Anti-Ex-Mormons are MEAN!

Once again, I have been called an “Anti-Mormon” and as always, I take issue with this.

I am NOT an anti-Mormon. I love Mormons. Some of the most beloved people in my life are Mormon (like my mom). My mom is the kindest, most honest, nicest person in the world. She is a little nuts about religion, but that’s okay. Every dang time she goes on a trip with my dad, they visit Temples across the United States. I’ve taken to calling their vacations the “Great Temple Tour I.” Or “II.” Or “IIIIIIIIII.” (They like Temples, and I am sketchy with my Roman numeral knowledge.) As odd as I find this, I must say that she could be doing worse things. If she starts sacrificing animals on altars and dropping hints about my virgin daughters, I might change my opinion, but for now, I am NOT anti-My-Mom.

Any time you don’t like MORMONISM, however, as opposed to not liking MORMONS, you get the label. I do not hate Mormons. I do think Mormonism is, well, silly. My mom is aware of this belief of mine. It hasn’t been easy for her, but somehow, she still manages to love me. She should. After all, she CREATED me. She has some part in this. I know, I know, she wants to say I am all “your father’s child” but he believes in Mormonism, too. I would like to explain this, but can’t. So I’m moving on.

So, while I am not an anti-Mormon, I have to admit I am “anti” many things.

I am anti-math. Math is bad. When a child looks at you and says, “Will I ever use this in real life?” and you don’t tell them the truth and say “no,” that is bad, too. (Yeah, this mostly applies to Algebra, but it could have other applications. Just ask the MATH gods!)

I am anti-Saran-wrap. No good EVER came of Saran Wrap. The only things it ever sticks to are not the things you wanted it to stick to, and from there things get bad.

I am anti-liver. Oh, man, that stuff is nasty. There is no good use to liver. Even if you are anemic, it is not good, because you will DIE from the awful taste in your mouth before the iron can reach your poor deprived bloodstream.

I am anti-racism. Of course, the early Mormon Church was terribly racist, but hey, it is easy to explain away, by saying, “No one ever said that! God was testing us. Or something like that. That’s not in the Book of Mormon! Liar!” No matter what they say, early Church teachings are racist.

I am anti-lima-beans. Please, don’t try to explain away this sorry legume. It will not work with me.

I am anti-teenagers. It is SUCH a relief to know that I am well out of my teen years and thus do not have to be worried about this stance, even though said teenagers will probably protest me in DROVES. Yes, I am well aware I was one of these creatures once. Teenagers, unite! Tell God you think this phase of development is entirely unnecessary, because waking up one day to discover HAIR on your body in certain unmentionable places is NOT pleasant. Also, many of you discover that you are NOT immortal, and if you walk down the middle of a street and a car comes, the car usually wins.

I’m probably anti other stuff, but I can’t remember it now.

And now……

Please forward on this email to HBO, and let them know how ANGRY you are about BIG LOVE. Really. We are all so angry. ANGRY.

(An actual letter forwarded from a Mormon stake)

HBO’s new series, “Big Love”, is about a polygamous family and is set in a Salt Lake City suburb. About the likely impact of this sexually driven show, the New York Times said, “We may never look at Utah and think white bread again.”

Parodies of beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints occur- belief in priesthood by a man blessing his hunting rifle, belief in personal revelation from the Holy Ghost by dramatic visions that the polygamous leader discusses casually with a friend. Talk of “celestial
kingdom”, “free agency”, and the “Choose the Right” slogan are included. There is a brief disclaimer stating that the polygamists don’t have an active connection with the LDS Church. But if the writers don’t intend for viewers to make the connection, one wonders why they set the show
in Salt Lake City, the Church’s world headquarters, and why they included distortions of LDS beliefs.

NBC recently cancelled a show about a dysfunctional Episcopal priest who saw a “Jesus”, after almost 700,000 people emailed and complained.

Couldn’t we do the same for this show? If you agree, will you:
– forward this email to at least 8 people
– email a polite protest to HBO:

Go to, scroll to bottom of page, click Contact Us, click on The Sopranos (unless Big Love is listed when you do so), scroll to the light blue box near page bottom, on the line just under Submit an Email,
click on Contact Us.Then enter your information, specify it’s about Big Love, and leave a message asking them to cancel this offensive show.

One or two sentences is all it takes. Or feel free to copy or edit this message:

I am offended that you would produce the series “Big Love”. It demeans and distorts sacred beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. By setting the show in Salt Lake City, it blurs the line between the Church and the long renounced practice of polygamy. Additionally, it is morally reprehensible to showcase an abusive family situation as entertainment. Please cancel “Big Love” immediately.


