UPDATE: Capture of Warren Jeffs AKA Weenie Rat Face

As most of the world knows, ED (Evil Dictator) Warren Jeffs, AKA Weenie Rat Face, has been captured. Ironically, he was caught near Las Vegas, Nevada. Maybe our friend Curtis, who mentioned I should be grateful my parents were at BYU Education Week and not “loosing” everything in Vegas, could have explained a thing or two to WRF. What happens in Vegas apparently does NOT stay in Vegas.

That said, we here at Trapped are ELATED at this capture.

Here’s the Des News take on the capture.

Ironically, unlike most of the other media outlets, the News (owned by the Mormon Church) did not find it necessary to staple the “these people are not affiliated with the Mormon Church” tag on their story.

The same cannot be said for the LDS Church, which put THIS up on their web page.

Stories by AP and CNN both noted that the mainstream LDS Church is NOT affiliated with the fundamentalists.

The Church statements says, “there are no Mormon fundamentalists, yada yada,” and ends by claiming that ONLY the mainstream Salt Lake City Church can be called Mormon–a NAME they were trying to shed not all that long ago. How odd.

Apparently, the AP Style Guide says it’s so, and that makes it truth. I didn’t know the AP Style Guide was God’s mouthpiece, but you gotta take ’em where you see ’em.

Here’s the Trib take on the story.

They also put the disclaimer in, but I like the way they phrased it. They make it CLEAR that originally, they were ALL one big happy Mormon family. I’m sorry, but the fact that the LDS Church must constantly deny association with the polygamists is more telling than anything else. If it HAD no connection, no denial would be necessary.

The Trib said:

The FLDS Church, which embraces polygamy, split from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when the mainstream Mormon Church disavowed plural marriage more than 100 years ago.

I almost feel bad for ribbing them so ceaselessly about being the Des News II. Almost.


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Natalie has more than 30 years writing, editing, proofreading and design experience. She has written 20 books (and counting), has worked for the Sundance Film Festival, and as an investigative journalist, editor, and proofreader. She embraces her gypsy-heart and is following her new free-thinking journey through life. Follow her as she starts over and learns a bunch of life's lessons--some the hard way.
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13 Responses to UPDATE: Capture of Warren Jeffs AKA Weenie Rat Face

  1. Cele says:

    I found the fact that the national medias called the FLDS a cult interesting, because they did so without saying “The FLDS is an offshoot cult from the Mormon religion. The LDS church claims no affliliation to the FLDS.” All around the phrasing is interesting in what it does and doesn’t say in their bowing to fact and pretend fiction.


  2. Cele says:

    He’s is calling it religious persecution. I’m in hysterics. He’s a legend in his own mind.


  3. Howy says:

    Dumb shit! He should have gone to Laughlin. He would never been bothered. EVER!


  4. desi says:

    I thought of you the second I heard the news, and thought you must be just jumping up and down.
    Just an aside did you see the interview (on the NBC nightly news) with what seemed to be some random mormon women walking with some small children. One of them turned to the camara and screamed,”GO TO HELL”!
    AND then in another piece an older mormon woman outside her house,screamed. “I CAN WORSHIP ANY DAMNED WAY I PLEASE, ANY DAMN WAY I PLEASE”!
    I thought that was very “holy”like.


  5. Natalie says:

    Hi Desi,

    I actually feel for these women. They have been so brainwashed. They “believe” they are using their free will. But if I learned anything, it’s that “free will” can be beat into you. Growing up, “free agency” was a big theme. You have the right to believe anyway you want. And if you don’t believe THIS way, which is your RIGHT, you will go straight to hell. There will be no handbasket, either.

    They have no barometer of what is right and what is wrong. The education is not there. They are walking zombies. And they don’t even know it. It’s sad, pathetic, and only the strongest escape.


  6. Natalie says:

    Great, Howy, are you trying to change the saying to, “What happens in Laughlin, stays in Laughlin, because no one ever goes there?”


  7. Kris says:

    Yahoo he’s caught!

