The Bishop Comes to Visit

So, tonight, after I got back from Happy Valley, I decided to blog my adventures in Utah County. I sat down, with my laptop and a beer, and started to write. And while writing my adventures, I looked out to see a man in a suit, advancing on our door. Yikes!
“Honey, the Mormons are here!” I yelled. So I answered the door. “Honey” chose to stay in place, for the moment.

It’s Sunday, there’s a man in a suit, this IS the Mormons, people. Just deal.

So,the man was OUR BISHOP. Now, first of all, I should not have a bishop. After all, many years ago, I wrote a letter, and threatened to dance naked on the bishop’s lawn, and then I finally received a letter in return, and was told I was NOT A MORMON any longer.

But this is not enough.

So, the bishop comes to visit. And the minute I see him, and open the door, I start. After all, I know my rights, which of course, I have none, considering this is the Mormon state. Bishop S. says, “Well, I am your bishop, and I just needed to visit you….”

I cut him off, of course. “We are NOT supposed to be Mormons. We wrote a letter, and we got another letter in return, and then WHOA, we are back on the records three years later–with many more members of our family, including a child named Robert, which must be a spirit child.” He politely laughed.

So, I explained all of this and then he explained to me, that my husband’s name has been removed (but it is STILL on the ward directory) , but mine was still there, and active, and that he just wanted to chat with us, and hopefully “fix any problems” we had with the church.


So, he says, “Well, if you will write another letter…”

Now here I balk. Because, quite frankly, why should I HAVE to write another letter? I already DID this people. So did my husband. And, as I pointed out to Bishop S., what point would writing yet another letter make? After all, I already did that, and it got me absolutely NIL.

I was pretty confrontational, and then I learned that my husband had CALLED the bishop’s wife, and told her that he was really upset we are on the ward directory. Because, quite frankly, an open directory means anyone at all can call us.

And she told him she would tell her husband, the bishop,that we were upset. Of course, given that Bishop S’s wife is about to give BIRTH to her TENTH (No, I am not lying) child, perhaps her reportage skills are dimmed.

So, you wonder why I say I am trapped? Please, ask my bishop.


About Natalie R. Collins

Natalie has more than 30 years writing, editing, proofreading and design experience. She has written 20 books (and counting), has worked for the Sundance Film Festival, and as an investigative journalist, editor, and proofreader. She embraces her gypsy-heart and is following her new free-thinking journey through life. Follow her as she starts over and learns a bunch of life's lessons--some the hard way.
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43 Responses to The Bishop Comes to Visit

  1. Natalie says:

    Hey, kc, no, we were not married in the temple. I had some HUGE theological problems with church history, and JS’s story. If you want to hear more, let me know.


  2. miye says:

    Natalie, and Kc, your comments add even more to the post natalie wrote. As a former mormon myself, Natalie, I can IDENTIFY totally with this never ending, ongoing dilema you write about now and again. I’m so glad it is not just my door step they darken..and refuse to understand the words that come out of my mouth. As well as the suprise visits from the bishop. Those are the ones that cause me to burst out in laughter at, ( Usually right in his face, because I can’t contain myself.) The whole patriarchy of that act alone… come on who couldn;t laugh if you went through all the “channels” to get them to leave you alone and then HE shows up. As if you are this bad, child and he is here to take you to task and set you straight. You know how in the church the men enjoy throwing thier weight around.. and do it whenever possible. Sorry, it has taken me years to get over my fear of men, but it has finally happened, and his showing up isn’t going to “set me straight.”
    I laughed at your story about your hubby staying whre he was when the bishop showed up, because my husband did the same thing. The time before that, I was outside talking to my sister, and the missionaries showed up, only to be stopped at their car by my dog who was showing his pearly whites to them, as i continued to talk on the phone. I didn’t call my dog off, or make him stop growling.. I simply let him carry on and enjoyed watching the nervous looks on both the missionaries faces as they looked from the dog to me, to the dog. I stayed on the phone until i was done with my conversation. when i hung up they said.. “can you call your dog off please?” I said, “Only if you get back in that car and go from whence you came.” I turned and went in the house and they got in their car and sat there at my curb… while my dog laid down and watched them. They finally did leave.. and my dog got all kinds of treats.
    dogs rock!


  3. Cele says:

    I still find the whole thing so bloody amazing. I love that you greeted him at the door with a beer, you would have thought that’d be the first clue to him.