About Natalie R. Collins

Natalie has more than 30 years writing, editing, proofreading and design experience. She has written 20 books (and counting), has worked for the Sundance Film Festival, and as an investigative journalist, editor, and proofreader. She embraces her gypsy-heart and is following her new free-thinking journey through life. Follow her as she starts over and learns a bunch of life's lessons--some the hard way.
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20 Responses to Anti-Ex-Mormons are MEAN!

  1. Oh, oh. This is funny. I also have many, many mormons in my life including mother, father, brothers (4), and sisters (4). My grandparents are dead now, but I have numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins… all mormon.

    But, I am very anti-peas. Yep, I can eat peas out of the pod, but why would anyone cook them… squishy things. Oh, and anti-beets. Now that makes me vomit.

    Oh… I am pro-Christian and anti-patriarchy… Does that make me anti-moronic?



  2. Cele says:

    I am anti hate. What did hate ever accomplish? Death, derision, fear. (Well, unless it’s hate against inanimate objects – who put that door jamb there anyway?)

    I am against wholesale religion. I am against door to door vending of religion as if it were the world next great bathbrush. Wait selling Cookies door to door is fine – see an exception to every rule.

    Beets, cream chip beef, and zuchini are things your parents do to you because they don’t like you in that moment. 1966 through 1975 was a really trying time.

    I don’t like mean people and a void them at all opportunities, but vengence is the Lord’s not mine. I don’t believe in the death penalty…usually then someone will bring up a good arguement and make me really consider my stance. I am very flexible after long bouts of considerable contemplation.

    I don’t like people who speak for God, for Jesus, or as a demi-god in training – but I have no problem with Mormons, Baptist, Catholics, Protestants, Jehovah Witnesses, Holy Rollers, or Hare Krishna. Be at Peace. I dont’ have any of the above in my family…oh wait, I have a rabid Baptist missionary in my family – but he’s in Tonga or some such place.

    I don’t watch HBO, Showtime, or Cinemax. I don’t like gratuitious violence and sex in movies or tv shows.

    I love this blog.


  3. Caryn says:

    I am anti-barking. Dogs, I like, but I’m against them barking except in emergency situations.

    I am anti-Toni Braxton. “Unbreak My Heart” should be illegal.

    And spam, of course. I’m against that.

    Haven’t seen Big Love, but I’ve heard it isn’t all that great. Still, I’m curious.


  4. C.L. Hanson says:

    Wow, this just goes to show that exmormons don’t all agree!!!

    You see, I’m totally opposed to your stance on math and lima beans!!! I’m also somewhat opposed to your stance on teenagers, but of course my oldest is only four, so we’ll see how I feeel in about ten years or so…

    As far as “Big Love” is concerned, maybe others could follow the same instructions — right up to that last bit — and instead submit something like “Thank you for shining some light on a situation that the LDS establishment has been doing everything in its power to try to sweep under the rug for a hundred years or so…”


  5. I hate hypocrisy. Period.


  6. I am linking to you on my daily reads on my blogspot.


  7. Howy says:

    I’m anti-marriage. My divorce (#2) was finalized yesterday. Why anyone would want a plural marriage is beyond my tiny mind to grasp. More demands, more whining, more misery and that’s just on my part. Now multipply that twofold for each spouse. My God. Sounds like a great excuse for a warm bath and a razor!



  8. Kris says:

    Natalie, I do NOT believe you are anti-mormon, or anti-your mom…LOL. I am however anti-diapers after the age of 2 and anti-60000000000″ tvs in my tiny living room.

    I enjoy your blog, and like I said you really make me think!



  9. Kris says:

    Oh, and I am very much looking forward to seeing Big Love…don’t you think mormons sometimes take things a little too seriously for their own good?



  10. Laua L says:

    I am so with you on the saran wrap. And it gives things a funky plastic smell and I can’t eat whatever it was on. And the lima beans. There’s just no reason for them.

    I did see the NBC Jesus show and I actually liked it. Don’t have HBO, so I haven’t seen Big Love. And if it matters for anything, I never got the feeling you were anti-Mormon. I really enjoy your blog!


  11. Lisa says:

    Natalie…you crack me up. I have been lurking and reading your blog for a few weeks now and can totally relate to many of your feelings about “The Church”.

    My family (husband, children and I) just left less than a year ago. it has been really hard. The only friend who speaks to me any more is Kris (yes, your Kris and my Kris are the same person, we’ve been friends since we were 19 or so…she rocks!).

    I am not picketting the stake center or anything, I’m not a meth head (yet), I still wear clothing (albeit not the white, itchy kind) and I still think I am a good person (maybe even better now that I am not racked with guilt), but for some reason my former friends choose to completely ignore me. These are people I was close to before – now they are SO uncomfortable when they’re talking to me, like apostasy is contagious or something.

    I live in an area in Canada with plenty of Mo’s, but i have to say that living in Utah sounds a million times worse.

    Thanks for the laughs…I hate liver too.


