If you want to post here…..

You MUST register with a valid email address. Sorry, but that’s the rules. Your email address does NOT show up on your comment, and in fact is only seen by me, but Spam Karma, my spam filter, will recognize a fake address and remove your comments.

Not only that, but if you aren’t willing to OWN UP TO YOUR COMMENTS, then don’t bother to make them.

Johnny, you are apparently FRAUDULENTLY using someone else’s email. You better register a real email, or I will remove all your comments in the next 24 hours. Mark, your email is a fake one, also, and so Spam Karma has eaten them again. I cannot retrieve them. If you want to be heard, register a real email.

Jason, you have also been commenting with fake emails, and I will ask the same of you.

DON’T COME HERE AND CONFRONT ME, and accuse me of being dishonest, and then PUT A FREAKING FAKE EMAIL. Or use SOMEONE ELSE’S EMAIL!!

Please! I do not use emails to spam people, but it is a way to keep out a lot of spam.

So, that’s the way it is.


About Natalie R. Collins

Natalie has more than 30 years writing, editing, proofreading and design experience. She has written 20 books (and counting), has worked for the Sundance Film Festival, and as an investigative journalist, editor, and proofreader. She embraces her gypsy-heart and is following her new free-thinking journey through life. Follow her as she starts over and learns a bunch of life's lessons--some the hard way.
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21 Responses to If you want to post here…..

  1. You go girl!

    This is completely acceptable.



  2. Tracy says:

    Natalie, it’s because they think we might bring harm to them with violence, burn down their house or rape. (unbelievable)

    I never understood that line of thinking, until RoboMomo mentioned we are probably Nazis and terrorist, and it all came together. I didn’t realize I had gone to the dark side, but now I hear Vader’s voice in the distance, (Breathing…”You underestimate the Power of the Dark Side” more breathing…)

    I’m still waiting for my cookie.

    (in case someone lacks humor, this is called “SARCASM,” look it up)


  3. azteclady says:

    You virtual home, your rules.

    Thank you for letting us visit!


  4. Natalie says:

    Interest how TWO PEOPLE who were questioning my integrity and ethics, and basically accused me of lying, didn’t even use real emails. And in FACT, one, Johnny, was using one belonging to SOMEONE ELSE. Unbelievable.

    Lying for the Lord. Nice.


  5. Cele says:

    The dark side, Tracy you’re a hoot. What cookies? Someone has cookies?


  6. Johnny says:


    My email address at yahoo is available to all:


    You natalie have up here permanently, (or supose its a cookie on my PC) my name Johnny on one line, under that joseraul2005@yahoo.com and besides that “Mail (will not be published)(required)

    You’re kept that wrong address secret. I don’t because its a yahoo one for all the web junk stuff.

    But I’m guessing that this Mark touched a nerve so you deleted him, cencored him because your anti spam, as all, send mail to a anti-spam folder for you to check before deleting?????? Right or mistaken?????? Simple question here, not acusation.

    I don’t lie for the Lord -not necessary and you can publish my email address if you wish, its not a secret.

    Nor have I accused you of lying, just that you’re mistaken in a process which the church has and mistaken in claiming some conspiracy to keep you a member. wft???? girl/??? if you want to leave, go! good riddance! just do it properly to get it done; otherwise in 10 years time another 26 year old bishop will show up again asking about you and saying ‘well if you want to leave you have to write a letter………….’

    Good greif, lady, just write another friking letter and cancel your membership. Look, if you do, I promise to God I’ll never to bother you again!!!!!! never comment again!!! nor ever read your book again, if that’s what you want??? I’ll just stick to big love for my Utah way of life education!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    PS how did I question your integrity and ethics? pointing out that the process wasn’t completed in ’98? that it’s our fault that it wasn’t but now they’ll need another, 2nd leter and copy to complete it?? how??


  7. kd says:

    I host a variety of information sites. Mechanized spam is a big problem. I am surprised, however, that WordPress doesn’t have some sort of positive filter that will let you mark an email addres or IP combination as okay.

    A purely negative filter has the problem that a spammer could fake a real person’s address. All of the real person’s comments would be wiped out with the spam.

    It is really sad, but spam is effectively silencing people.


  8. Johnny, its a cookie in your browser that keeps your e-mail address in the reply form. Its not visible to all until you posted it here yourself.


  9. Johnny says:

    paranoidfupr33k; I bloody well know that!!!! I wrote:

    “You natalie have up here permanently, (or supose its a cookie on my PC) my name Johnny ……”

    Isn’t that bloody well clear?>>??????$#$^^*^$$#@@#@#@

    It may well have being my typo, but so what? Point is that my address isn’t that private; you can all have it and its legit!! Try it!!!!! I’m not using a fake email as Natalie said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Noticed:

    “Johnny, you are apparently FRAUDULENTLY using someone else’s email. You better register a real email”

    I’m not: the address is simply has one extra ‘0’, that’s it, and if I where to change it now, Natalie, your anti-spam would probably bock it, seeing that ‘Johnny’ is already associated to this wrong address, wouldn’t it?