  4. azteclady says:

    I’m wondering what would happen if you were to place a neat, nice, impossible to miss sign by your door saying, “We are NOT mormons, people, DEAL!”


  5. JulieAnn says:

    Here are some ways to get it to stop. I mentioned one (his wife is pregnant, so that’s sort of icky in terms of the sleeping with her thing).

    2) Make good on your threat to dance naked on his lawn. Bring a friend. Bring a hibachi.

    3) Make a sign (using tole painting skills of course) that says “Theologins will be Towed at Owner’s Expense”…make sure the picture of the large dog–maybe a bull mastiff, is visible.

    4) Tell them you’ll come back to church if you can sell your book in the cultural hall after services (promise they’ll get 10% of the profits)

    5) Change your doorbell chime to mimic two people having sex (explain to the kids that the noises are just people lifting heavy things).

    6) Put a giant pentagram on your door. Works like a charm, literally.

    7) Answer the door in the nude. Well, this one sort of back-fired on me, but that’s another story…

    8) Change your phone number, your hair color, and begin referring to yourself as Prophet of the Church of Hoochie-Mamas.

    9) When they come to see you and they speak, talk very loudly and say “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you if you’re going to speak Mormon!”


    10)… the best way to get them to leave you alone is….tell them GBH is coming to dinner that night and you are going to tell him about your torrid affair with them if they don’t leave you alone.

    Peace and smiles :0)


  6. George says:

    I’m curious…how did that back-fire??? Please tell us or give us a link or something! Oh Natalie wouldn’t it be funny to change the name of the blog from “Trapped by the mormons” to “Trapped by the lds”? I think it would get more lds friendly, everybody knows that mormons don’t like to be called mormons!
    Keep’em posted!


  7. WendyP says:

    We have a small sign by our doorbell that says “No Soliciting–no sales, proselytizing etc.” It doesn’t work. My visiting teacher actually pointed to the sign and said “This doesn’t mean US, does it?” Sigh…

    There was a mad push to re-activate us this past spring. Two visits within three weeks from first, the bishop and the stake president (wtf?), and second the entire bishopric. Upon the second visit, I decided be be blunt. I DO NOT BELIEVE. I’VE
    RESEARCHED AND WANT NO PART OF THE CHURCH. The visits have stopped but I’m sure they’ll resume again sometime in the future. They need to feel like they’re doing their “good works” to get into heaven.


  8. Is the ward you are in so incompetent that they cannot take your name off a simple ward directory? Do they not know how to select a block of text and hit the delete button?

    Have you ever determined if the church really does have your names still on the record? If so, thats the problem, not the local ward. Anyway, I agree with you that you should not have to be the work-horse here and do all of the work. You sent in the letter, you received confirmation, it should be done.

    However, please remember that all wards have boundaries and everything in the ward boundary is the Bishop’s stewardship, so they will always beleive that they are “your” Bishop.

    Good luck getting out of the trap. It looks like they’ve got you trapped with no exit in sight.



  9. Renee says:

    You know what is so funny? How they keep bugging many of you ex-mo’s meanwhile leaving me and my family strictly alone. In fact, I’m having trouble even getting the bishop/scoutmaster at “our” ward (were we Mormon) to actually call me back about my 8 year old starting scouts. Wouldn’t he be considered fresh meat, being of baptism age and all? My 15 year old’s Mormon friends half-heartedly invited him to the stake dance. When I was in high school my friends HOUNDED me to go to the stake dance, and in fact one of my fellow cheerleaders in my senior year gave me a Book of Mormon. That was in Idaho. Down here I can’t get arrested by one.

    Not that they’re going to get anywhere with us. But we did go to our neighbor’s ward party once, and that didn’t even bring a follow up. We had the missionaries when we first moved in and I politely declined to speak with them. Or maybe I hid at the door, but we haven’t seen anything since.

    Amazing. I don’t want them to bug me, mind you, since I would answer the door with a glass of wine but it is just interesting….


  10. Sideon says:

    Naked man stationary. Write a blistering exit letter, as only you could write it, and make copies for the entire ward. Address it to Church Membership Records, cf Greg Dodge, and cc the dorkster bishop who needed the big V over 5 children ago…

    I do love JulieAnn’s suggestions, though. Especially the foresight to take a hibachi for the naked lawn dance. PRICELESS. Ixnay on answering the door naked – as she said, it could backfire – perhaps a dominatrix outfit would be better? And a whip!

    Hugs and good luck 🙂


  11. John says:

    Just write another letter otherwise nothing will be done.

