Slap a Quarter in my Hand and Call Me Madame Zelda….

My last post, titled LDS CHURCH BANS GOOGLE, proved to be somewhat prophetic, as commenter geneticerror pointed out. Yes, folks, if you LIKE your reality watered-down, edited, censored, and to never challenge your beliefs, as they have been given to you by your controllers, er, uh, leaders, then the following site is the one for you., does exist, and it IS a Mormon-only search engine, and while powered by Google, Natalie R. Collins does not show up ANYWHERE in any of their searches. Says the site (which clones the Google search page) is the first search engine dedicated to providing easy access to information on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church or Mormons). This search engine removes all the “anti-Mormon” propaganda and lets users easily access the information they want. All included sites are hand picked and reviewed.

This site is not affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, although the creator and most contributors are. Results are powered by Google.

This, creators of OnlyMormon, is NOT easy access, it is censorship. It is ALSO adding to the great divide between Mormons and everyone else. The next time someone says, “Why do you just write about the Mormons,” may I please point out this incredibly “cult-like” behavior.

These people have created a Mormon-only-alternate universe, which, of course, is what the Mormons believe to be true, anyway. The only version you get of Mormonism is the ONE THEY WANT YOU TO GET. Just make it easy and accept the chip in your brain, because if you are willing to do this, you are a sad, frightened little sheep.

Welcome to the United States of Mormon. Here’s your Jesus Jammies. Already dead? Don’t worry, you will be given the chance to become Mormon, because, of course, only Mormons have the truth, and only Mormons will be in God’s highest kingdom. And that’s why they are so busy baptizing all of YOU after you die. Don’t say they didn’t give you a chance. They are generous, those Mormons.

Go to this site if you like your milk before your meat, and are able to swat away pesky questions by just saying, “Well, Donny Osmond believes it, so it MUST be true.”

Folks, if something is TRUE it must stand up to all tests. If something can stand up to all tests, why the terrible fear, and the censorship, and the name-calling and labeling that Mormon apologists are so good at? (And yes, they are good at it.)

Why write about the Mormons? You can probably answer that yourself after doing a search for search engines containing ONLY material that is pro any other legitimate religion. It’s not out there. Yes, they have “official sites,” but they generally do not try to tamp down information they do not consider “faith-promoting.” THIS behavior is why people react the way they do to Mormons.

Frighteningly enough, I ran across an article about Google censoring a site that was anti-Scientology. Through money, power and lawsuits, the Scientologists succeeded in threatening Google to pretty much remove ANY mention of those sites.

Like the Mormons, the Scientologists only want filtered material available to the faithful and prospective members.

And from there, you do the math….


About Natalie R. Collins

Natalie has more than 30 years writing, editing, proofreading and design experience. She has written 20 books (and counting), has worked for the Sundance Film Festival, and as an investigative journalist, editor, and proofreader. She embraces her gypsy-heart and is following her new free-thinking journey through life. Follow her as she starts over and learns a bunch of life's lessons--some the hard way.
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36 Responses to Slap a Quarter in my Hand and Call Me Madame Zelda….

  1. azteclady says:

    Scary, very scary.


  2. Jason says:

    Give me a break. It is interesting you didn’t notice “this site is not affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS”. It is written in plain view right below everything else you mentioned. Do you just take everyone for a bunch of idiots? Why do I even have to explain this?

    Last post I promise. I’m outta here.


  3. summer says:

    The blogger Taylor Marsh wrote about how she was censored by her hosting company for linking to some anti-mormon site. They went into her site and changed the link without Marsh’s permission. The owners of her then hosting company are Mormons.
    The nerve of some people. She wrote about it here.


  4. Renee says:

    Ye gads! Donny Osmond tells me all, I used to have purple socks! (haha)….I think the thing that drives me most nuts about this nutty place is the LACK of broad thought or diverse opinion that is tolerated. Hell, I am from a neighboring blue state that is better than that….


  5. Renee says:

    or perhaps a red state. I can’t remember which is which, I’m too brainwashed by now.


