First Stick-up-the-Ass Awards of the Year go to Larry Miller and Gayle Ruzicka

Utah Millionaire Larry Miller, who is the owner of the Utah Jazz, a bunch of car dealerships, and tons of other stuff, including some movie theatres, has found himself in the center of controversy. Miller is many things to Utah, but first and foremost, he is a prominent Mormon.

Apparently, after a Utah radio station called to interview him about the movie Brokeback Mountain, which was scheduled to run in his theatres, Miller discovered the theme of the movie. Up until that point, he was sort of in the closet, er, uh, I mean in the dark, about the movie’s theme. In a short summation, two gay cowboys carry on a 20-year relationship. Miller’s theatre regularly runs slasher flicks, all manner of R-rated movies, and has no policy against blood and guts movies, or sexually explicit movies, but there WILL BE NO GAY COWBOYS IN HIS THEATRE. How does one explain this strange reaction? How does one JUSTIFY running movies where teenagers are gutted and impaled while having premarital sex, but a tender love story between TWO MEN, a story that is garnering kudos, Golden Globe nominations up the proverbial ying yang and more, is NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

It must be the gay cowboys. Because, well doggies, gay cowboys? Whatever is this world coming to? We’ll have none of that gay cowboy shit in Utah. I mean, WHO comes up with this stuff? Everyone knows that cowboys are NEVER gay. Why, the sheer manliness of their profession leads one to surmise that cowboys could NEVER be gay. Rugged and gay generally don’t go hand in hand. Gays are redecorating the world and doing the hair of the stars and–at least in the case of females–winning golf tournaments. At least in stereotype-land. And apparently, that is where MILLER LIVES, along with a good deal of the rest of Utah. Because he thought Brokeback Mountain was about cowboys. Just cowboys. And as we have just discussed, cowboys are NOT gay. Ever. Ever ever.

Well, when Mormon Miller descovered that the fabulous film about cowboys just HAPPENS to be about GAY cowboys, well, that was too much to take. So he pulled the film from his theatres. Without viewing it, of course. Why watch the film and see what it is ACTUALLY about before condemning it? Another thing we are big on in Utah. Condemning things we have not yet seen or read. Happened to me ALL the time with WIVES AND SISTERS. The majority of angry Mormons condemning had NEVER READ IT.

As a result of Miller’s actions, the movie is getting even MORE press, and Utah and Miller are getting even more DAMAGING press.

And much of the United States is embracing the movie. Good for them. And shame on Utah, Larry Miller, and especially Gayle Ruzicka, president of the Eagle Forum, whose only real accomplishment in life, as far as I can see, is populating half this earth with children and walking around with a big stick up her ass.

The majority of homophobia comes from fear. We fear what we don’t understand.

And frankly, pulling Brokeback Mountain from his theatres dumps Larry Miller RIGHT in the middle of the group of the BIGGEST HYPOCRITES IN THE WORLD. Consider what he runs, on a daily basis, at his theatre. The fact he pulled a GAY THEMED movie from the theatre SHOUTS of his bigotry.

Randy Harward, at New West Network, summed it up REALLY well.

“What is worse? Man-on-Man, or Man-On-Granny?” He he.

Ruzicka, meanwhile, told the Deseret News:

“I think it sets an example for all the people in Utah and, like I said before, he’s my new hero,” said Gayle Ruzicka, president of the Utah Eagle Forum. “It’s such a terrible show, and it is such a horrible message. I just think (pulling the show) tells the young people especially that maybe there is something wrong with this show.”

God forbid if Gayle Ruzicka EVER calls me her hero. (I know, I know, it will NEVER happen.) But still, that would be the darkest day of my life. Gee, Gayle, what are the odds you haven’t even SEEN the film? But please, call it horrible. You, after all, in your infinite wisdom-ness, and your Godly calling as the moral THERMOMETER for Utah, KNOW what the rest of us heathens don’t. At this point, I might note that thermometers get stuck up rather unsightly places also, sort of like that STICK that has to be irritating you. No wonder you find people to pick on.

And you apparently have NO clue what young people think, because you just guaranteed that they are going to flock to it EN MASSE just by your statement.

While I enjoy making fun of you and Miller and the rest of the silly idiots, really, you are doing the film a big favor. The press alone will guarantee it’s success. So, perhaps, Gayle, I can send you a copy of WIVES AND SISTERS. It’s guaranteed to get that stick a-wiggling and get you all irritated. Just send me your address….


About Natalie R. Collins

Natalie has more than 30 years writing, editing, proofreading and design experience. She has written 20 books (and counting), has worked for the Sundance Film Festival, and as an investigative journalist, editor, and proofreader. She embraces her gypsy-heart and is following her new free-thinking journey through life. Follow her as she starts over and learns a bunch of life's lessons--some the hard way.
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16 Responses to First Stick-up-the-Ass Awards of the Year go to Larry Miller and Gayle Ruzicka

  1. Wendy says:

    Your disdain is palpable. I salute you. 😀

    Seriously, this made me blazing mad, I even sent Larry some hate mail. I imagine he’s getting a lot of it lately.


  2. christine says:

    Perhaps that’s why Waylon Jennings sang “Mammas don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys” perhaps it wasn’t the reasons given in the song – seriously the row has reached the UK, and all I can say is What a load of hogwash. The mo’s never miss a trick to look silly do they. I shall be going – Miss a chance to see Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhall, not me


  3. Cele says:

    Did Larry and Gayle miss Rat Face Weenie parts I and II? Maybe they should take in the flick Child Bride of Short Creek? Naw, they wouldn’t get the irony of their self-righteous beliefs.