    Name removals have always being individual and not family, so they probably saw the first letter as your husband only.

    If u don’t write another one nothing will get done because Bishops can get into a whole lot of trouble if they try to remove a name without the paperwork needed (disciplinary council reports or a letter from a member specifically asking for this) The actual physical ‘name removal’ is done by HQ and not Bishop/Stake although both will write to you to confirm ……etc.

    No letter for them = nothing is done and so u’re still on the rolls for the next Bishop/missionaries to visit.


  12. Rhonda says:

    Just tell them you’ve decided to practice polygamy and be a TRUE MORMON. They will RUN from any and all association with you and your family. lol


  13. T.B. says:

    “How the fuck you guys doin”?” was how I greeted two Mormons and their back-up bishop at my front door the last time. Their view was of a middle aged guy in his boxer shorts, smoking (I quit four years later) and holding a beer (I don’t drink). They didn’t miss a beat. It wasn’t me they wanted to talk to but my living-in-sin-soon-to-be-my-next-ex-wife. I had turned away the two rookies several times before. Apparently telling them you have basic theological differences sounds like white noise to them. Packing their beliefs in leather cases and with righteous smiles on their faces I told them that neither one of us wanted to be on their list and that we thought their religion was one big lie.
    “Please excommunicate us!”
    The bishop went on to inform me I wasn’t on their list but the lady would need to write a letter to her bishop, HIM, requesting to be removed. We wrote it and she was removed. That was the last communication we had with them.

    Strangely, I’m a little hurt that I wasn’t on the list. I used to be on the list. I was once a MOMO. I passed out the bread and water. I wore the stupid Sunday uniform when I was young. You know, binding slacks, ugly shoes, short sleeve shirt and a clip-on tie. What was wrong with harassing me?! Maybe i.t was the time I called them and told them I was very gay and would they please send cuter ward teachers over. Never got my letter

    Little blessings I guess. This occurred in 1992. Still waiting for MY letter.


  14. azteclady says:

    WendyP, perhaps some editing to your polite sign would help? “No soliciting, sales, proselytizing, etc–and yes, it means YOU”

    Then again… given that there’re always new excuses for the whole mess with Natalie and her family being in the rolls, they’ll probably be unfazed.

    I mean, now it so happens that each individual member of the family has to write a letter? So what, Natalie’s kids are going to have to write letters too? And then, what? They’ll be told that their letters don’t mean anything because they are minors and don’t know what they want? (Though I’m willing to bet that if the kids said, “we wanna be mormons!” then their age wouldn’t be an issue at all)

    Truth is: once they latch onto you, that’s it, m’dear. And even death can’t save you from their clutches (wish I could find Natalie’s post and link on Pope John Paul II’s name being in the rolls…)


  15. azteclady says:

    I just remembered! How about that son you don’t have, Natalie? Will he stay in the rolls forever and ever in the name of mormon amen? I mean, it’s not as if *he* can write a letter, is it?


  16. aerin says:

    I’ve said it before Natalie, I think you should sue.

    I’m serious. This is the very reason why (in the first place) in the 80s people were allowed to resign and have their names removed. They wouldn’t have to go to a bishop’s court of excommunication.

    From everything I understand, threatening legal action does the trick. Most bishops, stake presidents and everyone higher up does not want LDS Inc on the front pages “Religion will not let members go”.

    I think you’ve tried this before and it didn’t work. I think it could (theoretically) get your bishop in trouble with his superiors.

    btw – my first letter (as well) was “lost” as it was sent to the ward building and not the address of the bishop himself. After I sent the second one certified mail – I received a nice letter that we were off of the rolls afterward.

    Please don’t misunderstand me. I don’t think you should have to write a letter. I don’t think anyone should have to write a letter at all. Many mainstream Christian churches routinely “drop” members when they stop attending after a year.

    That’s why I think you may have legal grounds to pursue this. Of course, I’m not a lawyer and don’t understand the law. But it seems to me if the church is a voluntary organization, that they should let people leave voluntarily – same as everything else.


  17. Renee says:

    No I live in Utah now – I’m trapped by the Mormons too only different! When I was in Idaho they bugged me, they don’t now!


  18. Natalie says:

    Hey, Aerin, I’m with you. But it just doesn’t work that way here in Utah, andI don’t have the money to fight it. I wish I did.


  19. Tracy says:

    Should have invited him in for coffee, then say that you just put the porn in the DVD player, and would he like to come watch with you.