  6. Mary says:

    Heh. I went to the site, did a search on “polygamy”, and guess what popped up on the side? A Google ad for a non-Mormon, pro-polygamy website.


  7. Ed Smith says:

    I did some searches on OnlyMormon and found that they don’t necessarily block the sites that address controversial topics, only the sites that exist for the sole purpose of distorting the beliefs of LDS church members. They have a form on the website if you want to submit a site to be included.

    I think you’re missing the point of the website. They aren’t trying to give Mormons easy access to information that refutes their faith. They are trying to give Mormons easy access to topics related to their faith. Search for “Young Women” (the organization for girls 12-18 in the LDS church) on Google and try finding stuff on the LDS Church. Then do the same site on OnlyMormon and see the difference.


  8. Alicia says:

    Erm … Jason … just … wow. It really shows what a low opinion you have of Natalie that you think she doesn’t even read what she’s quoting, it mentions within the information directly from the LDS Google that “this site is not affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS.” I doubt she’s careless enough to not notice that. Why should she have to repeat it again if it’s in there once?
    “Do you just take everyone for a bunch of idiots?”
    No. She thinks we’re smart enough to read the parts she quoted. But apparently you think we are.
    “Why do I even have to explain this?”
    Explain what? PLEASE stop it with the hostility and superiority you’re constantly showing, at least be mature enough to ignore it for the few minutes you comment here so we don’t all think you’re a hotheaded fool. I haven’t even graduated from high school yet but your persistence in somehow trying to prove Natalie is lying to us “bunch of idiots” is coming off as too juvenile. You’re a Mormon – that’s fine; you’re visiting a site that isn’t “faith promoting” and still believe – more power to you, but trying to paint Natalie as a bad guy is silly, especially when all your ‘evidence’ is weak.


  9. Kane says:

    I heard about this site the other day and I Moogled “Kolob”. It was interesting to read their explanations of what this planet’s purpose/significance is. I got stuck at a particular site that posts a lot of nonsense IMO. This guy tries to justify a Mormon stance on everything and usually beats around the bush on some facts:
    Some of the articles just make me laugh/cry. But whatever, choose your own reality.


  10. Cele says:

    Well that explains why it looks so like Google, hmmmm I wonder if they have a Scientologyonly google? hmmmm the possiblities are endless.


  11. azteclady says:

    Ed Smith (any relation to Joseph? I wonder irreverently), said:
    “I did some searches on OnlyMormon and found that they don’t necessarily block the sites that address controversial topics, only the sites that exist for the sole purpose of distorting the beliefs of LDS church members. (snip)”

    Wow. So they block Natalie because what she writes about the church she grew up in–the church she’s studied and researched, mind–‘distorts’ said church’s beliefs? Says who? Whenever she writes about the tenets of the LDS’s church, she quotes from the church’s documents–how’s that distorting?

    “I think you’re missing the point of the website.”

    I think you are missing the point of this blog.

    But hey, what do I know? I’m just a recovering Catholic myself.


  12. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Jason. I noticed it. Perhaps YOU didn’t read what I wrote (what a surprise) because I even QUOTED it!!! So they say they aren’t affiliated. Do you think they came up with their “mindset” all on their own. The LDS Church is very well known for censoring material. It’s common knowledge. Even Cousin Steve will tell you that, right? LOL.

    Look the bottom line here is this. That search engine will ONLY provide one view. That is not good in ANY frame of life. You need to be able to sort out the material, to research, to dig deep. Coming to a conclusion based on only ONE REFERENCE point is silly, stupid, and has no merit.

    But you can’t handle the truth, can you big J? Seeee yaa………


  13. Ed, I am not missing the point of the Web site. I believe YOU are missing the point. It is only giving you ONE VIEW. ONE. The one THEY want you to have. If that’s how you do research, I hope your job involves asking “Do you want fries with that?”

    Every business, every company, every organization is bettered by people who do not accept the first quote; research the other options; compare prices; look for alternatives.

    LIFE is no different. There IS NO ONE view, and those who try to live within these narrow frames are missing out on so much. Quit trying to make the rest of us live in those narrow frames, too.


