Three Mine Rescue Workers Have Died

After tonight’s horrific events, when another “mountain bump” endangered rescue workers, I am just so sad for the families of not only the trapped miners, but now the rescue workers. Authorities are now reporting that three of the rescuers have died. THREE.

What a horrible tragedy.

Godspeed to these brave men who were trying to save six miners. Godspeed.


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5 Responses to Three Mine Rescue Workers Have Died

  1. theorris says:

    I don’t know about you, but I’m getting pretty sick-and-tired of the local media sucking up to the mine owners on this one and calling every man-caused event at this mine a “natural occurrence.” Their specious use of “bump” or “bounce” is particularly annoying. They are digging a gorge into a mountain and want to proclaim that settling is a natural occurrence? Give me a break. It all smacks of the anti-worker, pro boss that is so sickeningly prevalent here.

    Pardon me, I was in Michigan for a week, and was relieved by their opposite point of view.

    In any case, 3 rescuers (fellow miners) dead adds more to the increasing horror of this event. Funny how they keep processing coal all the while.

    Pardon my negativity, but this has got to stop.


  2. Johnny says:

    I’ve followed this from SLTrib and ksl web site only, so I’m no expert.

    But we have mine colapses here, lots, since basically mining is the countries main industry, I’m very supprised to hear that rescue miners have died. I’ve never heard of rescue miners being in any danger in the mine collapses that have being news here in auz. I really agree with ‘theorris’ negativity here because rescuers should never be in danger at all. Surely some bosses will face court over this? surely must do after rescuers died.

    Also I read at that the recent Tasmanian mine collapse was a small miracle because the two miners got out 14 days latter -but they had being found just 5 day after the collapse alive and then the small tunnel hole was always passing food & water to them until a new tunnel reached them. This Utah one seems to have gone on longer than that so every day there is less chance of finding them alive.


  3. Cele says:

    My prayers and thoughts to those left behind in pain and anger. God bless those who have gone before.

    When will mankind stop and consider exactly what mining is? Realize the vast complications this causes? And begin using alternative energy sources? Is the life of a person worth the weight of coal the mine? Diamonds? Gold? Silver? I know it was their choice of employment (sort of) but they have so much more to offer the world.

    God be with them all.


  4. Mimi says:

    Lord have Mercy – I agree it’s a sad situation, and that mining is a horribly dangerous occupation and I pray that it is soon a relic of the past and not something current.


  5. Natalie says:

    I agree with you, Theorris. I am tired of hearing Murray defend his mine. I don’t doubt the man has compassion, but it’s obvious all the practices were not innocent, and it is the MINING itself that has caused this tragedy. How sad that to put bread on the table, some families must resort to such dangerous jobs.


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