    You think that’s a bit harsh?


  20. Anna says:

    I lived in Utah, and now live in a different state. They are fewer in numbers, but even more crazy in some ways. Although I am inactive, I do have a ward directory. It is interestinfg to look down the list of names on each page and see all the names that have a DO NOT CONTACT typed on the line next to their information, or they will have LETTER ONLY. I wonder if this is what they have decided to do to those who have requested their names off? I can’t say for sure, but it is interesting.


  21. Wayne says:

    Natalie 25July2007
    I don’t spend much time here anymore because I know how you all feel about the Church. I also know it is a waste of time trying to be (what’s the word), cordial? Because when everyone finds you’re a member of the Church it automatically sends up the red flag and everyone goes into the attack mode. You write all the horror stories about how the members of Church have contaminated your doorbells and walkways. I read all of the ideas that many of you have about how to keep the horrible, creepy, weird, and over zealous Bishops, Missionaries, Relief Society and home teachers away from you. Some of your ideas are kind of interesting and, should I say “Very Christ like”? Personally I don’t think any of you know who He is or anything about Him, let alone any of his teachings. The suggestions of running around naked, using fowl language, posting signs and even letting your dogs go on the missionaries are interesting comments and suggest an attitude that is very Un-Christ-like. I wonder how long it will be before one or some of you get to the point of taking it out on the members of the Church with a weapon or burning their house down, or maybe even rape or whatever. As for you Natalie: If some thing should happen like that, I think God will hold you partially responsible for egging it on. As far as I am concerned you are all sick in the head, and frankly, you scare me.


  22. Wayne,

    I agree that some of the suggestions people have given have been a bit, shall I say “shady”, but the root of the problem is that the Church will not leave her and her family alone. Its quite simple, the Church needs to stop making it so damn hard to people to leave. If you expect those who have left the Church to be so Christ-like, you should expect the same from the Church. The Church, as well-meaning as all of you would wish it be, has been downright deceitful in how it treats members who wish to be removed from the records. When the Church won’t take simple requests seriously, what is a person to do? Sue? Maybe thats the way! Yet the Church should be Christ-like and understand that people have free agency and should be able to leave without getting lawyers involved.

    The solution is very simple… allow those who choose to leave the Church to leave without incident and without fear.



  23. T.B. says:

    Oh, Wayne. Because of you I’m breathing into a paper bag right now!


  24. Tracy says:

    Wayne, who’s the one thinking those vile things? You! Maybe you should look at yourself and see what’s going on to be able to say what you said.



  25. azteclady says:

    Well, see… it’s funny. *I* am one of those suggesting foul things–and I’m not affiliated with any Church whatsoever. Therefore, I have no duty to conform to your (or any one else’s) idea of What Jesus Would Do. I can do what *I* would do. And that would be whatever the hell I felt like doing to uphold my right to have my name removed from the stupid rolls. No need to justify the impulse nor the action to people who condone the church’s running rampant over my rights–in other words, mormons like you, Wayne.

    As far as how Natalie would be responsible if someone decided to… let me quote directly: “I wonder how long it will be before one or some of you get to the point of taking it out on the members of the Church with a weapon or burning their house down, or maybe even rape or whatever.” Gee, Wayne, that’s quite the leap of imagination there! From posting comments on a blog to “taking it out with a weapon.” I’m shaking my head in bemusement over here. Further? Good luck getting any REASONABLE people to see Natalie’s personal blog as cause for anyone losing it.

    But please, don’t let logic get in the way of telling me how un-Christian-like I am.


    One last thing… did anyone find it odd that weapons and arson are mentioned first, followed by “even rape”? I mean, as horrible a crime as rape IS, aren’t the other two a bit more directly hazardous to the victim’s health? Shoot to kill, burn their roof over their heads, that kinda thing?


  26. Alicia says:

    “One last thing… did anyone find it odd that weapons and arson are mentioned first, followed by “even rape”? I mean, as horrible a crime as rape IS, aren’t the other two a bit more directly hazardous to the victim’s health? Shoot to kill, burn their roof over their heads, that kinda thing?”

    Not really. To a lot of the people who wander onto this blog* ex-Mos, criminals, arsonists, and rapists are all really the same thing. They like to pretend it isn’t, but really … someone who leaves the One True Church can’t possibly be human! Nope, have to be nutters who want to hurt people. If they can’t distinguish between truth and lies how can you expect them to see a difference in criminal behavior? Now excuse me, I have to go burn some unsuspecting Mormon’s house down after hurting/raping them. (Seriously … is he for real? o.O)

    *Obviously not referring to all Mormons here but I figured I needed to add this is in before one of them starts howling about how we all demonize them.


