at best.


  71. Natalie says:

    AWWW, Brian, I love you TOOO man. Have you been DIPPING in the root beer this evening? Has it ever occurred to you that I think YOU are the wayward one? What a concept. But it was a nice, but extremely condescending, comment.


  72. Natalie says:

    Do you think we can hit 100 comments by midnight? Let’s try….


  73. Natalie says:

    Excellent points, Dave. None of which will sink in with ANY active Mormon…..


  74. JD says:

    I would like to hear the things that you believe Gordon B. Hinckley did, that got ‘whitewashed and hidden’? I am not saying he was a PERFECT human being, none of us are. But he did not fall very short of that.

    You believe what you want, but I am not a member of the church. I know many who are, and know what they believe. I ALSO know that there are people who tell horror stories proclaiming to be a “member” belonging to the mormon church, when actually they are not are involved with some form of branch spun from the actual latter day saints. People have taken the church, and gone on to make their own ‘version’ of the what they think the book of mormon is really all about.

    I can understand how some of your readers believe you should get some sort of pat on the back for being so “cordial”. The fact that you did not speak ill of him the moment you heard of him passing (and noting that of yourself several times), while also referring to the fact that you could have said all of the things that are ‘whitewashed and hidden’?

    This whole site is set on posting either true or untrue stories about the mormon church. But only to show the bad and not the good, which there is so much of.


  75. Natalie says:

    Nope, JD, you called it on, now YOU back it up. Show me the untrue stories. And I WILL not write about President Hinckley’s foibles on the day of his passing.

    And quit lying. No one is falling for it. This WHOLE site is set on blogging my experience as an Ain’t in the Land of Saints. The only people who don’t see that are people like you. I have defended Mormons more than once on this blog, and will continue to do so whenever it is necessary.

    Now back it up. What untrue comments do you see?


  76. Renee says:

    You aren’t following Natalie’s site very closely, then, JD.

    But, I can tell you with a certainty that stuff goes on. It goes on everywhere, I suspect, with every religion. Including my own, much as I wish that weren’t so. I say this though, people need to stop forcing their beliefs onto others. Period.


  77. Mz NC,

    all you did was express condolences, as any normal person would do and you get flamed.

    TBM’s are so touchy about their precious religion and all their coddled, leaders living in the lap of luxery whom they worship and praise,

    It is true that the church is Exclusionary, and not only that, it’s down right bigoted.
    and as “laughable” as one post here says regarding-something else…- It all truly is Nothing to laugh at. But instead to fight, to monitor, to keep in check and if possible, to eradicate from among us,

    As for me, I have nothing good to say about an Cult, especially of even it’s leadership-one of which passed away.


    samuel l flyinghorse
    4/4 Hunkpapa Lakota, South Dakota

    lds placement program student, RM from CanadaVancouver BritishColumbia,
    and now living in Anchorage, Alaska


  78. Natalie says:

    Hey Samuel, thanks for visiting! Wow, a member of the “Look, you’re getting whiter!” experiment, huh? One of the most embarrassing events in Mormon history, in my opinion. And one of the most racist. I find it interesting that very few “Lamanites” retained or even accepted Mormon beliefs. Can’t say I blame them.


  79. Don says:

    Wow! Hey, Natalie, seems that no good deed ever truly does go unpunished. You were much, much nicer to old Gordo than I would ever have been. I was especially amused by the poster who challenged you to name someone who’s done more for humanity. I’m up to a hundred people and still counting. I too feel bad for his family, especially now that they’ve lost access to Huntsman’s corporate jet and all the other perks of being related to the Big Cheese of Mormondom. It’s too bad that all of the responses posted here can’t find their way into some more mainstream media so that the true colors of Mormonism can shine as they really are rather than as Church PR dictates that they be.


  80. JD says:

    I didn’t have to go and look very hard to find that you post false accusations about the LDS church. In the Archives, under January 2008 there is a story told of a woman held at gun point in front of her ward”house”? She wrote:

    “My neighbors and my ecclesiastical leader returned calls to me during a recent vacation and told me that my husband’s mistress was sleeping over at our house, parking her car outside and neither of them making an effort to hide it,” stated court documents filed in 4th District Court.

    Her “ecclesiastical” leader? Excuse me? Im pretty sure there is no position, such as this in the mormon church. Im sure if I looked hard enough, I could find some branch off the church that has made this a position in their religion they claim to be “mormonism”.

    But never the less Natalie, you must have read that story, and ran with it. Not checking to see if this woman was an ACTUAL member of the church, or for that matter active?

    Then post following was about BYU students, who are members of Golds gym. You were making fun of them? Making fun of men who find it disgusting to see the things that most consider “normal”. Its only normal in our society, because it has become so. They want to make sure that they don’t become accustom to what’s “normal”, just because it is so. Although it does seem weird that these are college boys, “running” out of the gym to not see “pornographic” images. Why take the things they have written (and not to your site) and post them for discussion.

    After reading only the last 3 post, I really don’t think I have to read your whole website to understand what’s been going on here. I have never seen, heard, anything of this site until today. Probably because of the fact it isn’t correct, and people that belong to the mormon church or not must see that.


