Kanab Mayor Kim Lawson Gets Ass Spanked by Teenager

Sorry, couldn’t resist that headline. Of course, it will probably lead porn spammers and spanking fetishists here in droves, but still… It will be worth it.

Regular Trapped readers will remember a while back when I wrote about Kanab’s mayor and city council endorsing the Natural Family Resolution, an utterly useless, hate-filled, impotent piece of garbage that did nothing more than show their own bigotry, ignorance, and lack of functioning brain cells. The resolution labels marriage between men and women as ”ordained of God,” conceives homes as ”open to a full quiver of children” and promotes young women ripening into ”wives, homemakers and mothers” and young men becoming ”husbands, home builders and fathers.”

Mayor Kim Lawson didn’t care. He appears to have a little bit of a God complex, and seems to believe that his membership and stature in his church, The Mormon Church, sets him just a step higher than the rest of us mere mortals.

But most Kanabians don’t seem to agree. And one in particular, a young teenage Mormon who writes a column for the Southern Utah News, called Lawson out, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.
Said young Matthew Livingston in his column, Cowboy Currents:

”Mayor, I’m callin’ you out, along with your ‘Family Vision for the City of Kanab.’ . . . As a fellow LDS member, I would expect a more Christlike countenance on your part; your actions are in the spotlight, and you have let down your religion, community and nation.”

Go Matthew! Of course, Kim Lewis was not amused. In fact, he was so irate that that very day he fired off a letter to both the superintendent of the school district and the boy’s stake president, encouraging them to take action in censoring young Matthew.

From the Trib, here is some of what the letters said.

“Is his tone and verbiage consistent and in concert with the principles embodied within his church?” Lawson asked Livingston’s LDS stake president in his Feb. 17 letter. ”I view Matt as [a] representative of the future for his church and nation. We need intelligent, principled men and women to lead and guide us. Oft-times ‘mid-course’ guidance is needed to ensure the target is reached.”

In his same-day epistle to school officials, the mayor took issue with the tone and title of Livingston’s “Cowboy Currents” column. Since Kanab High’s nickname is the cowboys, the mayor asked if the teen’s views represented the school and district and “who, if anyone, has oversight responsibility for the content.”

Waaaaaaah, Mayor Lawson. Want a little cheese with that whine? Give me a fucking break. Can you get any more arrogant and self-righteous? Lawson’s actions amount to little more than religious bullying, couched as “guidance” for a misguided LDS youth. He might as well have said, “I’m going to tell Mom on you, and you are gonna get in so much trouble.”

Livingston, not even of legal age, is a whole lot more mature.

For his part, Livingston is angry about what he perceives as an abuse of power. He notes Lawson never contacted him to express his concern or give him copies of the letters he sent to the stake president and school superintendent.

”The mayor’s a coward,” Livingston said. ”He’s a grown man and mayor of a city doing this behind the back of someone who is not even 18.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Now Matthew’s part in this story does my heart good. After reading about the Ruzicka clones (Eagle Forum Youth. The story just chills my heart. I might have nightmares for months. Hundreds of little Ruzickas wandering around worrying about what other people are doing in THEIR bedrooms, not noticing what is going on in their own boudoirs.) during our last legislative session, I didn’t hold out much hope for Mormon youth changing the way things have always been done, but with Mormons like young Matthew, the future looks a lot brighter.

Even Frommer, the travel guide, has taken to boycotting Kanab until they figure out that the only business they need to be meddling in is their own. The unfortunate part about this is all the detriment being served Kanab residents who do NOT agree with endorsing a stupid resolution that cannot even be enforced, because it basically violates the civil rights of a great many people.

In effect, all the resolution states is, “My God can beat up your God, especially if your God isn’t a rightwing, ultra-conservative (enter your favorite right-wing, ultra-conservative group here).”

I hope Lawson has learned something from all of this, but given his actions, I sincerely doubt he has. Lawson, I call you a coward. When confronted by a teenage boy about your ridiculous stance, you resorted to backbiting and bullying, and trying to shut him up through the Mormon network. Guess what? It backfired.


About Natalie R. Collins

Natalie has more than 30 years writing, editing, proofreading and design experience. She has written 20 books (and counting), has worked for the Sundance Film Festival, and as an investigative journalist, editor, and proofreader. She embraces her gypsy-heart and is following her new free-thinking journey through life. Follow her as she starts over and learns a bunch of life's lessons--some the hard way.
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5 Responses to Kanab Mayor Kim Lawson Gets Ass Spanked by Teenager

  1. Caryn says:

    I actually see much of this arrogance and cavalier behavior in our own country’s leadership–with similar results. And all the while more and more citizens are disgusted by his actions.


  2. Kris says:




  3. Cele says:

    Way to go Matt. How often do young people speak up in a public “adult” (if only in concept) forum. Not often enough, probably for fear of what Matt experienced. I hope this does not stop Matt, and others who will conscionably stand up and speak their minds.

    As Caryn pointed out, our Federal government – or at least the leaders – act in the same cavalier fashion to us, the world, and the law. It will take new thinking to make changes in attitudes of people who lead (especially those in power) to think they are above the law – both civil, judicial, legistrative, and supreme. It will also take a change in the people who follow, to discover they do not have to BLINDLY and MUTELY follow.


  4. marc says:

    Mayor Kim Lawson needs to crack a window next time he paints the garage. It’s almost as if he wakes up in the morning, and thinks(term used loosely), Whats the absolute stupidest thing I can do today? “I know, I can try to submarine that little ‘free thinker’ intern!” GAWD! Matt livingston, You are a credit to your generation. Besides a great lesson on the first amendment, You now know the power of the pen…

    where are all the nut-case people that climb clock towers or book depositories with rifles when you need them?


  5. Frankly, I have always thought that southern Utah had a dark feel to it. We drive through St. George to visit family sometimes. One time we were sitting in a small diner and a couple of hickish looking guys were giving us the eye. You know the one…

    My husband gave them the eye back. He grew up in a mining town in Washington state, so he knows how to deal with the type. We left after they left. There is no reason to let them follow you home. 😉

    Maybe we should have taken them to Kanab. They looked like they could have caused some damage there.


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