Long before Mitt Romney and “Big Love,” Mormons were demonized as polygamists, prudes and vampires. But Mormonism just may be the first major world faith since Islam.

So begins a recent article by Andrew O’Hehir, as he reviews the book, People of Paradox: A History of Mormon Culture, by Terry Givens. I have to admit, the review kind of gets lost in O’Hehir’s musings. But I really enjoyed the way he tied his own past into the story, and you have to read it to hear about the “Dawna’s,” his first experience with Mormonism.

All in all, it’s well worth a read, especially as O’Hehir compares Mormonism to Islam. Oh, and he mentions–more than once–the DAMNED HAT old Joe used to translate, which makes him my kinda guy. Regular Trappees know how much that bothers me.

Anyway, read the article. I did write to Mr. O’Hehir, reflecting that I am still bothered by the media embracing Mormon delusions that the LDS Church is one of, if not THE, fastest growing religions, but hey… You can’t have everything.


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Natalie has more than 30 years writing, editing, proofreading and design experience. She has written 20 books (and counting), has worked for the Sundance Film Festival, and as an investigative journalist, editor, and proofreader. She embraces her gypsy-heart and is following her new free-thinking journey through life. Follow her as she starts over and learns a bunch of life's lessons--some the hard way.
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6 Responses to Article, THE MORMONS ARE COMING

  1. Tracy says:

    I don’t want to pick, but the Sikhs were established in 1500 CE. They have 23 million adherents.


  2. Cele says:

    Is that living breathing Mormons?


  3. I got a whole buncha hits on my blog for this piece, and followed one of the hits over here! Greetings!

    You have a great blog!


  4. Tracy says:

    I was reading the link Daisy gave, and one question I have about polygamy is, pro polygamist say they have a right to do it because it’s in their bible, and it’s God sanctioned.

    Well, God does not say he ever approved of polygamy. There are those that had more than one wife, Abraham, Jacob, David, Solomon, but in Genesis 2:24 God had a plan for one man and one woman. In Deuteronomy 17:14-20 the kings were not to take more than one wife.

    In the New Testament 1 Timothy 3:2, 12 and Titus 1:6 talk about one husband and wife.

    So, if pro polygamist really read the scriptures, or I guess I should say understood the scriptures, they wouldn’t have multiple wives.

    Of course, I have never read the Book of Mormon, or any of the other books of the faith, so maybe there is something in there about polygamy, but as for the Bible, there is nothing that I am familiure where God gives his permission to marry more than one.

    Just sayin’


  5. Renee says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if Romney wins I’m moving to CANADA.

    I think questions about his faith are as relevant now as they were to John Kennedy in the ’60’s. However, unlike Kennedy, I’m thinking I DON’T believe a word Mitt says about its influence over him.


  6. My piece about polygamy is not about any religion, per se. I just used the Warren Jeffs trial as a jumping-off point.

    My question was what’s WRONG with polygamy, in terms of human rights. I don’t see any problem with polygamy if everyone is an adult of consenting age, whether I would personally engage or not. Ditto, gay marriage, or any other personal arrangement decided upon by consenting adults.

    As I said in my piece, I was heavily influenced by the old Kerista Commune, which believed group marriage (multiple men and multiple women) was possible and a positive good.


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