  14. Cele,

    I tried slapping some other “only” names in my browser, and didn’t come up with any other religion, including Scientology. It was kind of amusing, though.


  15. Mary says:

    I think Scientology does have a sort of “net nanny” thing, though, that they strongly encourage their members to install.


  16. JulieAnn says:

    I’m taking the devil’s advocate on this one…If I were a Mormon and wanted to do some research on the Internet for my Young Women’s lesson that I had to prepare, I wouldn’t want to sort through all the porn and other sites to find the LDS version of Young Women. Same with Relief Society or anything else. If a person is researching the Church itself, then I doubt very highly they would stay in the Moogle search engine. It’s for those who want their paradigms to stay intact. It’s a free country (sort of). We can’t begrudge them their very own isolated view of the world if they want it that way. We can’t force them to ‘research’ and question their faith if they have no desire to do that. Not that you are saying we should force them to use Google instead, but harping on it is futile IMO.

    On the flip side, I see your point in how disurbing it is that the Church encourages members to not question; that is a point of contention for me as well. But some people do better as Mormons; they need that structure, that moral code to exist externally. Doesn’t make censorship right, but the Church isn’t censoring anything with this search engine. That’s like ranting against Deseret Books because they only sell church books. So, don’t go in there if you’re looking for your books–or mine! The Moogle search engine is just another example of the Morg needing to stay isolated and ‘peculiar.’

    Keep in mind that ‘Mormon’ is also a great market tool. How many people have come up with new things with a Mormon theme to make money? (Including anti, btw) Because once Mormons get into something and believe it will help them attain that level of perfection, they will go crazy and spend anything to get is (see 72-Hour Kits and B of M Videos for kids).

    The bottom line is, every person in the Mormon Church has freedom of choice unless they live in a shoe box with only breathing holes and a B of M. They have access to the outside world, non-members, TV, everything; they are CHOOSING to be led by the nose, they are choosing to give over their morality and lives to this Church. They may have been indoctrinated to a degree, but if it were infallable, then people like you and I wouldn’t exist.


  17. JulieAnn,

    I see your point, and of course I considered that, but I don’t believe that is what it was EVER meant for. I do agree that for some people, Mormonism is a comfort and answers all the questions. It works for them. It works for many members of my family. I’m okay with that. But it always goes so much further than that, and you know it as well as I do. It doesn’t stop there.


  18. Tania says:


    I am sure the reason ‘young women’ is blocked on the onlymormons search engine is because it was the easiest way to block porn from horny church going men.


  19. Sideon says:

    I doubt he’ll post my comments, but this is what I wrote over there (insert intentional, dramatic, angry-anti mormon shudder, here).

    You’re assuming that anyone questioning your motives is an “angry anti” Mormon. No, some of us (like myself) are amused with the attempts to call this “hand-picking” anything other than censorship, which is the act, process or practice of omission or exclusion.

    If you’re going to advocate the strength of God’s truth, wouldn’t you let it stand against different perspectives? To do otherwise makes that supposed truth look to be cowardly and without merit.


  20. azteclady says:

    Natalie was ‘distressed’? Really? Gee, how come I missed that?

    Sideon, there are no comments to any post over there. Wonder why that is…


  21. Tracy says:

    Natalie, I put in Anti Mormon and found this web site

    This guy shreds evangelicals, and if they complain, they are believers in cheap grace.

    I find it funny Mormon apologist can skewer everyone else, but don’t go after their beliefs.


  22. Tracy says:

    Jason, if you keep reading you will see those who work the search engine say, “although the creator and most contributors are…” so it is affiliated though LDS.


  23. Wayne says:

    I clicked on the “categories” section of this web-site, and clicked on the “unbelievable” button. What I found was interesting to me. Interesting enough that I thought I would take a chance that someone just might (heavy on the “just might”) read a previously posted article on this site if I posted it again. The last time I posted it, I got a couple of ‘snide’ remarks by someone that clamed he did not read any more than the first and last paragraphs.