  81. Don says:

    JD, do you know what “ecclesiastical” means? Dude, get a dictionary, and then please go to Gold’s gym, check out the ladies, and try to live a normal life and stop trying to fool people into believing you’re not LDS. Your garment lines are showing.


  82. A Natalie supporter says:

    Do people not know how to read? Where in the world are you mocking GBH’s death? Lord. These ignorant people need to get a life. Sorry about all the hatred being flung your way tonight. My condolences to you!


  83. aea says:

    wow – based on all these comments who knew mormons were such an angry and bitter lot!! Makes me think twice about Romney. That may be a very scary thing to have a mormon as president when this is what they are all about…


  84. Crystal says:

    It’s so sad to read the unChristian comments by Mormons to your sincere condolences.

    They seem to have expected the entire world to lay flowers at the feet of Gordon B. Hinckley and declare him a prophet when he died. Anything else offends them.

    How can a group of people be so isolated in their beliefs and thinking that they cannot even see that there IS an “outside of the box” that they live in?


  85. Natalie says:

    JD, boy you aren’t very bright. That’s a QUOTE from a newspaper! Not me. Sheesh. You are making yourself look silly. She IS and WAS a Mormon, and this has been validated. Good try. But a quote from another source is a QUOTE. She was HEADED back into the CHURCH when her husband SHOT her. In the LDS CHURCH PARKING LOT.

    Her family Web site, and all news accounts, including her obituary. ACCOUNTED for her being an active Mormon.

    I’d say “good try,” but it isn’t even close. Pathetic.

    And YOU? You lied. You said you weren’t Mormon. Uh huh. Isn’t lying a sin?


  86. esteban says:

    Hang in there, Natalie. The freakish mo’s will leave soon enough. This always happens when Mormons are faced with a crisis, they *must* go on the attack, lash out to make themselves feel better. I wonder how many people died today? I wonder if any of them have done as much damage as Hinckley has done with his life? I doubt not one of them. No worries, Natalie. You are supported by many people who enjoy reading your words. Take care.



  87. JD says:

    Well I don’t usually check out ladies, but none the less I live a far more than “normal” life as you call it.

    It must be hard to believe, that someone who is not a member of the church isn’t jumping on the ban wagon and bashing them.

    There are things that the church believes in, that obviously I do not agree with. Otherwise of course, I would be a member.


  88. Natalie says:

    Thanks to all who have weighed in with the realization my condolences were sincere. And a little advice for JD, who has a leeettle problem with the truth he needs to go talk to his bishop about…. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Sheesh. I expected something valid, at least.

    The real truth is, I DON’T LIE about the Mormons. I don’t have to.


  89. they will never guess i posoned his geritol. I WILL RULE THE WORLD FOR A THOUSAND YEARS!!! If you need me i’ll be in the bathroom with my new hustler magazine!!Overtime at the factory!!!


  90. David says:

    Natalie, thanks for your kind remarks. Obviously the old adage still applies: No good deed goes unpunished. My condolences to his lovely family but not to half the riff raff posting here.


  91. S.L. Richards says:

    Sorry, but I have no sorrow about one less fraudulent mormon leader on the planet who lived by perpetuating and protecting the lie and treasons of Joseph Smith. Rot in Hell. Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish. And I’m not about to coddle his family out of respect to the countless other families he has destroyed for power and profit. They need to wake up and smell the BS.


  92. JD says:

    Well I don’t usually check out ladies, but none the less I live a far more than “normal” life as you call it.

    It must be hard to believe, that someone who is not a member of the church isn’t jumping on the ban wagon and bashing them.

    About the lady who was shot. Do you know how many branches of the mormon church there are? Do you know that not all of these, wards, bishops, etc are part of the ACTUAL LDS church? Probably not.

    The “research” on these stories you post, is probably as good as the research you did on me before you started accusing MYSELF of being mormon.

    What a joke. This whole site.


  93. Natalie says:

    JD, “branches” of the LDS Church are still part of the mainstream LDS Church, and Kristy Ragsdale was an ACTIVE MEMBER of the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS.

    I can hardly research YOU, JD. After all, you aren’t even being honest about who you really are.


  94. Natalie says:

    Oh, and if it’s SUCH a joke, why on earth do you keep coming back?


  95. Dave says:


    You sound more ridiculous every time you post. If I were you I’d quietly go away. You aren’t doing yourself any favors.

    I am embarrassed for you.


  96. Natalie says:

    Well, we were just three comments short of 100, and it’s now 12:01. Pretty interesting. Two, I guess, since I just commented!


  97. President Pompous S Monson says:

    Is it just me, or do mormons here look to be the dumbest people in the room? Unbelievable!!

    You people go around looking for things to be offended at like spandex at Gold’s Gym. Ohhhhh, the horror!!!!


  98. Natalie says:

    I would like to thank SP for his/her sincere apology. Again, THIS is my sincere thanks. Since so many of you DOUBT me….. Who knew posting condolences would result in something tantamount to cyber head-bashing.

