Vampires are NOT Faith promoting….

So when I found out that phenomenally successful author Stephenie Meyer is a Mormon, all types of questions popped into my head. Chief among those: What is a nice Mormon girl like her doing writing about vampires?

I haven’t read any of her books, but of course, Utah is abuzz with her success, and of course, every event you go to includes a discussion of how wonderful her books are. Why am I the only person who thinks, “Mormon? Vampires??”

Stephenie’s books ARE EVEN listed on the Deseret Book Web site.

Hello? Vampires?

Don’t get it.


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Natalie has more than 30 years writing, editing, proofreading and design experience. She has written 20 books (and counting), has worked for the Sundance Film Festival, and as an investigative journalist, editor, and proofreader. She embraces her gypsy-heart and is following her new free-thinking journey through life. Follow her as she starts over and learns a bunch of life's lessons--some the hard way.
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27 Responses to Vampires are NOT Faith promoting….

  1. Tracy says:

    I have actually seen Mormons in the sunlight, and they didn’t sizzle, so I’m just as confused.

    However, Anne Rice wrote Vampire stories and she’s Roman Catholic.

    I guess Vampires transcend Jello and Rosary’s.


  2. Cele says:

    hmmm, Mormon bloodsuckers. Not such a large leap. Bloodsuckers and leaches tend to come in all shapes, sizes, demoninations, and dogma.


  3. WendyP says:

    Strangely, I heard about the Twilight books through Gaspard Ulliel fansites. Gaspard is a French actor and many Twilight fans want him to play the role of Edward in the film version. I was sort of put off when I found out the author was Mormon (yes, bitter much) but after doing a little digging, I have to admit Stephenie Meyer is so freaking cool.

    And vampires are very LDS. Eternal life and all. 😉


  4. Liseysmomm says:

    I hate to admit it, but I also love these books. I kept hearing about them from LDS friends and finally decided to push through my prejudice and check them out. Couldn’t put them down!


  5. Interested says:

    Well the audacity of mormon folk never ceases to amaze me. I’m not crazy about vampires but I do enjoy your books. I am reading “Behind Closed Doors” now. Started today and can’t put it down.


  6. Barratt Miller says:

    While I enjoy Stephanie Meyer’s books, I really felt after reading the second book in the series that vampirism is actually a metaphor for Mormonism. The main character wants to become a vampire, even though it isn’t necessarily a popular choice, so she can have the equivalent of eternal salvation. Also, the vampires are nice, unlike their unsavory reputation of being bad, blood-sucking fiends. Call me a cynic (which, perhaps, I am), but I sometimes feel that you could exchange “vampires” and “Mormons” and not lose all of the meaning.

    I enjoy the series because it’s well-written. My Mormon friends, who I introduced to the series in high school after noticing her degree from BYU, LOVE it because a) it’s about vampires, which are cool, and b) there is nothing that offends their moral sensibilities.


  7. Renee says:

    My 15 year old has read the first two books and is on the last one. I tried to read some of it and I just don’t get it. And I loved Interview With The Vampire. I really don’t think it’s because she’s LDS…I just don’t get it. I think I said that. But I really mean it.

    My son heard about this from his LDS friends last year in 9th grade and got hooked. I’m all about him reading, so as long as he wants to good for him.


  8. Natalie says:

    I agree with all the above comments. I find this interesting, and DO intend to read the books. I hear she is VERY good, and hey, I’m all about that. It’s just that to me, vampires and Mormons don’t mix. But then, there is the whole “eternal life” concept pointed out above, and they sure do embrace that… LOL.

    There are a LOT of vampire books, and it seems that many people have their own “take” on vampires, so why not Stephenie Meyer?


  9. Krystn Hiojosa says:

    ok, i really liked the books. i had no idea she was mo-mo. Dammit. I’m a little disappointed there won’t be a hot love scene between Bella and Edward (the two main characters). Oh well, win some, lose some.


  10. Artemis says:

    That’s amazing that it’s on the Deseret Book Website!

    Maybe this is how Mormons actually achieve Eternal life. This could also explain what all of those *blood oaths* of the early church were about.


  11. hiker says:

    they are good books and they are faith promoting if you happen to be pagan. I am a pagan. Seriously though they don’t contain sex except for the fact that the main character thinks about it sometimes. Well maybe more than sometimes but that is pretty normal. You can find Harry Potter on the Deseret Bookstore website too.


  12. Sideon says:

    Mormonism and vampires – they both suck the life out of you. Quite appropriate, as far as an author writing what he/she knows.

    I think someone slipped an extra bit of snark into my coffee this morning.


  13. Vampires are just like any myth, so she’s safe. You know, like the myth of the B of M, the Golden Plates, Joe Smith, Special Stones in Hats, and Eternal life. Mormons love to play pretend.


  14. lauren says:

    just because you’re a mormon, doesnt mean you dont have interest/hobbies outside of the church. i dont think its odd that a mormon likes to write about vampires, why shouldnt she?
    and eternal life (like you’re saying mormons seek after) and living forever (like vampires) are two completely different concepts. eternal life is salvation, eternal progression and living with God for eternity. Living forever is simply that, it implies nothing to do with gaining salvation or reaching celestial glory.


  15. Paul says:

    she has created a nice safe make believe world for mormon girls where young people dont have sex …


  16. serena says:

    im with lauren(above)
    all this sounds like is a hating site on mormons! so what if she is a mormon, she can write freaking awesome books. Lauren is so right about the whole, living forever and eternal life thing.