    Sorry Natalie but I did have an issue with this…”If it HAD no connection, no denial would be necessary”

    This is false logic in my opinion…for example, the various Muslim associations feel it necessary to deny association with the whack job groups like Hizbolah and Hamas almost everytime there is a suicide bombing, anywhere. Most people who have adequate knowledge of Muslim beliefs would not consider them to be responsible but they continue to deny association. Another example…the Catholic Church constantly denies association with the IRA.

    The sad truth is that most people in this world are uninformed, ignorant and ready to believe any stereotype that anyone puts into their faces. No offense. Therefore most people can’t tell the difference between Warren Jeffs and the “mainstream” LDS church who do not practice polygamy. I am sorry, but I am not a sheep who follows blindly. If I had any reason, even slight, to belive that the LDS Church of which I am a member was in any way condoning polygamy but then turning around and saying it doesn’t, I would be out of here so quick. So far, I can’t buy into that conspiracy theory.

    In a perfect world Natalie, the LDS church wouldn’t need to do exactly that…clear up misconceptions because they continue to proliferate by various means and various personal agendas.



  8. Summer says:

    I am not a Mormon, heck I’ve never even met a Mormon, and I do understand that these people are Mormons. Just a sect of Mormons, but still Mormons.
    Isn’t everyone who believes in the Book of Mormon a Mormon?

    The mainsteam Mormon church can deny it, but people like me, who don’t live among Mormons, lump all of them together under the Mormon umberella.


  9. Natalie says:

    Kris, you said this:

    “If I had any reason, even slight, to belive that the LDS Church of which I am a member was in any way condoning polygamy but then turning around and saying it doesn’t, I would be out of here so quick. So far, I can’t buy into that conspiracy theory.”

    The LDS Church STILL teaches polygamy as a tenet. It is NOT, however, practiced today because of the LAWS against it. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a tenet, which of course means IT IS CONDONED.

    Is it not hypocritical to criticize those practicing POLYGAMY when in fact, many of them (church hierarchy) are practicing SPIRITUAL POLYGAMY even today.

    Dallin Oaks recently remarried and was sealed to his second wife. The sealing to his FIRST wife, who passed away, WAS NOT CANCELLED.

    That, Kris, is polygamy.

    I realize your point is probably that Jeffs is practicing a more vile, disgusting form of polygamy, and I agree. And yet if you compared him to Joseph Smith, I think you would be surprised to find how MUCH they have in common.

    I’m going to address this in my main blog.


  10. Cele says:

    Great conversation. Kris, good to see ya. I always enjoy conversations with you.

    I have to agree that any group who prethought this through would automatically issue statements of non affiliation when there was even a slight thought that they could be linked in concept or tenet. I would have thought the LDS hierarchy would have stepped up to the plate right off and deny affliliation. If I was in their shoes I would in a heartbeat. I mean do you want to be even thought of as believing the same ideology as Warren Jeffs and his group? By not denoucning Jeffs and any allignment they seemingly do the opposite.

    Summer, You had an interesting comment that made my eyes open wide. You said, “Isn’t everyone who believes in the Book of Mormon a Mormon?” I never thought of it that way, but darn Good Arguement.


  11. Howy says:

    No, Nat, Vegas can keep their PR line. When I wrote that I was just returning from Laughlin. Last year I won first prize in a charity poker event. The prize(?) was two nights, three days and two prime rib dinners in Laughlin. In hindsight, it was karma for my dastardly deeds. Still trying to clear the second hand smoke out of my lungs! The full (non-travel) day I spent there was the longest day I’ve had in years. What amazes me is people retire there! WTF is wrong with them? I think Jeffs should be sentenced to life in the casinos there!


  12. Umm… Laughlin.. I like the place.. However Las Vegas smells.

    I know from personal experience because I visit family in LV.


  13. Howy says:

    My son lives in Vegas and an old friend of mine also lives there. It’s fun to visit but not for very long. They want me to move there. When I’m done filing my teeth off on the sidewalk I’ll consider it but not before!


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