    # SP Says:

    January 27th, 2008 at 10:23 pm e

    I went away for a while. Calmed down. Now I feel bad. Sorry to overreact. Everyone has their freedom of speech. Hope you have a good life.


  99. Just Little Ol' Me says:

    T. Woolstenhulme wrote:
    In behalf of many people who have a sincere and deep heart-felt appreciation for the good that Gordon B, Hinckley has done for this world and the people therein, I offer this challenge to those who read this….Find another man who has done as much good for the world as Gordon Hinckley has done throughout his life. Find a man who has been an example not only in words but also in works as to how we should be to ourselves, our neighbor, our enemies, and most of all…to our god! He was and continues to be an EXCELLENT example to us all, through his teachings! He was not perfect, but did show us how to treat others and try to become perfect! May he be found in God’s presence with his wonderful wife in peace and happiness!!

    I HAVE AN ANSWER FOR YOUR CHALLENGE! JESUS CHRIST! Oh, but the Mormons don’t follow HIM … they follow the prophet!


  100. S.L. Richards says:

    Hell, Ronald Reagan was a better person and did more in his life than Gordon Hinkley. Hell, add Bono to that list as well. Hell, Gene Simmons is a better person than Gordon Hinkley!

    I could go on and on all night.


  101. George W says:

    It’s so illuminating to get behind the P.R. and see the way the Mormons operate. Behind the gloss and sheen they’re just another bizarre sect. These people who are cursing you on your blog are exactly the same types of people that made up Aum Shinrikyo…just without the sarin to kill you with. Weird, and scary!

    My sympathies go out to the family of the guru, and all the poor, deluded cult members who march in lockstep behind him.


  102. antishock8 says:

    This man perpetuated a deeply misogynisitc and bigoted lie. He is no better than a businessman protecting a corporate asset. His “good works” destroyed countless mixed faith families, turned parents against children, siblings against siblings, and friends against friends. This fraud may have had a kindly facade in the face of an old man, but make no mistake, he was a deliberate con artist. He knew he wasn’t a prophet. He knew the church was bullshit. And he still went ahead with the charade. What a crock of shit. And to the believers who come here: Wake up idiots. Your church is a ridiculous fantasy created by a gold digging, peep stone peeping, other man’s wife sexing, con artist. That’s the truth. Deal with it.


  103. Ergh says:

    Why all the bashing of the author? This post wasn’t inflammatory. You may not agree with the content of their site on a whole, but at least it’s claims are verifiable through the reading of historic accounts and scientific method.


  104. Jameson says:

    What is with the number of posts here stating “I am not Mormon but”… followed by a canned defense, attack, and testimony?

    These people are obviously church members. Whatever happened to honesty?


  105. summer says:

    I want to thank Natalie for her willingness to write the truth about Mormonism.
    Judging from a lot of these comments I can see she is very brave.

    I am not Mormon, but I do know now know I don’t want one in the White House.

    From these comments it is clear that all the ‘niceness’ and ‘good people’ reputation that Mormons try so hard to maintain, is an act.

    They are quite vile sometimes.


  106. Robert says:

    Hi Natalie,

    Thank you for your post – I think it was sincere and well written.

    Gordon B. Hinckley means many things to many people. For those of us who left the church (for whatever reason) he may not be as perfect as those who believe in the LDS worldview. That said, he was a man who had family, friends and normal relations, who meant a lot to many millions of people and it is only fitting to honour that memory.

    The fact that those who claim to love the man so closely are incapable of practising the same restraint and respect that he was so well known for is tragic.

    You do not deserve the nastiness that has come your way today and I do hope that when those responsible have had time to calm down and thing about things that they will feel shame for what they wrote and realise the very un-Christian behaviour that they are guilty of…


  107. Marie says:

    I have been going through the lessons to see if I want to join and was looking at different websites regarding the church. I see here someone who used to believe offered her sincere condolences and people of the Church are attacking her. Maybe I dont know as much as I thought I knew about these “nice people” who I worship with every Sunday. Wow, what an eye opener!!!


  108. charles, buddhist punk says:

    Noo! Don’t let the Mormons leave! Puhleaase let them post some more comments, pretty please? I need a good laugh now and then.

    That being said, you are a beautiful soul, Natalie, for showing restraint and class in your post. Pity the Mormans couldn’t see if for what it was. Geez some guy’s challenge to “show another man who has done more for others”… forgot their Lawd N Savior Jeesus Christ. And isn’t taking offense where none is given also a sin? It’s in the D&C, Mormons. Read.

    None of them could show where the errors or lies are in your blog. Not one of them. And this dude was incredulous about the shooting in a meeting house parking lot? What, he never reads the SL Tribune? Mary, Joseph and all the saints, I live in Asia and I’ve heard of this news!

    Oh, and since this is your blog, not mine, i have no obligation to restrain myself about saying things against GBH. Mormons have already forgotten 2 things abt. him:

    1. Mark Hoffman – look it up people, this dude duped the church, GBH included. Hell, he was at the forefront of this “find”, wanting first dibs at credit. Then he was suddenly unavailable and left Dallin Oaks to face the critics. Neither First Presidency nor GA’s could count on Christ for discernment on that one. AND two people died in a bomb blast because of money being exchanged for forged historical church documents that woulda exposed your sorry cult.

