Weenie Rat Face Convicted!

Well, Trappees, this is a “victory celebration” kind of night, as a jury has convicted Weenie Rat Face, aka Warren Jeffs, of being an accomplice in the rape of a 14-year-old girl he ordered married to her cousin.

This is a HUGE day for opponents of polygamy, as it is practiced by Warren Jeffs and his clan, along with other Weenie Rat Faces.

Perhaps because of this ruling, a few teenage girls will sleep a little better tonight. Perhaps.

The LA Times said:

Much of the weeklong trial centered around dueling interpretations of the theology taught by Jeffs. He instructed women to be “submissive,” and said that husbands ruled by their wives were “weak.” He said women needed to follow their husbands “in righteousness.” He also lectured that women were to initiate sexual relations in marriage.

The accuser testified that she vehemently protested her arranged marriage to her cousin Allen Steed in April 2001, but that Jeffs turned down her pleas. At one point, she said, he told her “your heart is in the wrong place.”

She said Steed forced himself on her a few weeks after their wedding, demanding she obey him. Steed, who has not been criminally charged, testified that his wife was unhappy with the marriage but she initiated sex. He said he never forced her to do anything.

As is often the case, the “victim” had to go on trial here, and that irks me to no end, but I do applaud her courage.

Weenie Rat Face? Hope you like big boys named Bubba, because where you are going, you’re going to meet a few of them….. And you’ll probably enjoy it, too.


About Natalie R. Collins

Natalie has more than 30 years writing, editing, proofreading and design experience. She has written 20 books (and counting), has worked for the Sundance Film Festival, and as an investigative journalist, editor, and proofreader. She embraces her gypsy-heart and is following her new free-thinking journey through life. Follow her as she starts over and learns a bunch of life's lessons--some the hard way.
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5 Responses to Weenie Rat Face Convicted!

  1. Theorris says:

    It is good that the jury saw through the smoke screen of “she wanted it” lies that the defense attempted to put up.


  2. Jimmie Robbins says:


    At first I was angry that one man had to pay for the sins of Utah. After careful consideration I see now that the trial of Warren Jeffs is a blessing.

    The foundations of Utah have been indicted, tried and found guilty. At stake in this was the very top. They have been tired and found to be guilty. Warren Jeffs was from the old school. He himself was a victim of this. He was born into it.

    Joseph Smith was not born into it and neither was Brigham Young or Heber Kimball. These men have been tried and found guilty. They were found guilty as they lay dead.

    Warren Jeffs taught as they did. Let us not fool ourselves, 14 year old girls have been given in marriage from the foundations of Utah. To place Warren Jeffs on Trial is to place these on trial. One and the same.

    The Mormon church has cleaned its act up in an attempt to become an Angel of Light. They present themselves as the author of family values. Well as pretty as it may seem it is as far from Jesus Christ as the East is from the West.

    God does not honor one’s behavior. He has spent time showing those with the ability to understand that they could not measure up. They never had a chance to. It was a lie that man could be like God by understanding what good and evil was. They were taught by Him what it was in order to bring them to the end of any effort to do so. When one learns what is required they cry out for mercy.

    That mercy has been offered to the one who completely throws himself into the arms of Jesus, the Son of the offended God. Actual deeds of Sin is a result of an attempt to go our own way. That way can be an attempt to measure up to the standards of God. It can be an honest attempt. That attempt separates us from God.

    To the one who will completely throw themself upon the mercy of God through His Son the gift of eternal life will be extemded. He quits all his efforts and is born again. The results of that will cause a new heart to come into the life of that person. There will be a new center of Affection, a new will will be part of the gift. The Fruit of the Spirit will begin to be produced in that life. It does not completely take over but given time that old man will not control that life.

    I see nothing but the desires of the old man being fulfilled in the teaching of the leaders of the LDS Church. The whole thing is based on a fairy tale of the highest level of deciet. Many in the days of Joseph Smith taught that the Indians were the Lost House of Israel. Many wrote books about that. Smith compiled all of that together and came up with something that is hard for a protected mind to believe. The fruit of his teaching reveals itself to be the lie that it is. That lie started a long time ago, man can be like God by his own efforts.

    The only man that can live the life controlled by the Fruit of the Spirit is the man who is given the Spirit by God as a gift for that surrender, the leaning of his entire being on the salvation of Jesus Christ with no promise from that man that by his own effort he will act better. Man has no hope to act better by his own effort. It will not stand the test when pressure is applied. Asking God if the Church of Jesus Christ is true will result in some form of indigestion that will cause the one to think that God has spoken no matter how sincere.