    Anyway, I’m getting sick of this. And all just to help you out.



  10. Cele says:

    Johnny friggin chill out dude, you take yourself far too seriously.

    First off I took your comments about your email addy the EXACT SAME WAY as Paranoid. So maybe that should tell you it can be deciphered at least two different ways.

    Secondly you do sling lying accuasations at Natalie. Let’s go back to a simple basic standard of life. Do unto one as you would have done unto you. If you don’t like being called a liar, then quit flinging down the gauntlet first.

    And just because you don’t see something as a truth does not make it a lie. Get real.


  11. George says:

    “Come to the Dark Side we have cookies!” Mmmm Duh,not internet cookies, right Tracy?


  12. azteclady says:

    It sounds like you are yelling. And getting your panties in a twist.

    Over something that, supposedly, doesn’t concern you.


  13. Johnny,

    #1. The email you have registered EVERY time is the 2005 one. The 205 one has NEVER registered. You can play stupid all you want. Everybody knows you aren’t telling the truth. When I emailed that address, I got this:


    #2. I could give a rat’s ass less what Mark thinks. I am NOT REMOVING HIS COMMENTS. I explained it CLEARLY. I returned them from Spam Karma, and it ATE THEM AGAIN. I tried to email him and explain with the email address HE GAVE, and found out his email addy WAS COMPLETELY BOGUS. I believe that Spam Karma figures that out pretty quickly and eats them again. Now they are gone for good. Sorry. It’s the only way I can keep the Penis Enlargement people from inundating my blog.

    #3. You are BOTH posting from Australia, apparently. How odd. What strange coincidence, since Australia is known to be such a hotbed of Saints and all.

    #4. I’m not WRITING ANOTHER letter. I am, however, calling Gregory Dodge today, and explaining my dilemma. I should not have to do this. I am having to do this.

    #5. In the course of my investigation, I discovered that MANY former Mormons have had the same thing happen, which just adds to my belief they never really remove your name. They simply move it to another file.

    #6, YOU did too question my integrity. You accused me of making up the letter, because I wouldn’t prove it to you. And then I did and you shut up. The most slanderous accusations were from Mark, who is such a coward he won’t even provide a real email address.

    #7. You can stay here forever for all I care. You provide a lot of entertainment and some very good comments from the Trappees.


  14. Whoops. Shouldn’t have included the close and open codes. What I got from Johnny’s email address, the ONE HE HAS PROVIDED EVERY TIME, is this.

    ?Who are you????

    Seems you have the wrong email address.



  15. Look Johnny,

    You say you were trying to help me out. Then why did you accuse me of lying about my letter? That’s not really very helpful.


  16. Jonny,

    Chill. I was confirming your suspicion. You weren’t sure so I was making sure you knew.



  17. Tracy says:

    Yes George, the dark side cookies. You get one with every oath.

    Johnny is probably from Australia, as he used the word “bloody” twice, and that is not a cuss word Americans use, however it is used widely in Great Britain and the Commonwealth of nations.


  18. George says:

    Have you heard? (of course you did…) James E Faust died… the irony of it all, wasn’t Hinckley waiting in line?Who’s next? Monson?
    Oh, Natalie I did a heart with


  19. George says:

    and it seems when i do the V thing on a side it cuts the comment….
    oh well…



  20. Johnny says:

    Just to clear up this:

    1) Natalie said: “You say you were trying to help me out. Then why did you accuse me of lying about my letter? That’s not really very helpful.”

    I said that I was doubtful -or I didn’t believe- that you had the final letter NOT that you where Lying about it. Different things in my book. After you posted that letter I’ve realised what’s happened and the mistake is made by the church. And the letter posted isn’t the final one we see in Australia. We have one, form letter, mailed out to the ex member from church offices here in Carlingford. I thought it would be the same world wide but aparently it isn’t. My apoligies.

    2) #1. The email you have registered EVERY time is the 2005 one. The 205 one has NEVER registered. You can play stupid all you want. Everybody knows you aren’t telling the truth. When I emailed that address, I got this:”

    I didn’t lie. Everytime I wrote to you that 2005 address was there because of my cookies etc.
    The second or third post I noticed the mistake, changed it, but the screen went to asking a code for anti spam (you know “entre wdki5” or whatever it was) did that and went back to first screen but my post wasn’t on it. So I thought it was being deleted because IP address didn’t match email, so I changed back to 2005. I that I guess I sinned (little one) but the post went through OK. Now I’ve fixed this up.
    But I think you are right in saying that “everyone knows you aren’t telling the truth” People will think that. But how can I disprove it because if I gave you an uncensored recommend then? lose my job???

    think the best is for me to just stop commenting in these sites and stick with pro-mormons only. the point 7) there kind of says it all.


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