    The “unbelievable” article and posted remarks were about the Mormons not bearing all the “MEAT” or “lies” in their doctrine, but staying with the “milk”. I think if those making these comments were as informed about their own religion, they would not be making those kinds of statements. (I am assuming they are of the Christian persuasion).

    (Now don’t anyone be guilty of doing what the Mormons do by not reading the whole thing.)

    Hypocrisy on display—

    [This was previously posted in regards to the section about Mitt Romney. I think it applies to this subject as well. (With some editing and many additions)]

    I thought it interesting that someone would comment on the Book of Mormon and then refer the readers to the so-called “excellent” article about the fallacies of the Book of Mormon written by the owner of another website, Richard Packham.
    I am assuming that Natalie herself, and most of the participants on her website, are of the “Christian” persuasion. If that’s the case, I am wondering why anyone of the Christian persuasion would use him (Richard Packam) as someone that could be trusted on any subject concerning any kind of a belief in God.
    Out of curiosity, I clicked on his name just to see what he had to say about the “Mormons”. What I found was kind of interesting. He is a devout Atheist. He even writes “why he is not a Christian any more” articles, and even has a long list of Bible contradictions. Don’t believe me, see for yourself. See what a so-called, self-proclaimed expert can do with the sacred beliefs of Christians. Then compare his techniques with the techniques that are being used against Mormonism.
    Some seem so anxious to break out their ”Big Guns” of fault finding, and demonstrate their “intellectuality”, in regards to the “History” of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
    Just “partially” for fun, let me demonstrate just how easy it can be done:
    I know some people don’t like to “put the Bible on trial.” And, if it is quoted or talked about, they call it an “attack on God’s final and infallible and forever word.” But let me take that chance and see what you think.
    First off, let me suggest that you go to the local library, and check out a book by a Biblical scholar of your choice (one that you have a lot of trust and faith in) and research the History of the Bible. Learn not only who put it together, but how it came about. Learn about the process of translating thoughts from one language to another, and the difficulties of getting the same message, or meaning, of a certain scripture when the translation is complete. As you are aware, there are a lot of people retranslating the Bible, because they apparently seem to think the King James Version has some problems in it. Learn about other faiths that have additional scriptures in their Bibles, and other Christian faiths, that have chosen to leave them out. You know how important it is to some that Mormons have “added” to “Gods word.”
    I listen to the Bible on cassette as I drive, and suggest that you do the same. Start from the very first page (or cassette/CD). Go all the way through (word for word), (Old and New Testaments), and see what is in them. I know some people just like to go to the references in the scriptures that refer them to other scriptures that back up the same point. But this time, just read the whole book from the beginning (Genesis) to the end (Revelation). If you do, I really don’t think you will be so quick with your “trigger finger in regards to the LDS faith.