    2. “I don’t know that we teach that” – when your prophet lies about a basic tenet of your doctrine (men can become gods) on national TV, you are in deep, deep doo-doo. Zero cred for you and your missionaries. And please, enuff of the milk before meat stuff, the whole world knows you teach this!


  109. Lincoln says:

    Hinckley will be immortalized by the image of the many times he said “I don’t know” in response to tough doctrinal questions. Why didn’t he just go pray for the answer if he didn’t know? A guy trying to lead a church who claims to “not know” the doctrine has no business leading any organization. He was a figurehead. And now he is gone. Another figurehead with replace him. Life goes on.


  110. Galatian says:

    There’s nothing rude about this post, you were simply making factual remarks about Hinckley’s passing and your opinions. Just because you did not believe he was a Prophet of God or disagreed with his past actions or teachings, does not mean you should be subjected to this barrage of harrassment and rudeness.

    If Hinckley died only yesterday and they are all faithful Mormons – why are they on this blog site anyway? Ridiculous to get mad about it …

    If this exact same post (wording and all) were about the recently passed Pope, or the just-passed leader of the Greek Orthodox Church … no Mormon would care or think it’s rude.

    On my post I was not nearly as PC as you, and in fact pointed out many things about Hinckley Mormons might find offensive, but true nonetheless … should they choose to get angry and attack me, it won’t change the facts.


  111. Erin says:

    Wow! I can’t believe all of the hatred posted here by faithful Mormons! I have a friend at work who is Mormon and she said she wasn’t really all that surpised at his death. She said the last time she heard him speak it seemed as if he was saying good bye. I wonder what the next “prophet’s” regime will hold for Mormondom.


  112. Grammar G says:

    Thanks for your post.
    Best wishes to GBH family and faithful members.


  113. qantog says:

    Boy Natalie. You sure called the Mormons on this one. By their venom shall ye know them. Gordon B. Hinckley had a good run. A lot longer than most. In that run he transformed Mormonism through correlation from the loving, user friendly religion it once was into the cold-hearted, money grubbing whore it is today. While other religions send relief to the destitute in Darfur, the Mormon Church is busy building luxury condominiums on the North Shore in Hawaii and a $2 Billion dollar shopping mall in Salt Lake City. This “Money before Morality” pathos will be Hinckley’s lasting legacy. From his shenanigans with Mark Hoffman to his public denials of Church Doctrine, Hinckley proved himself a moral bankrupt. And now the Mormons can’t wait to vaunt their slobbering adulation his way. We should not be surprised. They honor child molesting con-artist Joseph Smith the same way. Hinckley presided over what has become a major decline in the religion. 4th, 5th, and 6th generation Mormons are leaving in droves, sickened by the dishonesty and hypocrisy. Hickley did have one redeeming feature. At least he’s not Boyd K. Packer


  114. T.B. says:

    Wow! There are some pissed off Momos out there. Please relax . . . have a cup of coffee and settle down. Good job, Natalie on expressing a real feeling.

    BTW, a prophet of what? God?! No such thing, kiddos. Darwin rules!


  115. Cele says:

    Wow, I am astounded. The venimous outrage at an offense, where no offense was given, offered, or even hinted at.

    Natalie, thank you for the laughs that I found this morning at your expense. My dear friend I know better than most that posted their venom here. You meant no offense, you offered sincere condolence.

    To those who are offended, who are you to be offended? Reallly who are you? An ignorant, chip on the shoulder jerk who strikes out blindly, with out substance, throwing tanturms as if a two year old. Get over yourself. Natalie has no beef with you unless you are a member of the 19th century good boys club, who can’t think for yourself. She (and many) has a problem with Mormonism, not Mormons themselves. GET OVER IT and live your life with the word of Christ in your mouth and heart, instead of the stones of hate in your hands.

    To the gentleman who said “I offer this challenge to those who read this….Find another man who has done as much good for the world as Gordon Hinckley has done throughout his life. ”

    You’re joking, right. Name one man? I can name a list of both men and women. But let’s start with the first one that should come long before the one you named.

    Jesus Christ – he never seems to come first in this religion of Joseph Smith.

    How about
    Martin Luther King Jr
    Mother Theresa
    Mohandas Gandhi
    Anwar Sedat
    All were human, all had their weaknesses, the wrongs they committed, but the also found a point in their lives where they committed themselves to the bigger good and service of mankind. Some became bigger in their gifts to mankind after their passing.

    To Mr. Hickley’s family I do offer my sincere condolence. He was a man who loved, was loved, and will be long missed by those whose hearts he held. He was a family man, a religious leader, and a friend to many. To these people I offer my condolence.


  116. T.B. says:

    Can you please remove the post from JOO where he used the “n” word?
    No need to promote his bigoted site on your blog. It’s 2008 people – c’mon.