    The ones who asked Jesus if they hadn’t done this or that in His name were sincere but He told them to depart from Him.


  3. Cele says:

    I am glad to see this finally come to past. While I don’t know that it is a sentencing on the state of Utah (that seem’s kind of a wide interpretation to me) I do agree that it is a condemnation of polygamy and the foundations of all religions that accept this and practice polygamy.

    Sadly, we delude ourselves by believing this will be the end of polygamy in the US. Far from it, someone itching to the the modern day prophet of the FLDS will step up and into the shoes of Wienie Rat Face who will now become a martyrer to 10 Thousand strong.


  4. Jimmie Robbins says:

    I go not believe that is is an indictment of everyone in the state that lives there now bu it is a guilty verdict on those who brought this deception to the state, All one needs to do is to see who was responsible for the laws that existed in the State of Utah. Who were the founders of the State and what did they teach?

    They taught a lie from Hell. They taught the fulfillment of the desire of the flesh that their sexual needs be met and the desire to be Gods. That was what satan tempted Eve with. That one could be as God by eating of the knowledge of Good and Evil. That is still the offering through the LDS Church and the FLDS, The only group that has a hold on the teaching of the original LDS Church is the FLDS.

    Note: Many Mormons are not aware that Joseph Smith married other men’s wives. In several cases he sent their husbands on missions and then married these women while the husbands were gone. Mormons generally are not aware he married girls as young as 14. He married at least two who were 14. He married others that were 16 and 17. Helen Mar Kinball was 23 years younger than Joseph Smith!!!!
    Zina Diantha Huntington Jacobs Smith Young. Married to Henry Jacobs in March 1841, then married to Joseph Smith a few months later in October 1841. She continues living with Jacobs, and after Smith is killed, she is also married to Brigham Young in Feb. 1846. She still continues to live with Jacobs for awhile, but eventually ends up being one of Young’s many plural wives in all senses of the term. She has two sons by Jacob and a daughter by Young. This is one of the more illustrative examples of the practice of polyandry (women married to more than one man), which isn’t well known among TBMs, but is documented right there on the LDS genealogy website.
    LDS historian Todd Compton
    shows in his excellent “In Sacred Loneliness: The Plural Wives of Joseph
    Smith,” of Smith’s 33 well-documented “plural wives,” at least eleven of them
    had legal husbands at the time of their “sealing” to Smith. And, contrary to
    popular myth, none of those women were estranged from their legal husbands,
    so Smith didn’t take them into his household to provide for them. Among the
    currently-married women Smith “plural married” were Nancy Marinda Hyde (the
    wife of Orson Hyde, whom Smith had sent on a mission to Palestine), Zina
    Huntington Jacobs (future general Relief Society President and then-wife of
    Henry Jacobs), and Mary Rollins Lightner (wife of non-Mormon Adam
    Lightner—the same woman who, as a young girl, “saved” the manuscript pages
    of the ‘Book of Commandments’ from a Missouri mob in 1833.)
    After Joseph Smith’s death, some of his successors maintained his polyandrous
    practice: Brigham Young took Zina Jacobs for himself, telling her husband
    Henry that he “would have to go and get another” wife. Zina bore a child by
    Young on April 3, 1850.
    Brigham Young explained that such appropriations of already-married women
    were part of Joseph Smith’s theology, which stated that a Mormon man who held
    a “higher power and authority than her husband” had the privilege of making
    “her his wife…he can do so without a bill of divorcement.”
    Young’s counselor, Jedediah M. Grant, also referred to this practice in an
    1854 sermon by stating, “now suppose Joseph [Smith] should come and say he
    wanted your wife, what would you say to that?…..[I would say] here she is,
    and there are plenty more.”
    There was no heart change that brought on the change that the US Government forced on the LDS Church in the past about this matter. We must not let a man be placed in Jail for this crime without the indictment of the whole system. I say this especially in the light of Joseph Smith teaching that there was no Error in his teaching and having that teaching being taught today on other matters.
    I offer a statement by Brigham Young made in Utah:

    On April 7, 1861 Brigham Young said, “I am now almost daily sealing young girls to men of age and experience.” (Journal of Discourses, Vol. 9, p.37.).
    The leaders, in an attempt to meet mainstream approval, agreed to abide by the law. The fact is that 14 year old girls were being given to older men. They are criminals as well. No, we don’t bring the dead up on criminal charges but maybe we should. We should at least be willing to say that this happened all over Utah and this is where Warren Jeffs got the material he taught.


  5. Renee says:

    …………uh………drooling like Patrick in Sponge Bob……..uh…….


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