    Let me further make my point by using some (tongue in cheek) comments. Some of it is said in “jest” just to demonstrate what can be done if a person should “shift” his mind into the faultfinding mode, (although some of it is factual). It is also done with the thought in mind of how some people in the “shift’ mode, go to the LDS Church history to find some evidence or problem with the doctrine (or leaders) of the Church to prove it unworthy of believing in it. It is also done with the idea in mind that the “Bible is your Church History.” It is a record of the beginning of your Christian beliefs. It is the history of the Jesus you believe in as Lord and Savior. It is a record of the early leaders “and Prophets” that you believe in and trust, and their writings you go to (hopefully), to reinforce your belief in God and His Son Jesus Christ. It is your book of God’s instructions of how he wants you to live your life so you can change your attitudes and lifestyles to be what He wants you to be.
    Now: If I were to “shift” (or allow someone to shift) my mind into the faultfinding mode in regard to what you believe, and if, I used your test of “perfection, without tolerance,” I would go to the Bible and read all of the things that the “so called” prophets were guilty of doing. Things like; running around in public naked like David (see Micah 1:8). Getting drunk like Noah (see Gen 9:21). And another getting drunk, and then having sex with his two daughters and getting them pregnant like Lot (see Gen 19:30-38).
    And then, I would read a few false prophecies like the one Jonah made, when he said God told him to go to Nineveh (see Jonah 1:1-2), and tell them that “Nineveh shall be overthrown.”(See Jonah 3:4). Guess what? It didn’t happen. Even Jonah was “mad” at God (see Jonah 4:1, 9), which is a big “NO, NO.” Why was he mad a God? Because God apparently “changed his mind,” (see Jonah 3:10), and made Jonah look like a fool, (maybe even a “false prophet.”)
    I know you have already read your own material and you know all about these things.
    How about talking donkeys? (See Numbers 22:28) Let’s ask the prophet Balaam about that one. Or better yet, let’s ask the witnesses that were there (see Numbers 22:22), maybe they will tell us what really happened. I might even question the good relationship between your God and Lucifer, when they got together and made a deal concerning Job (see Job 1:6-12). Even God’s sons were there to witness what took place on that occasion (see Job1:6). I might even stumble across another little incident by the prophet Elisha in 2 kings 2:22-24. No, better not read about that one. And, I definitely wouldn’t want to read what God told a prophet to use for fuel to bake his bread. (See Ezekiel 4:12)
    Then, as I read, I would come across the little, and of course, unimportant, incident that took place in Gen. 34, that seems to implicate a prophet of God:
    Let me paraphrase: The son of a leader of another country, raped one of Jacob’s daughters. Jacob and his sons (needless to say) were a little upset about it. The leader of that country and his son were sorry for what had taken place and ask Jacob and his sons for forgiveness. They even offered gifts for their “grace.” Anything Jacob would ask, they would give. The sons of Jacob told them: “If you will become as us, and be circumcised, we will forgive you.” I would read on and find out what Jacob’s sons did after they had made Hamor, and his son Shechem, feel forgiven. And this was done even after Hamor and Schechem went back to their city and had, all the males in their group, do the same (be circumcised), to prove that they were sincere. And, just maybe, I would have a hard time trying to convince myself that Jacob didn’t, in some way, have something to do with what his sons did. Especially so, when I read on and found out that Jacob seemed a little more concerned about his own “skin” than was his concerns as to what had taken place. And then, I might even take note as to how they were trading their daughters back and forth as if they (the daughters) were cattle. I just might have a flash come to my mind and compare another incident in “Mormon Church history,” the Mountain Meadows Massacre and Brigham Young, to the rest of Jacob’s story. And then I just might go back and read what the Savior said about the “mote and the beam.”
    Oh yea, I know you could give me a bunch of answers about these subjects, but that is not part of the process in discussing “religious” matters, is it? You will say that I have twisted the information, or “you are just looking for the bad.” OK, I concede, I’m guilty.
    I just don’t think I could belong to a group that believes in those kinds of leaders. I just couldn’t follow leaders that would do those kinds of things. But, only if I used “your test”!!! Keep in mind that we are reading in Christian “Church history” (the Old Testament).
    And then I would go to the New Testament, (more “Christian Church history”) and read stories of “your Jesus” and the irresponsible things that He did. Things like; casting evil spirits into some poor man’s pigs, so that they would run off a cliff into the ocean (see Mark 5:13). And then another time when He was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to fast and pray to His Father (see Luke 4:1), for forty days. Guess who shows up to answer His prayers? (See Luke 4:2)

    I could go on with a lot more, but I won’t. There are a lot of reasons for not believing in your brand of religion. And I just know, I could discourage a few believers by going out and holding up a banner encouraging them to go to a web-site with all kinds of negative information designed to discourage them. Just like the ones you and others have, in regard to the Church and Joseph Smith. Another interesting thing is: I have never found any indication or even a hint in the Bible or any place else, that anyone had “apologized” to anyone for what they did, or what their ancestors did.
    There is a difference between you and me. I can except the weaknesses in the Prophets of God and still believe that they were inspired by Him, and talked to Him (face to face, like Moses). And for some reason I can’t explain, is, that God works through weak humans, (I think you would call them sinners), and calls them Prophets, to get His message to His children (you and me), as He says in Amos 3: 7.
    You can’t do that. Prophets have to be “perfect” in every way for you, or you can’t believe in them, especially LDS Prophets.