  117. Will says:

    Ok this is what we would call an “Epic Thread” so i have to post… So many people with so much anger, talking trash on this site (i love this site its my mid morning coffee break read). Seriously did you not read that your post will show your true colors 😦 Many of you think you come off righteous and more Holy then art thou but you just come off sad and dissapointing. When your calling someone a bigot or saying their OPINION is wrong how do you think that makes you come off LOL… oh well eh? I am sure no one will lose sleep over it =D

    aside from that…. RIP


  118. Natalie says:

    My one act of censorship–deleting the offensive N word post. How stupid.


  119. Erin says:

    Cele, I also thought of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mother Theresa right off the bat.


  120. azteclady says:

    Oh I can think of tons and tons of people who have done a helluva lot of good during their lifetimes–and I can think of plenty who did not wrong others on top. Perhaps they were not well known church leaders, but boy, were they good people!


  121. Tracy says:

    His Jesus Jammies didn’t save him? I’m shocked I tell ya, shocked.

    As for anyone who had done better then Hinkley, well, were do I start…Jesus, John Wesley, Martin Luther, Jonas Salk, My 12th grade English teacher Mrs. Henderson, Spongbob, any child who rode the short bus, Eli Whitley, anyone who’s worked the sewers, Mrs. Hinkley having to put up with him…I could go on and on and on and on and on…forever.

    I guess your wondering why the sharp words…because Sun Tzu once said, “If your opponent is quick to anger, seek to irritate him” so I am.


  122. Tracy says:

    One more thing, in Luke 4:24 Jesus said “A Prophet is never accepted in his own country.”

    Since Hinckley was considered a Prophet, and had wide acclaim in Utah, makes me wonder if he was true?



  123. Why is everyone freaking out so much? I know that in the past Natalie has expressed objections to some of Mr. Hinckley’s actions, but this particular post was sincere and heartfelt. I actually admire her for showing respect at his passing. As a non-Mormon, I am surprised at the vehemence and personal attacks coming from so many commenters. There’s something wrong if you’re THAT offended.


  124. rainey says:

    I knew GBH was the First President of the LDS but I can’t say I, as non-Mormon, knew of a single “good” or “great” thing he did.

    I know he was a General Authority when the LDS marshalled armies of people to stop the Equal Rights Amendment and roll it back in states where it had been ratified. I know he helped ensure that 50% of the US population would “enjoy” the same second-class citizenship they do within the LDS.

    That’s what I will always remember about him and, I suppose, the next several members of his caste who assume the First Presidency. And that belief that women should be deliberately denied equal rights and that ruling comes from within a power caste are why I will work to see that no LDS member is ever elected to an office in a local district, state or country in which I am eligible to vote.


  125. smachee says:

    As I was searching the internet for news about my beloved leader this was the second site to come up. I have quietly observed the disrespect coming from both sides of this…and it makes me wonder why there is so much hatred. Can’t we all just get along? I know it is soooo cliche but seriously…can’t we?

    Natalie – I respect the right you have to your opinion and beliefs and hope the same is recipricated. I accept your condolences. I wish you well. Your experiences living as a non-mormon in a mormon community are not so dissimilar from mine growing up a non-catholic in a catholic community. For heavens sake – I thought a girl should be able to get a pepperoni pizza on a friday in a public school wether or not it was lent! And I jest here, but seriously…isn’t it really just about our level of tolerance.


  126. smachee says:

    As I was searching the internet for news about my beloved leader this was the second site to come up. I have quietly observed the disrespect coming from both sides of this…and it makes me wonder why there is so much hatred. Can’t we all just get along? I know it is soooo cliche but seriously…can’t we?

    Natalie – I respect the right you have to your opinion and beliefs and hope the same is reciprocated. I accept your condolences. I wish you well. Your experiences living as a non-mormon in a mormon community are not so dissimilar from mine growing up a non-catholic in a catholic community. For heavens sake – I thought a girl should be able to get a pepperoni pizza on a friday in a public school wether or not it was lent! And I jest here, but seriously…isn’t it really just about our level of tolerance.


  127. Dave says:


    Yeah right, the majority of mormons in UT accept him as a prophet. His own people do. That is where he grew up.

    It’s those who don’t believe in the scam called mormonism who don’t believe he was a prophet. Nice try though.


  128. Dave says:


    Sorry, I didn’t read you post above. I didn’t realize your sarcasm. I


  129. Hulk Hogan says:

    In all honesty, during this thread, Natalie’s comments not included as she doesn’t for once seem to be on the attack, some of the nastier and more sarcastic comments I noticed were attacks on the LDS church members and Gordon B Hinckley. As for your update to this post and your comments throughout, I know you’re trying to make yourself sound like a victim and everything, but I have a hard time respecting someone with enough time on their hands to put together a website aimed at bringing down a religious group. I’m confused as to how mormon beliefs have ever hurt any of these anti-mormons or yourself. I’d be interested to hear from some of these mormon haters what it was the mormons did to them to make things that personal.


  130. azteclady says:

    Hulk, learn to read.

    The blog–which is not a website, by they way–is NOT designed to bring anyone/anything down.

