There are smart Mormons, and there are MORMONS LIKE THIS

Our newest friend, Laura, who apparently FOUND my blog while looking for something else (it happens a LOT), wrote:

“GROW UP Cambre’s Mom, noone cares that you are such a great mom that you stood up to someone who didn’t respect your boundaries while trying to be kind.
I have a feeling you are quick to hate other people who are not like-minded as well. That’s too bad for you.”

Laura, Laura, Laura. I DON’T hate anyone, really. Well, I sorta dislike that one pyscho dance mom who thinks her daughter is the only good dancer on her team, and who bitches about other kids dancing NEXT to her daughter who aren’t as good. Actually, I dislike her a lot. There’s a word for no one dancing but YOUR DAUGHTER. It’s called SOLO. Take her and be gone. Solos are done alone. (It should be noted here that her daughter is SIX! No one is that good at six. Can you see her in a few years?)

Her, I don’t like much. The rest of the world, I mostly like.

That doesn’t mean I have to accept the lack of respect for MY BOUNDARIES.

Laura is taking exception to an OLD post, that received a couple other FAIRLY nasty responses from Mormons in the comments. I must have pushed some buttons with this one, which is okay, because it pushed my buttons, too.

Apparently, Laura thinks I should have just allowed the primary president to do whatever she wanted.

Can we turn the tables here?

1. I show up at Laura’s house (she doesn’t know me, has never met me or seen me, and neither has her daughter met me or seen me).

2. I do not introduce myself, but ask for her daughter.

3. When questioned about who I am, I identify myself as the BUSY BEE president. I do not, however, give my name.

4. When further questioned about my intent, I tell her that I want to invite her daughter to come to my church, because I certainly don’t want her daughter to feel left out.

5. Once she assures me that her daughter will not feel left out, and in fact, really had no idea things were going on that she was not included in, I proceed to get offended and huffy, because as the BUSY BEE PRESIDENT it is my job to make sure all the young children in the ward boundaries, whether they are MORMON OR NOT, get their dose of indoctrination.

Can you consider that, Laura? Don’t tell me to grow up. YOU GROW up, or at least look outside your window past your narrow view of life. Some Mormons believe so strongly in their “truth” that they don’t give a second thought to trampling all over someone else’s beliefs, values, or rights.

You, apparently, are one of those. You are also so narrowminded that you cannot understand that refusing to let you TRAMPLE on my beliefs does not equate itself to hate. I do not hate you. I did not just write YOU a hatemail. Nope. That was you.

Next you’ll probably tell me to “drop dead” because you cannot adequately respond to MY response without getting ugly.

That’s okay. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

Take YOUR hate, and put it where the sun don’t shine. I have neither the time or the energy to deal with the likes of you. However, you do make for good fodder on my blog. For that, I thank you.

Just a note: You are not doing your church a favor with your defense. People like you would best serve the Mormon Church by sewing their mouths shut.


About Natalie R. Collins

Natalie has more than 30 years writing, editing, proofreading and design experience. She has written 20 books (and counting), has worked for the Sundance Film Festival, and as an investigative journalist, editor, and proofreader. She embraces her gypsy-heart and is following her new free-thinking journey through life. Follow her as she starts over and learns a bunch of life's lessons--some the hard way.
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9 Responses to There are smart Mormons, and there are MORMONS LIKE THIS

  1. Also says:

    Ouch. I almost felt sorry for Laura from that spanking. Almost.


  2. Cele says:

    I can only feel sorry for Laura, because she is unable to walk two feet in someone else’s shoes, Yet rancor and hate she can spew freely.


  3. mlbower says:

    We had a situation at our house where we had a Jehova’s Witness stop by while I was gone and my husband was in the garage. My young child answered the door, they gave him/her (I can’t remember which child) one of their pamphlets. While I had been previously tolerant of porch visits by one of the women from their church, the group who stopped by that day were strangers. My husband went off on the Jehova’s Witnesses and told them that they were never to step foot onto our property again.

    The hatemail senders are seeming to overlook that Natalie’s reaction to the situation had nothing to do with any religious opposition. A stranger was seeking her child. That is enough to cause any mother to go into primal defense mode. If there were really a grudge, Natalie would have posted the primary teacher’s name to go with the story.