  12. Suyo says:

    Love your blog and your book. Makes me feel NORmal living in Utahahaha. One thing I hate is people who smoke at poker machines. Yah, we escape to Wendover to have a Sunday OUT of Utah, a buffet of desserts, desserts and more desserts, a place to people watch…..OH MY HECK! You get all settled at the winning machine ON THE END and now have 800 credits YEEHAA and some little old lady ruins your gaming by holding her smoldering nicotine right in your face. Now if it was green it might be different. Well knock her right off her perch….I was here first….yah been here for an hour…..AND I’M FINALLY WINNING. Between the smoke and aweful perfume comes flashes of all those diamonds she is wearing. They weigh more than she does. Got her to leave by talking. Yah just random crap talk… talk talk. Oh throw in THE church. Talk talk talk. If she lights up one more time I will have to take action. Old bird must have felt the tension….she moved and I won. Oh the things Utahns do to feel like a bad ass.


  13. Natalie says:

    Hey, Lisa, welcome to Trapped! I agree. Kris rocks. I’m so glad she led you here. And I’m TELLING ya…..STAY AWAY FROM THE METH. METH=BAD. I have seen PICTURES and I’m telling ya, it is NOT pretty. LOL.

    All joking aside, it is interesting that all TBM Mormons assume those who leave will immediately be struck with a world of ills. Truthfully, many are, not because it’s a curse, but because they SIMPLY DON’T have the necessary skills to live and negotiate in the regular world. They are not taught those skills.

    And when they figure out that the LDS Church is NOT true, a “well if that’s not true, how can anything be true?” kind of mentality. I wish it were easy and less painless to get out.

    And SUYO, smoking AND talking about the Church? Must be related to Joseph Smith……


  14. bound says:

    I am anti anyone who is anti-HBO. Silly to think an email campaign will get HBO to cancel this series. It’s all just free publicity for BIG LOVE and HBO.

    You rock.


  15. Ralph Scott says:

    I hate ALL mormons, I live in Utah, I HATE HATE HATE mormons


  16. Gary Szabo says:

    When I left the “church” with my wife, I was labeled an anti-Mormon also. I guess that’s how the cookie crumbles, but when I was LDS for 11 years I was loved by everyone in the church. It’s hard to live in Utah and be a Christian now or an ex-Mormon. Mormons don’t understand or won’t understand that most ex-Mormons don’t have any problems with Mormons themselves, we just have problems with the doctrines and beliefs that have been ingrained into us. So whenever a ex-Mormon tries to point out the false things about Mormonism to Mormons, it’s like wielding a sledgehammer. I firmly believe that most Mormons are aware of the many many false teachings of the church, but are unable or unwilling to search out the real Jesus of the Bible. It’s really sad that Mormons view us as anti. Why do we put up with Mormon Missionaries knocking on doors, why do we put up with a Mormon’s testimony? Because as true Christians, we are not afraid of truth.


  17. Barker says:

    I love Big Love! I’ve been and ExMo for a few years now, and I have a friend who grew up in UT in a family of 3 moms, and 36 siblings, 3 seperate homes and dad was a big business man who had to keep it secret… so similar to Big Love’s setting. I love to hear her stories, and I cannot get enough of the show. Most of all, I loved learning the turning point where the polygamist left the mormon church when they made up the revelation of being told no more multi wives.

    Fun fun to see the ways we were all brainwashed. Actually, it was very painful for my DH, children, and I to be exposed to the lies. But we are happier than ever, however I’m so tired of keeping my mouth shut when having to listen to gossip of sister so-in-so and how great of a monotoned testimony little Timmy the nephew gave on Sunday etc. at family gatherings. PUKE

    I do hate beard trimmings in the sink. I will get my DH trained eventually, ugh.


  18. history says:

    Any body that has got out of morman situation afterbeing involved knows who hates. The church o latter day saints hates. they cry about being persucated. Man those tears realy fall. Threw out history they have persucated anyody that does not want to acept that joseph smith was a prophet after all did joseph smith send hit men to kill people who fled from the church like brigham young had a bunch of imigrants, men, women and children kiled cause they wanted to settle in Utah and would not be converted. Now who hates


  19. Suzanne says:

    Oh I love this. Why does not being a member automatically mean that you hate Mormons? I love my Mormon family, even as every Sunday I happily sigh to myself and think, “I’m having the best day of my life and I owe it all to not going to church!”

    Being not-Mormon-anymore is not my full-time job or hobby or even something I spend much time thinking about. I”m just happy to be breathing the fresh air!

    I’m so happy there are other like-minded people out there. 🙂


  20. Alli says:

    I hate the way Utah Mormons each other. I have honestly tried being a Mormon. I even asked for a calling. It’s been over a year and still no calling, no home teachers. They do know where I live and who I am when the want money. Wish i could get out of Utah!


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