Do Your Parents Know What You're Doing on the Internet?

I’ve discovered that my young friend Rand is even younger than I realized. In fact, he claims he is nowhere near the age to go on a mission. Since the insults he throws at me ARE very immature, I’ve come to realize that I need to curb my tongue and keep the profanity to a bare minimum. After all, he is a young impressionable mind, albeit an arrogant one.

These are the missives I got from Rand this morning.

You never answered what proves the church false, with facts that can be PROVEN. Dont give me any “books” or anything. Calvary chapel is a church that hates mormons.

You are just basing your belief on books and so called “facts” that you have heard. As am I. I am basing my beliefs off of a book just as you are. I cant see how your beliefs are fact based. When did you leave the church? It will help me better

Just curious…. What facts am I supposed to give him if I can’t give him facts that come from books? Facts that can be proven? NOTHING in Mormonism can be proven. How come I have a different standard to stand up to than Mormons do? And what a funny response from a person whose entire belief system is set up around a “book.” Does he want me to pull them out of my …. oh wait, no profanity. I remember. As for when I left the Church, I emotionally left when I was 15, but stopped attending when I was 18 and left my parents house, and thus could not be forced to practice something I did not believe any longer.

My beliefs are a whole lot more fact-based than Rand’s are.

Such a hateful attitude toward me in the forum.. I heard that cussing is a really mature thing to do! And not saying that I don’t belive in the church, I do, but even if the church is completely wrong, whats the harm in followings its rules?

You just want to have fun in life, so you left the church while all the while you dropped little excuses to justifty yourself. I bet you just gave into peer pressure and finally decided to leave the church. It takes a real man to bend to peer pressure.

You want me to follow the rules of something that is completely wrong? Heil Hitler! We all know how THAT ended up….

As for the “you left because you couldn’t live the standards,” oh PLEASE come up with something new, and at least slightly original. Why can you not believe that people LEAVE because they don’t believe it?

And I am no man, baby. Also, peer pressure is not real intense when you’re 42. I’m sort of a freethinker.

Ah, I keep forgetting to add things to my mail.

Explain this to would Joseph Smith know all about the geography where Lehi traveled, and knew all the words, if he was such a young an “uneducated” man.

And also think about this. What do you think the prophet would reply to all this? He would have an answer. As you said, I am young and immature. And by the by, I am not even close to going on my mission. My age does not “hit my vein” people like you do. Spending months on denying a church. I just can’t help but laugh at you.

Rand al’Thor

And P.S.
Stop cussing.

He knew about the “geography” because he made it all up or stole the idea from someone else. Entire portions of the Book of Mormon are lifted from the Bible, with just a few words changed here and there. Bet you didn’t know that, eh? Bet you’ve heard of plagiarism though, eh?

The LDS Church has spent millions of dollars trying to validate the events in the Book of Mormon with absolutely NO success. It just didn’t happen the way Joe claimed. And as for the “how could a poor uneducated farm boy came up with the Book of Mormon?” question, there was a book published just two years before the Book of Mormon was produced that had many similar ideas. The book was called View of the Hebrews, by Ethan Smith (no relation) and published just a few miles from where Joseph Smith lived.

LDS Historian B.H. Roberts studied this book, and confessed that the evidence tended to show that the Book of Mormon was not an ancient record, but concocted by Joseph Smith himself, based on ideas he had read in the earlier book.

What would the “prophet” say? He’s no prophet to me, but I suspect he would find some new modern-day spin, and would probably be pretty da….er, darned amazed that his religion was still around.

You have written entire books on the denying of a religion? Just like the multiple wives..about how we want NBC to say it has nothing to do with mormons. You are denying the religion, as the church is denying polygamy. We do not teach that polygamy will be practiced in heaven, not one tidbit. If you have enough time to write whole books on the actions of others, why don’t you have time to think about your own? I know people hate this word..because immature people as myself use it, but you are acting somewhat as a hypocrite know, the whole denying thing.

Your dearest young male immature mormon,
Rand al’Thor

Nope, I write fiction, set in the LDS culture in Utah. And you are SOOOO so wrong about the polygamy. It is still a belief of the LDS Church. If anyone tells you something different, they are lying because they don’t believe you are old enough to know the truth.

In his 1966 book Mormon Doctrine, which remains in print, the late LDS Apostle Bruce R. McConkie wrote that “the holy practice will commence again after the Second Coming and the ushering in of the millennium.”

Do you believe Bruce R. McConkie was an apostle of God? You better, or your parents will be pissed. And he says it WILL commence again.

Not ONE swear word in this entire post. I am so proud….


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