    Besides, if that WERE Natalie’s intention, all she’d have to do is let you guys come out of the woodwork with your grandiose accusations and condescending statements.


  131. Hulk Hogan says:

    Oh, I’m sorry… this is a “blog” (not a site on the web). My apologies. Maybe you can clear things up then for your mormon visitors. If this “blog” isn’t to tear down a religious group, what is it?


  132. Tracy says:


    I was being snarky, although I do wonder why there isn’t more about him on the news. I mean he was the mormon prophet. Shouldn’t there be weaping and nashing of teeth?

    Still waiting for mistake prone Alicia to answer azteclady’s question. (tick, tock…)


  133. Tracy says:

    “If this “blog” isn’t to tear down a religious group, what is it?”

    Hulk sweetie,

    It’s Natalie’s personal experiences growing up Mormon, and why they will not take her name off the rolls. Search for her countless post about it.

    She has stated on many occasions that she would leave them alone when they let go of her, until then she will blog.


  134. Kita Kazoo says:

    You are a lot nicer person than I am… I don’t know how you do it!


  135. Hulk Hogan says:

    Interesting, yet I can’t see that as a reason for all of this. I’m sure there’s more to it… Anyhow, despite everything, I’m not a permanent resident here, and I hold no ill feelings. Wish you all well in your future sarcastic comments and verbal bashing. Maybe some day we’ll all feel better about ourselves and stop tearing each other down (myself included, as I tend to criticize as much as every other visitor to this site).


  136. Kitty says:

    Natalie, as someone who appreciates your site and considers it partially responsible for my sanity, I am here to give you a great big group hug.
    When I heard that GBH died, your site was the first place I wanted to go to. True believing Mormons have no idea of the pain that is involved when one finds out the church is based on lies, half truths and a perverted prophet who started the whole thing. As a member for 51 years, I quit because of the lies, not because I could not live it.
    One of my favorite quotes of late is “It is easier to see the truth when you stop assuming you have it.” Hang in there. Those who really know your site, know what you stand for.


  137. azteclady says:

    “It is easier to see the truth when you stop assuming you have it.” Kitty, that’s a great quote!

    Hulk, that’s the “learn to read” part of my comment–as Tracy said, Natalie has explained, and explained, and explained, AND explained, why the blog is named “Trapped by the Mormons.”

    Contrary to the belief of those who can’t read but feel free to spew without any solid knowledge, Natalie knows whereof she speaks whenever she talks aspects of life in mormonland Utah, and of mormon doctrine.

    Also, rubbing against the grain of mormon indoctrination, Natalie is not proselytizing–neither against the mormon church, nor for the (non-exitant) church of Natalie. She’s sharing her views of the world with whomever cares to read.

    Those who don’t care for her point of view–or who plainly can’t read–are perfectly free to go elsewhere. If they insist on staying, they should be prepared to either behave reasonably, or take back whatever they dish out.


  138. Erin says:

    Kitty, I felt the same way – this was my first stop after I heard of GBH’s death. Well, second. First I offered condolences to my mormon friend at work. I’m a nevermo, but I’ve always been interested in the teachings of the LDS church and other so-called “cults”. I’ve often wondered how they gain converts and how otherwise intelligent people are taken in by their rhetoric and outright lies.


  139. Renee says:

    By the way Natalie, you can put the “we” back in if you want to your post as far as I’m concerned. I am definitely a Trappee and your blog also helps to keep me sane as well as remember there are a lot of wonderful people in Utah despite some of the drawbacks. And yes, I do mean LDS as well as non-LDS.


  140. tex841 says:

    I looove reading your posts, Natelie, almost as much as I enjoy reading the dippy comments many readers make in response to you. I accidentally moved to the “suburbs” of the Mormon heartland..Idaho…I had no idea what Mormonism is or was…No body in the South is Mormon…except for seeing the boys on bikes tooling about occassionally on the streets of Austin.

    I get a real kick out of the self rightousness and the constant clinging to the conviction that “our values are better than your values”. Comments such as, “Family is itmportant” are made without thought to the real, transparent thoughts behind them. Tanslation: I view family as important. You with your job and your one child clearly are a Woman who does not! How ungodly of you to only have the children you can afford….OR WANT.”

    Rather than get offended, I try not to laugh! Isn’t that the kinder thing to do?

    I love to laugh…so many values laden Mormon (not exclusively a Mormon trait, however) who assist me by their behavior…thank you one and all for the joy and pleasure your self-rightousness brings me. God forgive me. I will try to stop laughing. It is unkind.


  141. Skeptical says:

    Wow, the Mormon faithful have shown their true colors here in this post. I can find nothing wrong with what Natalie wrote. This wasn’t an attack on Hinckley, this was a sincere offering of condolences and friendship.

    It is sad that so many Mormons came after this website.

    Well written Natalie. It was kind and heartfelt.


  142. azteclady says:

    text841, thank you. You are an inspiration to me! Laughter vs indignation? You are so right, laughter should win every time!


  143. Natalie, kudos to you for your post. Thank you for choosing to straighten your shoulders and say what needs to be said regardless of the firestorm that follows.


