Mormons Plan to Get Mitt Romney Elected President….

I know, I know, no shocker. We all know that Mormons believe that one of the Brethren will be elected president, and supposedly save the United States. With Mitt Romney, that prophecy has been ringing LOUDLY in the ears of all active Mormons, as for the first time in history, it is POSSIBLE he actually has a chance. Or did. I think that chance is gone now.

Since the LDS hierarchy here RUNS Utah, they are used to doing pretty much whatever they want. Sometimes, apparently, that makes them a little cocky and they aren’t as careful.

For example, it is a MAJOR faux pas (the IRS does not weigh on it lightly) to get involved in politics. And yet, as the Boston Globe revealed this week, there is a campaign being run out of BYU to garner support and lots and lots of moolah for Mitt Romney’s presidential run.

The LDS Church is issuing rapid denials and claims they had no knowledge of the plan. They are quickly closing ranks and pointing fingers at individuals, to take the actual CHURCH out of the hot seat. Nothing new there, either.

A church spokesman said last week that it was nonsense to suggest church leaders were working in any way to aid Romney’s political campaign, adding that Hinckley did not know of the Romney initiative to build a nationwide network of Mormon supporters.

But a Sept. 8 e-mail from Romney’s Utah-based political consultant, Don Stirling, states that Hinckley and James E. Faust, the church’s third-highest ranking leader, knew about the effort from another church leader, Jeffrey R. Holland, who had been in close consultation with Romney operatives about it.

It is my personal belief that the Church MAY have gone too far this time, despite their current back-pedaling and attempts to cover up any hierarchy involvement.

The Tribune has a fairly accurate recounting of the events, and also mentions the trouble the LDS hierarchy may find themselves in–particularly from the IRS.

Despite their claims of neutrality, the LDS Church has NEVER been neutral in politics. Anyone who has resided in Utah for even one nano-second is aware that they have a very heavy hand when it comes to controlling local policies. And when it suits them, national ones, too, ergo the huge amounts of money given to defeat passage of any laws that allow homosexual marriages.

But here in Utah? Why, we even ask the Church before we change our liquor laws. And where else could a religious entity BUY an entire STREET, and close it off to the public? Yup, Salt Lake City sold a portion of Main Street to the LDS Church a few years back. Rome, maybe. Mormons have some Catholic-envy. They want their own little Vatican. Mormonican?

At any rate, the plan to get Romney elected will undoubtedly backfire in a big way. Even if LDS Inc. walks away unscathed, Romney will not.

People are going to be taking a long hard look at him and his campaign.

And that means taking an EVEN LONGER and HARDER look at Mormonism. Does the LDS Hierarchy REALLY want that, especially when they are encouraging their missionaries to “lie for the Lord” and dodge the tough issues asked of them by investigators.

It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

My belief is that Mitt Romney will withdraw his bid for presidency in the next few months.


About Natalie R. Collins

Natalie has more than 30 years writing, editing, proofreading and design experience. She has written 20 books (and counting), has worked for the Sundance Film Festival, and as an investigative journalist, editor, and proofreader. She embraces her gypsy-heart and is following her new free-thinking journey through life. Follow her as she starts over and learns a bunch of life's lessons--some the hard way.
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19 Responses to Mormons Plan to Get Mitt Romney Elected President….

  1. Summer says:

    I sure hope you are right about him withdrawing. But him staying in the race would bring some needed attention to Mormonism and all its flaws.


  2. Cele says:

    I didn’t even realise he was Mormon. But he wouldn’t have gotten a vote from me or mine anyway.

    LDS non-political? Gosh, who would believe that?


  3. Howy says:

    Mitt who? Nobody outside of Utah knows this yo-yo is. This will never happen.

    Try and take this in the nicest possible way, there isn’t a handful of people that give a hoot about Utah and its wacky cult outside of Utah. They just don’t pack a punch anywhere but in The Land Of Zion (Oz).

    Move. Move now. Move far. At least three states away.


  4. Natalie says:

    Uh, Howy? Mitt Romney is the GOVERNOR OF MASSACHUSETTS. Sheesh. You are supposed to know these things. Take your condescension and stick it in your… uh, well, never mind.


  5. Also says:

    Note that in its “Recent Correction” of the Boston Globe story doesn’t quite or even link to the offending article needing “correction”. Even defending themselves they can’t allow their members to even see the other side of the story. So typical.


