Merry Smithmas, Part II

I mentioned the Joseph Smith nativity scene, set up at BYU, in a previous post. HERE, thanks to jkspringer, are the pictures that prove its existence.

I do not know if BYU has a Nativity that features Jesus elsewhere on the campus. I don’t hang out at BYU much. Actually, ever. That place gives me the heebie jeebies.

But I don’t think there needs to be much more proof that the official name of the Mormon church should be The Church of Joseph Smith of Latter-day Saints.


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13 Responses to Merry Smithmas, Part II

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  2. Paul says:

    Hmm, why didn’t he return after 3 days to fulfill the OT prophesy…..?? Oh, never mind. That was done the right way.


  3. Sharon Taylor says:

    In response to the November 4 post about the JS nativity…..I think you know full well what that was. It was a year long celebration of JS birthday,and nothing more than a display of where he was born.
    I was a member of the LDS church for 43 years, and though I know it wasn’t true, I don’t think we need to try and bring people out of there or keep people from joining, with lies and/or sensational garbage.


  4. dlddustin says:

    If you believe that the LDS church is false then declare it so. Proliferating obvious lies do not help your cause. LDS people would find the idea of a Joseph Smith nativity heretical. This is part of a trend of anti mormons proliferating supposed beliefs that Mormons would not recognize. If your beliefs are true than promote them and they will prosper.


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  6. PMP says:

    Stomach churning ugh.


  7. davea0511 says:

    Nativity by definition means “birth”, not “sleeping area”. This is a re-creation of a Joseph Smith sleeping area. There are no wise men, nobody worshiping there. However if you visit Mormon Temple Square, or most any Mormon temple you WILL see a true nativity (“birth”) scene, of Christ, with wise men and living Mormons right there in the attitude worship of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, Savior of the World.

    You’ll notice in most LDS visitor’s centers there are many re-creations of scenes to help non-members understand Mormonism. Of course, it’s to be expected that there are those who refuse to understand, and choose to twist whatever possible into a lie to forward their own agenda. How unbelievably Christlike of such people.


  8. Alicia says:

    Insinuating that Natalie is just twisting this is absolutely ridiculous. You’re trying to claim technicalities and missing the whole point of the JS Nativity scene. If it was just about where he slept – the way you say it makes it seem as it’s the bed he slept in as an adult and prompted me to look at the picture again – there would be a bed and not a cradle. BYU knew exactly what they were doing when they chose a cradle. The Jesus nativity is obvious because, well … it’s rather unusual, most people aren’t born among livestock. JS was probably born in a bed (although I don’t really care or see why it’s important unless you’re equating him to J.C. – which is probably the point here) but if they had a bed in the display it might give the impression of an adult JS. The whole point of the JS nativity is to draw attention to his birth in the clearest way possible.
    Directing us to Mormon temples is also rather silly since I’ve been under the impression you aren’t even allowed in unless you’re a true-blue Mo. (At least that’s what my Mormon friends have lead me to believe – I can’t attend a dear friend’s wedding because I’m not a Mormon, nor can I go with another friend to church because I’m not “worthy, no offense”) BYU is a prominent Mormon establishment and the only way many of us non-Mormons can try to understand them aside from talking to ex-Mos. BYU choosing to put up this JS Nativity demonstrates that they – at least on a subconscious level – consider him at the very least on the same level as JC if not higher.


  9. freesunsetbeach says:

    I am confused??? Was jesus not laid in a Manger?? How does Joseph Smith and a cradle with a Christmas tree have to do with anything. You make no sense.


  10. essay says:

    “Joseph Smith Nativity”??? — Talk about grasping at straws, no where in the picture above is there anything that says “nativity”. What’s next, the Abraham Lincoln Nativity? The Mart Twain Nativity? And it’s nice to again see someone outside the LDS faith tell me what I believe.


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  12. Suzee says:

    The Nativity argument is very interesting and seems a little pointless. Regardless of anyone disagreeing with the LDS church, I suggest instead of bashing it, find a cause worth promoting. I understand if death, oppression, and cruelty was occuring with helpless people being affected. . .That would be a cause worth fighting against. . But people have a choice! let them live the way that makes them happy and life feel full.


  13. El says:

    I do not think this is some kind of smith worship. It is only natural for a religion to revere the founder of thier religion. Or the messenger of thier religion. St Peter Mohomed Joseph Smith Moses Abraham are revered does not mean they are worshipped.
    Isn’t it great that even in Utah you can have an oppinion and express it. Criticism of ones opinion is not oppression.


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