  27. Renee says:

    Wayne, I AM affiliated with a church (would never call it the ONE TRUE CHURCH mind you) and I totally understand what these folks are saying. And as much as I believe in my faith I would NEVER inflict on others what Natalie et al has had happen to them, and were I her I would be very resentful and “trapped”.

    And, if you read my posts carefully you will see that I was saying no one from the ONE TRUE CHURCH really talks to me, despite my best efforts to work within the predominant community here, even to the point of enrolling my son in a LDS Scout Troop close to my house rather than one of my faith located some ways away.
    And, I think it’s because they know I’m not going to convert, whereas they can always hope the ex-mos or people with no church will either go back or convert. Why can’t we all just be friends and disagree on the religion issue? I know, I know…I’m naive…just call me Cleopatra ’cause I’m the Queen of Denial.

    I’m just sayin….


  28. JulieAnn says:

    Hey I thought my suggestions were very good and Christ-like. Who the hell do you think invented humor?


  29. Megan says:

    There are a lot of Mormons in Utah who do not live as they are taught. Excluding anyone from neighborhood, school, scouting or even church activities would be un-Christlike and therefore un-Mormonlike. I’ve had a taste of such behavior here in Utah, and I am a fully involved member of my ward. It makes me very sad. It makes me try harder to be inclusive and out-going, even though I am rather shy and quiet. The whole thing with the having to write a letter to have your name removed from Church records is annoying, I know, but you really can end the visits from bishops and Relief Society presidents if you will do it. There are those who have asked to be left alone who have later “returned to the fold” and the Church holds out as long as it can for those few, I believe. However…I completely understand your frustration and I wish I were your neighbor and could see the process through to the end for you. Take a minute and write that letter and you’ll be done with it all. All the best!


  30. azteclady says:

    No offense intended, Megan, but saying “but you really can end the visits from bishops and Relief Society presidents if you will do it.” to someone who HAS written the letter before… well, sounds just a tad condescending. And optimistic, given Natalie’s past experiences.


  31. Megan,
    Thank you for your thoughtful and measured response. Truly, I don’t feel like I should have to write another letter. I just don’t see the point. I believe the Mormon Church just moves your names from one file to another, and sometimes the files get mixed up. I will be dealing with this the rest of my life. I have lots of Mormon friends, despite what Wayne thinks, and I don’t advocate any kind of violence against them.

    I was also pretty nice to “my” bishop. He asked me if it was okay if they put notices for “neighborhood” events on my door, and I said, sure.

    Wayne is seriously lacking a sense of humor. What a silly response.


  32. Richard says:

    Wow, Mormons are annoying, huh? According to my midwestern upbringing (Roman Catholic) everyone else is going straight to hell anyway. (Good reason for some people to stay Catholic, with a capital C.) Someone should write a book about a person who joins every religion they encounter just to cover their bases. These days, I think all organized religions are pretty much ruining everyone’s lives, except when they’re doing sincerely good things like feeding the poor and taking care of widows, etc., WITHOUT guilting them into joining their particular cult or religion. Better to get back to basics and follow the golden rule, don’t you think, people? And stop making up new bibles and shit–that really is proving counterproductive, no matter how many people are temporarily hoodwinked into joining or how fast their church grows: the Nazi Party grew fast, like the Mormons, and they honestly thought they were the One True Church, too.


  33. kc says:

    why won’t this let me leave a message?


  34. kc says:

    Why do people like Wayne even come on this website? Just looking to pick a fight? Wayne don’t you think you are calling the kettle black when you say these people are not being very Christ like?


  35. Johnny says:

    Regarding this statement by Natalie:

    “Truly, I don’t feel like I should have to write another letter. I just don’t see the point……..”

    There is a point to it all and that is that as a member u have certain rights -which can be cancelled on request. Being a large organisation they just don’t know how much of a bishops word to trust. In an Aug 21 1967 letter, 1st presidency rebuked Bishops for removing inactive’s names via excommunication from rolls so that statistical reports looked better. Then after the texas law suites in mid ‘90’s they came up with this administrative act of name removal but this is still a complicated procedure since after your letter the bishop has to write to you as does the stake president, and copies of all letters need to go to HQ.