  6. Also says:

    Uh, I meant “quote” and not “quite” above. Sorry for the confusion.


  7. Never heard of him… My husband said, “What?”


  8. Howy says:


    Heh heh, are w e testy?

    For christ sake how am I supposed to fit ONE more thing up my ass when I’m packin’ such a huge stick.

    FYI Brat, I follow the news more than politics and then only enough to get by. I don’t know anyone in Massachusetts to ask about Mitt nor would I care, or know, to ask them if I did. I’d still wager that outside of the hate ’em, love ’em, momo culture and MA, you couldn’t find ten people that knew or cared who he was. So, clench those cheeks and hold it for me until I can pass this big stick to make room for your comment . . . may take a good long time. Mitt Romney my hoohaw – who cares?!


  9. Howy — while I have not kept up on political events myself you can bet I am outside of Utah and DO know who Mitt Romney is. While I agree with some of his politics, I won’t vote for him simply because he’s Mormon, until the church distances itself from politics considerably. You can’t tell me they won’t try to control “their man” once he becomes president.

    And I simply don’t think despite my feelings, that a Mormon will ever become President either.


  10. Natalie says:

    This is a national news story, getting national play. It ran first in the Boston Globe, which is nowhere near Utah.

    And keep that stick away from me!


  11. Oh, wouldn’t it be great if a Mormon were elected president? Just think of the possibilities. Polygamy could be legalized. You would have to be an adult to buy Coffee and Tea. BYU would be invited to a BCS conference. Jello would be the national food. The possibilities are endless.


    Molly the Mormon


  12. Howy says:

    Look I have a couple of papers I browse and the news is on ALL day. Not to mention the net that I’m cruising through the day. I’m somewhat informed. Mitt NEVER crossed my radar. S. Porpoise, you’re on of this blogs readers and I’ve seen your site. I’ll count you as one of a possible ten(?). There ‘ya go, Brat – one.

    I know my audience and you folks aren’t it. So cry all you want, it won’t make the Mitt story pass the smell er, stick test.

    Last time I checked a MA politician getting play in his state doesn’t make national play. Wait was that Mitt I heard whispered all over Starbucks this morning. Mitt this. Mitt that. I musta Mitt it.

    G’niite Ladies,

    BTW- Y’all just made my book. Thanks for the chuckles.


  13. Howy says:


    Sorry if I yanked your chain. There was never any malicious intent. I could go on and blame all kinds of personal reasons or maybe I’m just a dink. Either way – I apologize.



  14. Mitt Romney has made national news several times and is considered to be one of the candidates for the 2008 Republican Presidential race. You might want to make yourself more familiar with him.


  15. Howy says:

    Already did that. You see, I had to look him up . . . not good for a politician considering running for the highest office in the land. Granted, it’s early and the Obama speculation probably hurt his PR efforts. I doubt he’ll make the cut. Plus, if he’s all over NPR then I did miss him anyway because that droning just bores me to tears.

    Personally, I want Hillary to win. I miss Bill. He was tons of fun.

    Howy is being laid to rest. His persona is inter-meshed with too much personal change by his creator to continue.

    Good luck with the Momos y’all!


  16. Well.. you can say that Nevada is in the back of beyond… We are finally getting to know our candidates for November… Golly geez… We barely know who Bush is … except he tries to send us the nations nuclear waste.


  17. Starkitty says:

    Weird. I read the comments earlier this morning and then I crack open my Denver Post to find a picture of Mitt with Bob Beauprez, the Republican candidate for governor of our fair state. Mitt was in town to lend his support. Now there are a few of us in Colorado who have heard of him.


  18. GR says:

    One thing the LDS church does not do is mock other religions. It’s a shame that you folks cannot extend them the same curtesy. In light of that I wonder who is truly demonstrating christian behavior. Mitt Romney has an impressive list of accomplishments and views reguardless what his denomination is. I will vote for him based on that alone.


  19. Bugzapr says:

    Well Mit managed to raise about $4 Million in 1 day before he even publically announced he was running for president. He also managed to be elected Gov of Mass. Considering how strong the Dem camp in MA is, that’s saying something for a Republican! (I think MA was 1 of 2 states to vote Dem when Mike ran for pres.)

    If Mitt can get Dems to vote for him, then he’s got a good shot at winning the presidency.

    1) The country probably is not ready for a woman to be elected president.
    2) Mitt has the backing of a church (LDS) that has something over $50 bil in resources. Money wont be a problem in his campaign.


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