  17. Alika says:

    My niece is 12 years old and wants hard covers of several of Stephenie’s book for her birthday this year 2008. I asked the very same question and I am doing my own research. At this point, I am going to forgo purchasing these books until I know more about the matter.


  18. tatiana says:

    honestly, i dont see what the big deal is.
    she’s mormon…ok. get over it. she wrote an awesome series, why should her personal life matter? if she didn’t mention a single thing about mormonism in her novels, then you shouldn’t care.

    so many ppl are like, OMG. the twilight series is awesome!…&then when they find out what religion she is, they decide to question their previous views. how prejudice. leave her personal beliefs out!


  19. azteclady says:

    Some of us never thought Twilight and the rest were anything beyond mediocre, long before we (I) knew anything about Stephanie Meyer. Go figure, no?

    (And I believe you mean “prejudiced)


  20. Ummm Hellooo?!!? says:

    Ok so she is LDS.. Big deal! I find it so fasanating that everyone titles her as a mormon writer and not just a writer.. For everyone’s information her last book beat out Harry Potter for the number one spot so obviously she is an extremely great writer. Also I wonder if all of you people judge other writers on their religions?? and as far as her using metaphors in the book that have to do with mormonism.. Well duh! What is the big efin deal?? She is LDS.. Most good writers take things from their own life for inspiration. So why doesn’t everyone just stop being so ignorant and get over it? I mean honestly


  21. Bella Swan says:

    You haven’t even read the book and until you do you shouldn’t be against it. They are excellent books and you might enjoy them. They aren’t trying to change you they are just for entertainment. Girls and boys acrossed the WORLD are reading these books. I have read the books FIVE times and I will keep reading them


  22. Bite Me says:

    One of the things my parents have taught me, they told me that I should support my decisions with the facts. These books are great and you should try them. I have nothing against Mormons but you also have to notice that she is a writer. She is not a Mormon writer she is just a plain and simple writer.She’s not trying to convert you she just wants to give you something to enjoy. So read them, then tell what you think. You have to read before you can judge. Don’t judge the book by its cover or by the writers religion. Also judging someone just by their religion is not very nice or fair. you wouldnt want someone to judge you because of your religion or the way you act or do something. Please dont judge people like that because you think you know.The books are absolutely fantasstic and I think its the best book series Ive ever read.


  23. Bella Swan says:

    Go Bite Me! I love your entusiam.


  24. Natalie says:

    Dear Bite Me,

    I HAVE read them now. This happens to be a blog post from a LOOOOOONGGGG time ago. And if you had paid attention, you would have noted I did not JUDGE her at all. I just said I found it interesting.

    Do you have reading comprehension issues?


  25. megra5 says:

    I have had numerous friends of mine tell me about these books and movies so i wanted to do some research and maybee read them. As a “former mormon” i was suprised to discover that the author of this series is a mormon mother of three. It oddly makes sense. The only salvation is asking JESUS into your life and then u are blessed with the Holy Spirit that guides you along with the Bible. That is the only way 2 heaven (eternal time with God NOT being gods) it is simple…..its not based on works or temple rituals. Spending time in the Bible you read to keep only good things in your heart and to protect it. Dabbling in mystical things like vampires, masonary, stones in hats, all lead people away from the truth. Making a carachter that lives forever and wories about his soul so he tries 2 do good things (no Jesus)— having a young woman fall in love with him and she wants him 2 take her 2 eternity with him — Of course mormons can relate 2 it because it is all stories and romantic imagination that make them feel more powerfull. People love that kind of stuff……part of what makes the whole “mormon religion” so popular today. So as a CHRISTIAN young woman I wont be reading the series and wont recomend it ! ! Just becuase something is really popular doesn’t mean its coming from a good place.


  26. Sandra G says:

    It makes plenty of sense when you read up on the background history of Mormonism. It reads a little like science fiction. She probably read millions of harlequins took the writers formula and just turned it into a vampire. Thats how I read them anyway. I have to add though I read somewhere that she actually stole the whole vampire idea from a college room mate.
    Sadly I think the movies are what sell the books in the end. It’s all about will it work on the big screen. Just look at the Potter series.


  27. Dan says:

    If you recall, Smith had a vision, well several visions and he kept making revisions of his original vision, but hey, that is besides the point. The point here is we have another copy cat. Seems like Meyers claims that the concept for the “Twilight Saga” series of books came in a vision, says Meyer, who is 34 and had never published a word before pitching her idea to an agent who got her a $750,000, three-book deal. My question would be how much did Joseph Smith get for his vision?

    I suppose the other question here is why is it that Mormons have so many visions? Hmmmmm. I must say though Meyers vision is making her millions of Mormon bucks. We can only hope she is giving her 10%.

    I suppose the other question here is why is it that Mormons have so many visions? Hmmmmm. I must say though Meyers vision is making her millions of Mormon bucks. We can only hope she is giving her 10%.

    My other thought is why would Mormons use vampires as an outlet to spread the word? I find it odd. In a religion that says Harry Potter should not be watched by Mormons, they are saying blood sucking dead is okay. I suppose that would make sense since Mormons have a great relationship with the dead and do ceremonies baptizing millions of dead non-Mormons yearly.

    Still I cannot help but believe if author JK Rowling who did all the Harry Potter books was a Mormon, the Mormons would fine the Harry Potter series.

    Vampires — this would make Mormon sense. After all, they are obsessed with the dead. Mormons are very affluent with the dead. The Mormon Church is the owner of the largest Genealogy center in the world, and they deal directly with the dead ancestors of the living. Mormon missionaries have had a hard time in China though because the word Mormon in Chinese means Gates of Hell.
    So Vampires? Yep sounds like Mormons to me.


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