    Other things comes to mind that your people did to the “Mormons” even before the MMM.
    Click on your search and read about the Hauns Mill Massacre. Let me help you find one: There was even a young child shot “point blank” and killed. His young brother had his whole hip blown away by (possibly) one of your own Christian ancestors.
    Read other reports about what the early “mobs” (some of them “Christians”) did, and how they burned the early saint’s homes, and drove the members of the Church out of their warm homes in the middle of winter without even coats or shoes.
    Let’s talk about the rapes of our women, and murders of helpless old men, women and children. One sick old man was slashed to death with a sickle, (a long bent knife used to cut corn). The person who committed that crime was heard bragging about it later in a saloon.
    Shall we talk about how some of the “mob” (possibly some of your ancestors or former Christians) took turns raping one young woman to death on a bench, while they forced her husband to watch?
    How many died crossing the plains trying to get away from people with attitudes like yours.
    These are but a few of the hundreds………

    Things have gone wrong on both sides of the issues. But, as yet, I only hear one side demanding an apology for an incident that “the big bad Mormons” did.
    I have yet to hear an apology for those crimes (afore mentioned), by your ancestors, or from your former or present leaders.

    It is interesting to me too, that having listened to a lot of preachers on Christian radio and television: I have never once heard them talk about those incidents. And if they did, they could always come up with some kind of excuse or softening reason for it taking place. Could they be hiding something from their followers? I am convinced that the Old Testament should be rated ‘X’ or at the least ‘PG’ for the things that are in it.
    I am convinced that those who are professing to be Christians, and that are so adamant in criticizing the Mormons have never read their own Bible. If they had, they wouldn’t be so judgmental about Mormonism. I am not going to quote any specific scriptures, because I think the basic theme, and one of the main points, that the Savior taught, was on the subject of “Hypocrisy”.

    I know many of you are going to want to make some kind of an explanation of why I am way off base on some of the things I have said. But let me say this: “My mind is made up” and “no matter what you say or how much evidence or intellectual information you have to refute my comments: It will make no difference. That is of no use. Because my mind is blocked and there is no room for any kind of explanation or excuses.” Does that Sound Familiar???



  24. JulieAnn says:

    You’re right, of course. I would love to take on a ‘live and let live’ philosophy, too, but I am seeing first-hand what a mind-job the church does on people. I have a friend who is trying to leave as we speak, and she’s being put through the ringer. So much for ‘free agency’, huh? It’s scary when man-usurped power and God meet.


  25. azteclady says:

    Oh good, it was not just me who was left scratching her head and wondering what on earth Wayne is trying to say here…


  26. Natalie says:

    Wayne, please do not keep REPOSTING your old comments. You are making my eyes glaze over. The bottom line problem here is, YOU ARE not bothering to read anyone’s post, and only seeing what you want.

    I was BORN AND RAISED Mormon. I know the religion. I’m not coming at it from a “Christian” standpoint, so you are fighting a battle that isn’t being waged. Haven’t you wondered why no one else is on the battlefield? You say your posts are getting ignored…. Yeah. If you want to argue Mormonism vs. Christianity, there are lots of places I’m sure you can go, but really, this isn’t one of them.

    This is TRAPPED BY THE MORMONS. My experience, takes, opinions on life in Utah, living as an Ain’t in the land of Saints. My opinions may not always be to your liking, but you must remember….They ARE my opinions.


  27. Shawna says:


    Sorry to hear you left the mormon religion. I see where that decision has led your life!
    I stumbled accros your blog by accident – then curiousity struck & I couldn’t help but keep reading. Thanks, I needed a good laugh. I’m not here to bash back and forth with anyone. I can’t imagine an experience anyone could have where they would feel “Trapped by Mormons”. Who exactly has you trapped? I was born & raised mormon & married in the temple. I am know remarried to a non-member & I am inactive. Not trapped. It was as easy as that – walk away. Do I regret it? If you are interested in knowing then you ask me.