  144. President Pompous S Monson says:

    Hey mormons, if you want to find something to be pissed about, here it is:

    A Tribute to President Hinckley


  145. Antonio Carlos Jobim says:


    As a Brazilian never-mormon, I can distance myself enough from this “holy war” to agree that your comments were truthful and respectful. No harm done.

    I’m not affiliated to any organized religions, although I consider myself a Spiritist at heart. As such, I don’t recognize any religious authorities, but I do respect the sincere followers of other religions and their leaders. I think it is the only way we can coexist in peace in this world. We are here to live and learn, and we need each other.

    When we take the vastness of the universe into perspective, with all its misteries, all we really have in the end IS each other. Peace to all.

    Tom Jobim


  146. Dan says:

    Great site I have one like it on myspace.
    I spent a great time on AOL yesterday reading some of the blogs. There was this person that kept posting all these facts about the church. I mean an exmormon posting some hardcore facts and the Mormons were just freaking out becuase this person was really saying some great stuff. About the 380,000 Jewish victims of the Holocaust and how the mormons baptized them, and about Mormon views on blacks, and about Joe smith believing in men in the moon. I learned a great deal, but what is more, I read how angry the Mormons became when the truth was presented and I realized that these people have issues with the truth.
    Anyhow Thanks dragon for your great facts.
    I love this site!


  147. truth teller says:

    joseph smith is dead,gordon hinckley is dead,because joseph smith was a false prophet,who had 33 wives,and who married other men wives,joseph smith was also a false prophet who killed 2 men,right before he died in a gun fight,because joseph smith also had sex with 14 year old fanny alger,which was evil and nasty,joseph smith also was a false prophet who started polygamy,and who also translated the bom with a stone in a hat,because the bom have no authority or no integrity,so to sum it up another evil lds leader bites the dust.


  148. hiker says:

    Hi Natalie,
    I am flabbergasted. You offer your condolences for Gordon B Hinckley’s family and get hammered with hate mail. You page rocks. Remind me not to say something nice about Hinckley that might be construed as an attack. I am an ex Mormon but Hinckley seemed like a MUCH nicer man than the hate mongers commenting here. Hinckley was loved by many and lived a long life with many friends. I hope the same for myself. Don’t we all?


  149. There is nothing wrong with your post about Gordon Hinckley. The Mormons are being overly sensitive.


  150. Georgia says:

    I think you are EXTREMELY fair on this website, Natalie. I also think websites like this are very valuable. This is America and I love being able to say what I think, and read what I want. I happen to love it. You tell it like it is, and if some don’t agree, they can go to another site that agrees more with what they think. Thank GOD for freedom of speech and thought.


  151. truth teller says:

    We love you Natalie,keep up the brilliant work.


  152. Rob says:

    Well, this is entirely too nice. Being in Mormon Occupied Territory, and being driven away from the church by the people in it. Pope Hinckley garners no love from me. Rich White Guy != Prophet. Hinckey himself was a fine upstanding Mormon gentleman I am sure. But screw Pope Hinckley, and the draconian influence and power of his church in this region.


  153. Deseret Dawg says:

    Natalie – thank you for your expression of condolences over the death of Gordon Hinckley. Your disagreement with Mormonism doesn’t matter to me in this case.

    Hopefully, with the passage of time, you will eventually feel less “trapped”.


  154. Kelsi R says:

    Natalie-thank you for your condolences. while i disagree with you on some of your views of the mormons, i think you were more than fair considering your beliefs. to all those who are bashing the mormons out there, everyone is human and we all make mistakes! i agree that there are people who are mormon who are terrible people, but all religions and cultures have that. i hope everyone can learn to have a little more respect for other peoples feelings-all this fighting is really ridiculous. keep using your free speech! it’s what makes our country special!


  155. beau says:

    i have always found this type of talk hilarious. its quite simple in Bible terms. either you have Apostles and Prophets leading your Church or according to Ephesians, your Church is not the Church of God. Story over.


  156. azteclady says:

    Or you could take the New Testament instead of the Old Testament, and believe in the words of Jesus himself, instead of a sad, deluded, risible imitation.


  157. PMP says:

    Wow Natalie. You done gone and raised a big stink. 😉

    Virtual ((hugs)) coming your way.


  158. 6655321 says:

    Well, I didn’t read through all of the 150+ comments but I read enough to have a good chuckle over the apoplexy displayed by the TBM numskulls. The fact is Hinkley was just another con man a la Joseph Smith. I remember when he came to my mission in Ecuador. The Beloved “Prophet” was overheard by most of the missionaries there saying something to the effect of “wow, all of these missionaries and so few baptisms.” You see, he was all about getting more members who could make Mormon Inc. more money. He didn’t care that we the foot soldiers in his preposterous holy war for souls were VOLUNTEERING and thus should be given a little slack and maybe some praise. No no, the old man river was only concerned with the bottom line. That’s what these Mormon masochists don’t get. They see an old respectable-looking man and assume that he is what he purports to be. They get up in conference with there impeccable suits and stand at the soap box, oh I mean pulpit, assuring us with there soothing voices that everything is as they say it is and to think otherwise is unthinkable. Oh yeah they’ve got a real good thing going for themselves. TBMs just lap it up. I guess my point is that Hinkley’s death should be mourned no more than anybody else’s. Not more than my father’s and not more than a boy or girl in Iraq killed because another semi-respectable-looking man (Bush) used his bully-pulpit to get us into perpetual war (but that’s another topic.)