  4. azteclady says:

    Much noise has been made over the “censorship” implied by this decision to not show Brokeback Mountain. Some people in a couple of boards I read have protested saying that “it can only be called censorship if it’s a government decision.” I disagree. Whenever someone makes a decision over what someone else should see, or read, or learn, it’s an act of censorship. As far as I’m concerned, the only exception is when a parent makes the decision for his/her minor children. [Of course I’m biased, as I’m a parent myself, and have had to make such a decision repeatedly for the past 17+ years.] Anything outside parental purview, is an act of censorship, private or public.
    On the other hand, the decision not to show the movie, and the attendant controversy over why the decision was made, is creating even more buzz and publicity for it, which will only benefit the movie’s numbers, before and after it comes out in DVD. I can almost guarantee that people who live in places where the movie is not shown will buy it *raising hand*, if only to know what all the fuzz has been about. After all, the full price of a DVD is often less than what you’d pay to go see the movie with a friend, and buy something to eat and/or drink at the theatre.


  5. James says:

    Hi, I am a Christian guy in Texas and I definetely want to go and see it! Why? because I have been fighting against homosexual feelings all my life, and want to see it because it reflects the love two men can have for each other, not because of the sex. I have seen the trailer and know already that it is a terrific movie. Unless a person has been in those shoes and had those “forbidden” feelings, they can never understand it. It’s about love.


  6. Howy says:

    If the owner of the theatre doesn’t want to show the movie then they have that right. Why someone wouldn’t want to show a movie about “happy” cowboys is beyond me. Maybe they had a bad experience with horses, cows or sheep sometime in their past. Of course, you wouldn’t be a real cowboy if it involved sheep. Then you’d just be a “happy” shepherd with a flock or two. Wait, wouldn’t a good saint want a “happy” flock?! That’s what Utah needs is a movie about a “happy” saint tending his or another’s flock. They could call it FLOCK THEE or THE PASTURE FLOCK or FLOCK-A-DOODLE-DOO. Course, now we’re into chickens and sheep . . .


  7. Kita Kazoo says:

    Outstanding blog! I want write like you when I grow up!

    It is a shame that Utah is so backwards… Did anyone catch Jay Leno’s joke about pulling the movie… he said they played Deliverance instead. Had me rolling on the floor laughing.


  8. Kris says:

    LOL…another reason why I would NEVER live in Utah…no offense, I just couldn’t stomach it. I have seen the movie, it is FANTASTIC.



  9. Natalie says:



  10. Natalie says:


    You give me hope. You really do. Keep on keeping on. The world needs more Mormons like you.


  11. SuYO says:

    HaHaHa…..Someone needs to wash that Ruzucka’s face and shove that bar of soap in her mouth. Mean and nasty lady.


  12. Kris says:


    There are a lot of us (like me who don’t get the “Utah Mormons”) here in Canada…maybe it is really a Utah thing? I don’t know…I just thought I was a normal Mormon gal…you have seriously opened my eyes *wink*



  13. Annette says:

    I stumbled upon your blog today and have thoroughly enjoyed myself reading your comments. My husband and I had our names removed from the LDS roles 5 years ago. We actually didn’t have any problem which I suppose is unusual. I agree with your entire comments regarding our esteemed Mr. Miller. What a homophobic moron! I am sick and tired of the religious right putting in their two cents about things they know nothing of. I have two homosexual male cousins. One was sent home from his momo mission for having a love affair with his companion. The companion felt guilty, prayed and turned my cousin in. My cousin was excommunicated and his companion was allowed to “honorably” finish his mission. I was disgusted and had to be there to support my cousin while the extended family disowned him. We all knew that he was gay. Anyone who couldn’t see it was lying to themselves. When we were kids he would style my hair and nails. Now how many 4-yr. old boys do that? Anyway – you were right on with the so called “one and only true church” and Larry Miller. He has no problem with the violent shit he allows in his theatres but a love story…oh, escuse me, a gay love story….never


  14. Suyo says:

    Well good ol GAYle Rizika and R-Chris BUTTers must really feel important right now. They are in all of their glory pushing nothing but hatred for people that don’t fit in their mold……..take that 2 ways…..their JELL-O MOLD of what a person is suppose to be born like according to their close minded beliefs of creative design and MOLD being the old stinky ugly issues that they waste time with year after year at the EAGLE FORUMN. The issues that are a fact of REAL life. That homosexuals are REAL, CARING AND LOVING INDIVIDUALS who have all the SAME needs of every individual. They need a place to belong, they need to be treated equal and YES high school kids especially need a place to feel safe. To discuss anything they want and not be ridiculed. Gay/Straight clubs in high school…what a better place to teach tolerance. Kids fur shur don’t get it at home in UtaHAHAHA. Mr. Butters has a blood infection right now……hey maybe karma is getting you. And as for you GAYle….we have had just about enough of you….take your knitting needles and go knit some mouth covers for your type.


  15. Jett Atwood says:

    I’m not surprised that you single out Larry H Miller on the whole “Brokeback Mountain” controversy, but there are a few things you might consider.

    While Larry DOES indeed own the Megaplex Theatre he has nothing to do with scheduling films on the roster. With all his dealerships and the Jazz…he’s got other things to do.

    It was a stupid last minute decision from one of the managers at Jordan Commons to pull the film…and it only came to light because newspapers had already gone to press with the show times. The scuttlebutt from inside the Megaplex theatres is that said manager got a severe dressing down from Larry and the whole thing has been enormously blown out of proportion.

    As for the show being banned in Utah, that’s just silly. It’s playing to sold out audiences at the Broadway, the Cinemark and the Cineplex. So 3 chains are showing it instead of 4. Big fat hairy deal.


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