    Having said that, I still don’t see how one could feel TRAPPED BY MORMONS or better yet how one (like yourself) could be raised mormon & still think it was a cult. Some of you may not have liked church very much – but you know it is not a cult….now come on!

    You are very talented in putting this link together to let the world know how bad you despise mormons.
    A suggestion might be, instead of writing all the things that suck about mormons, write about what you do believe in & choose to follow now. Because, for the sound of it….anything would be better than mormon! Right? Otherwise, I think you have a pretty pointless BLOG.
    You are leaving all your readers with…..nothing but your hate for mormons. ok thats nice!

    I would hope you believe everyone in life needs some religion or group to feel they belong.

    Leave your readers with “your opinion” of the religion you DO suggest.


  28. Shawna says:

    then I may be curious at checking back!


  29. SHAWNA, Trapped by the Mormons is a JOKE!!! It’s an old movie. Brigham Young had flashing eyes! He hypnotized young women to join him. You people just don’t get tongue-in-cheek humor.

    Sorry, but I don’t think everyone in life needs some religion. Rather, I believe spirituality can come from within. And should come from within.

    I am not here to tell ANYONE what is right. Why would I do that? I just think parts of Mormonism are silly. Sorry, but I do. And that’s my right.


  30. Cele says:

    Whoa, Shawna step off girl. Nobody here hates Mormons. Mormons are individual people. A person chooses to like or dislike a person for themselves (well at least that is the theory) not for their religion (there are whole countries that work to destroy that concept.) Nobody here hates Mormons.

    And the only religions that don’t believe Mormon is a cult are those who are Mormons, even other cult religions think Mormon is a cult. By definition Mormonism is a cult.


  31. azteclady says:

    I can’t help but wonder… how hard it would be to search the blog and Natalie’s website for their actual thrust and intent, rather than making assumptions? Doing just a bit of research before spouting appalling generalizations might save people some embarrassment. (And it definitely would cut down on the time poor Natalie spends retyping the explanations over and over and over and…)


  32. Tracy says:

    Shawna, read the damn blog before you type another inane word. (sorry for the cuss work Natalie, but it had to be done)

    Oh my dear dog, doesn’t anyone “READ” anymore? because if you did Shawna, you wouldn’t have written that diatribe of crap.


  33. INTJ_Mom says:

    Hi Natalie, I’m about maybe 3/4 through BCD. I’d like to email you privately about what I think thus far. So expect something in a few days. Anyhow, speaking of baptisms for the dead – here’s a question that got me in some hot water as a Mormon teen.

    I had been thinking about the whole getting a chance to accept Mormonism after you’re dead scenario. It seemed a bit unfair. I asked if other religions were allowed to proselyte in spirit prison. I mean, if you’re in spirit prison and some Mormon missionaries come a knocking, and they are the only missionaries around at all – well you’d have to be an idiot to not join up, right? It’s really not a question of faith or believing if you’re dead and some missionaries show up, is it? Obviously they were sent by God to give you a 2nd chance. Unless there are other religions proselyting too. Then there would still be a choice involved and maybe some faith.

    I was never given any kind of answer beyond “if someone rejects Mormonism in this life, they don’t get a 2nd chance. Only those who didn’t have a chance to hear and accept the gospel in mortality get a chance to hear the gospel in the after life.” This response of course did not address my question at all and when I tried to bring up that point, I was pulled aside and told that I thought too much and I needed to stop questioning and just accept and believe what I was told. Anything that didn’t seem to make sense right now would be cleared up in the afterlife if I made it to exaltation. It was not my place to question anything here in mortality, it was only my duty to faithfully obey.


  34. Elaine says:

    Oh, if I only had a nickel for every time someone…in the church or out of it…told me that I think too much. Well, let’s just say I’d never have to work again.

    I think that’s an interesting observation, though INTJ_Mom, and one I never even thought of. If the Mormon missionaries get to proselytize in whatever afterlife there might be, why shouldn’t the other religions get to do so too. It’s only fair, after all.


  35. Tracy says:

    Natalie, I found this site. I don’t know if it’s real, but the name made me stop and have a look.


  36. corianton says:



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