    But this adverse situation affects all concerned, the ex member -Natalie- and the poor home teacher or inexperienced Bishop who has to waste his time visiting people who don’t want to be visited. Maybe another law suite would change this for the better of all of us, the Natalie’s of this world and the home teachers who actually want to do a good job!!!!


  36. Johnny says:

    I should point out that I also dislike the current situation with ex members like Natalie; if they don’t want to be members anymore we should have a system where just the two home teachers verbal testimony (as per D&C) is enough to get the records cancelled; or a least noted as ex member not to be visited and removed from the rolls since because of genealogy they don’t actually destroy the record just move it to the ex members lists.

    This helps active members just concentrate on those who want to be members and leave the others alone.


  37. kd says:


    You said: “I sat down, with my laptop and a beer, and started to write. And while writing my adventures, I looked out to see a man in a suit, advancing on our door.”

    I think it obvious.

    The guy was after your beer.

    It happens all the time. Mormons are scared to be seen buying beer. They want it, and so they have to get it from gentiles or exmos. It happens all the time.

    You will never get off the list as a potential source for free beer.


  38. Shaun says:

    I am sorry to hear about your ongoing trials with the church, even though they can be somewhat entertaining.
    Maybe I can explain one of the reasons that your bishop still visits. In the Bible, the Apostle Paul set forth the requirements and duties of a bishop in 1st Timothy chapter 3. Verse 7 states that he is supposed to visit those who are “without ” or who are not members. He is not there to try and re-convert you, but just see how you are doing and if there is anything he can do to help you or your family. It sounds like you made it very clear as to what he could do for you… haha I really hope he gets that taken care of. But even with your names removed, you can still expect an occasional visit from him just to see how your doing. That is not just for your sake, but for his as well. I can imagine how hard it is for him to make those visits, but when he truly believes that is part of his calling, he does it anyway. Sounds like a good guy to have as a friend and neighbor.


  39. azteclady says:

    Bishop: “What can I do for you?”

    Me: “Leave me alone forever, to care (or not) for my own soul as *I* see fit”

    Bishop: “But I’m supposed to see what I can do for you! Again and again and again and…”

    Me: “WTF????”

    Sorry, Shaun. I don’t see how a non-Mormom, ex-Mormon, atheist, or whatever, should suffer so that a Mormon bishop’s duty is done.

    But then, I don’t get pushy people of whatever persuation–Jehova’s Witnesses, Mormons, any and all persuations of Protestantism, used car salespeople, etc. *shrug*


  40. Shaun says:

    Is it really suffering to have someone occasionally ask you how your doing? I think it is comforting to know that there is someone out there that cares about your well being. Now if he is visiting every week, then your right, that could be considered suffering. But to have an occasional visit from someone is just neighborly. I would hope we would all do that to our neighbors.


  41. azteclady says:

    Actually, Shaun, the problem is that–in my experience, your mileage may of course vary–these visits are not about being neighborly. They are about proselytizing, pure and simple.

    It’s not a neighbor coming by to say, “Hey, I’m going to the grocery store, need something?” It’s not a neighbor stopping by to say, “Haven’t seen you in a while, are you feeling well, need anything?”


    These people wouldn’t know me from Adam, Eve, nor the serpent. But they would very much like to come into my house and explain to me how theirs is THE ONE TRUE CHURCH, and how THEIR beliefs are right, and mine are wrong.

    And for that kind of pushy, intrusive, insulting to my intelligence, discourteous behaviour even ONCE a year is way too much.

    On top of that, some of us *raising hand* prefer not to have unannounced visits even from close family and friends, let alone total strangers bent on conversion.
    It’s not only Mormons, that’s true. But I personally don’t give a deceased rodent’s behind who it is–I just want them to stop it.

    I want them to respect *my* wishes, that’s all.


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  43. Elaine says:

    Shaun…yes it is, when they come into your home, as they did into mine, and try to tell me what my politics should be (“You can’t be a good Mormon when you are a registered Democrat”…heard that one more than once), what books I should and shouldn’t be reading, and what I should or should not watch on television. None of that was any of their business, and I kind of thought it took a lot of gall to come into my home and then try to dictate my behavior and my very thoughts.

    The problem was only made worse by the fact that they always, always stopped by unannounced and then expected to be let in to chat for an hour, even the times when he explained that we were just on our way out to the door, that we were expected somewhere shortly and no, we couldn’t reschedule our plans at the last minute just for the drop-ins’ convenience.


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