  159. fred says:

    I”M a Mormon to and i love it i was shocked when reading this i never knew he was suffering from cancer if you don’t mind list what kind and maybe try going to the chapel (church building) and go to sacrament


  160. TR says:

    GBH sat on the bank board of Zion’s bank and ordered the theft of my husband’s gold mine justified by the consecration of “everything” to the church (idolatry) rather than to the Lord. This has happened to MANY others – justified theft by the church leaders/banks/judges/lawyers. Gordon was NOT a good man behind the public relations facade of “All is Well in Zion.” Incidently this infamous quote by GBH in Gen. Conf. 1995 is warned about in the Book of Mormon regarding the Anti-Christ and the Great and Abominable Church (2Nephi). The BOM has been altered (2nd printing) but it still pegs the LDS church as the most corrupt church on the earth with Hnckley as the antichrist AND the polygamy is an abomination…


  161. MD says:

    Is it all about hatre this web site?! it is a pity there is so much intolerance and no much love on those comments. It is not defenatly not the message thatJesus Christ left us. shame on you…


  162. Natalie says:

    nope, shame on you, MD, for not reading and not comprehending. Nobody hates anybody here. You just figure whenever someone disagrees with you, that’s hate. It’s not.


  163. bigsmiles says:

    Google adds? powered by WordPress… hahahaaa

    Brothers and Sisters don’t waist your time. Its money and pride.


  164. Mark(Philippines) says:

    I just want to share my deep gratitude to our former President Gordon B. Hinckley, because I have read his life and his teachings, and indeed, he was a prophet of God. People who have small understanding may trample the words of the Lord’s servant, and still the truth will prevail. I remember the storied of those who actually turned their back to the church, and my question is “did you remember what happened to them?” I hope that you do, because they didn’t progress nor find out the true happiness. Where can you see a church that has the right authority to officiate in the Jesus Christ’s church. I know that the Lord restored his Church through the prophet Joseph Smith. I always feel that the church is true, because I observe the commandments, and the promises are true.


  165. Birdman says:

    Mark…wrong blog, dude lol


  166. Natalie says:

    Dear Mark,

    Glad you feel the church is true. I feel it is not. But hey, the “storied” you hear are just Mormon lore. You don’t suddenly become desperately unhappy and lonely when you figure out that Joseph Smith was just another con man. Sorry to burst your bubble.


  167. Mark Ryan G. Deiada. says:

    I’m also glad for the testimony I have, because it helps me to be a better person, and I think if I would think of church that teaches better than this church, I could think none. People or members are subjected to temptations, but one thing for sure is the teachings are true are perfect. Most of the time, members usually fall away, because they usually look at others fault,(cunning devise of satan,though) This blog doesn’t show love, but this has full of hatred, and the mind of “How could I destroy the Mormons(Brothers and Sisters) In the scriptures, hatred is not of God and in the book of Mormon, it says there, that don’t think bad against your brethren. What is your religion now? If you believe that the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints is not true, so where is it? Where is the church that has complete organization as Jesus Christ organized in his time? Do we need prophets? where are they now? Is Authority important? If not? Why it is says that we have to administer the ordinances in the right authority? You are like Korihor in the book of mormon, you know the truth for yourselves, but you are blinded by satan. Now is the time to prepare, and you know I’m praying, that thou hast opened thy eyes, that ye may see the God always extends his hands, so don’t hesitate to go back in his arms. Love you!


  168. Mark Ryan G. Deiada. says:

    From all the comments I have read about people’s hatred to Mormon, one thing is in common, that is “Hate” I’m wondering, how will you face the Lord in the judgment day with that feeling, a feeling of bitterness, hatred towards your brothers. If you are truly concern about the truthfulness of the church, why not help us believe you that you have the pure doctrine? but you don’t have it, because you guys are not authorized to do nor administer the ordinances. I have seen pictures of those people who made rally in the previous conferences in the Utah, but I didn’t see one with an image of a loving person, so a question is: “Have you received His image through following His footsteps? I believe that you guys right now who fight against the church have a sullen face, and anger in your heart, it is of God? a big NO NO, it is of devil. I’m not mad at you for doing this, but I feel very sorry for you for not comprehending the mind of the Lord, you may not understand what I’m saying, because you are blinded by an power. The Lord said, don’t give pearls to swine, because they will just trample it under their feet” Natural man cannot comprehend the work and the glory of the Lord. I was in your situation, doubting if the church is true, why couldn’t see it at that time? because I was blind, but my eyes are open, and I will see it more in a clear manner. Do you feel LOVE right now? I think you don’t, because all feelings you got is negative. I pray that you might be able to repent before the dreadful day for the wicked and glorious day for the righteous comes.


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