  4. Tracy says:

    I am not a mother, but have neices and nephews, and if anyone did that to them, I would knock their blocks off, at least verbally.


  5. I had to laugh… and shake my head.

    You have my support Natalie.


  6. mommysix says:

    You know it gets really bad when you have to threaten legal action. Natalie, I’ve been in your position and I must say YOU DID EXACTLY RIGHT! Interestingly enough, I have been in the PPresident’s shoes – and I did somewhat the same thing – and now I wouldn’t think of it. You see, Laura, when you step away, study, and actually think for yourself – you’re eyes are opened to such knowledge. I’m not being mean, Laura, I just hope you find a little seed of kindness as you sit there week after week – perhaps look on the popcorn tree. 🙂 Keep writing, Natalie


  7. Idahoan says:

    This reminds me of a similar situation where my friend’s dd was invited to join a preschool. She was hesitant because it was a rotating homeschool type of thing, and she didn’t know any of the other moms. TBM friend was offended and upset, she responded with “Well I know them, and I trust them, so you should too!”. Nevermo friend was really baffled. She didn’t understand why TBM friend would think she should automatically trust someone, just because TBM friend went to church with them. I assured her she was right to question and think critically, and be concerned with her dd safety, and that this would not be the last time this issue arose with TBM friend. They really just don’t get it do they?


  8. Will says:

    I would be upset also… When i first started college i had teh pleasure of working for ZCMI and i every damn day i would end up helping someone who would ask me where i went on my mission or when I was going on one :/ They don’t even know my name or who I was or anything, yet they assume I have been on or am leaving on a mission soon LOL. I used to get pissed and then when i inform them I am not LDS BAMN!!! “So have you ever considered the church?” I am not kidding… at least 4-5 times a week this happened.

    Yes, this is a little different but it annoys me when they just assume something, in your case that they can just come to your door and ask directly for your daughter without thought or hesitation to you and your feelings, and in my case assume because i work for ZCMI ( I later found out that the church had something to do with ZCMI which i did not know of ahead of time, or at least that was what i was told :/ ) that i am in some way shape or form affiliated with the church.

    Ok I am done back to work =D


  9. Andrew says:

    Natalie:i found your blog on the Recovering From Mo. site. I have followed it for a few months and I find your perspective quite educational. I and my family have lived in Utah for over the last 100 years. I am self employed and will not tell you what my business is for reasons that will become appearant in this note.

    (Caution heavy words in this!)

    I grew up in Utah a non member. I and my siblings were raised with the idea that “everybody shits the same!” That was how our folks raised us. Now I went to the public school system in Utah and have worked here my whole life. I love the state, the scenerary is second to none. But these damn mormons have finally gotten to me.

    My gift has always been my ability to make new freinds and meet new people. I have traveled through 38 of the 50 states and been to 7 foreign countrys. I have many freinds in many places. I noticed at one of my locations, I own retail stores, in Utah county, that the customers always qualify me and try to find out if I am worthy to do business with.

    Now this does not bother me. You see I was raised as a minority in Utah. I am not a member. But I wanted an answer so I found your blog through the recovery site.

    As a non member a person is shunned by their peers and forget any type of dating the opisite sex. And when you accept an invitation to a local party sponsored by a ward member the only, and I mean only, things discussed is the church. It never stuns me that these people live in such a tightly controlled community that in front of their freinds they can’t talk about anything but the church. I even had the local representitive of the chamber of comerece in my store speaking softly because a member of her bishopric was in the next room and her husband serves with this person. She was talking to me about diet coke. Yes diet coke.

    When members in Utah first find out your not a member they go out of their way to let you know that everyone is loved. You soon find out that the only people the Mormons love are the nice White tithing payers who wear the funny underware.

    On business this last week end I had to go to Colorado. Wow! People speak in complete sentences and look you in the eye. I hope Gordon B. and his legislature figure out that segragating the schools and to a greater extent the work place buy mormon business owners will never draw industry to this state. And I can not find language strong enough to convey to other corporate pricipals that might read this that Utah has the highest number of fraud and scams per capita in the U.S. And that the public education system in this state is designed around getting boys ready for a mission and girls ready to marry them on the return.

    This just means you get a pretty dummed down work force that has no ethics if your canidate for a particular job is a mormon.

    I just don’t see how these mormons can live a double standard like this.

    Best regards.


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