Updates from Mormonia

Interesting story about a genetic disorder that is plaguing the fundies down in Colorado City.


(Note, this is not unusual. The Kingston clan, in SLC, is also plagued with genetic disorders.)

Props to Azteclady for pointing this story out to me.


A Republican presidential candidate, Sam Brownback, has been forced to apologize for an aide who reported sent anti-Mormon materials to other GOPs, using her personal email.


Has it occurred to anyone else that these candidates should just stop TALKING about Romney? I mean, the controversial church he belongs to is raising enough red flags. It seems like it would be safer to just skirt the issue. (Note to candidates. Don’t really stop talking about him. It gives me lots to blog on.)

Props to Dej for sending this tidbit along.


And this one (also courtesy of Dej), just made me kind of go “ick!”



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