More Sad Mormons

I knew when I posted a response to Jeff Lindsay’s “Anti-Mormon Liars” post I was going to get some heat. Sure enough, shortly afterward I got this response from Robert. He’s “sad,” just like so many other Mormons who read my blog, because he believes me so misguided. He also latched onto something I said to mistakenly believe I had serious mental and guilt issues, and was blaming the Church for them.

Robert wrote:

“someone just made a mistake and we should forgive them for giving us LIFELONG MENTAL ISSUES AND YEARS OF REPRESSION AND GUILT”

I became really sad when I skimmed your blog and witnessed your attitude against the church, Natalie. I tried to find something to explain to me why you write what you write, because it gives me a bad feeling, but the most revealing sentence I could find was the one above. Why blame the church for your mental issues and feelings of guilt? What could have possibly happened to you that makes you different from everyone else? There are so many people in the church who aren’t bitter against it and don’t blame it for their “mental issues and guilt.”

It is a natural fact of life that people feel guilty when they do wrong; everyone messes up. Why blame the church for those feelings? Do you think the things it cautions against aren’t wrong, perhaps? When I feel guilty, I don’t blame the church or its teachings; I know the guidelines that are there are for my benefit. No, when I mess up I blame myself for falling short. I take responsibility for my actions. And those feelings of guilt go away when I repent; they don’t stay w/ me. I could deal with my guilt by saying that the church is wrong; surely my life would be easier if I didn’t always have it telling me what to do. But would it be better, if I ignored my conscience and fought against the church because I didn’t want to take responsibility for the things I had done that made me feel guilty?

I don’t know, your problems with the church probably go way deeper than I can ever know. But it makes me sad to hear you blame your guilt on the church. This world needs more responsibility, more self-control, and more people willing to do the right thing even if it takes more effort and sacrifice. The church has never expected perfection from anyone, so our feelings of imperfection are only natural. Why not embrace those feelings and let them motivate us to be better people, rather than despise them and blame them on the church?
Robert | 08.07.05 – 4:07 pm | #

Whatever made you think I don’t take responsibility for my actions. It’s not that I couldn’t live up to the LDS Church standards, Robert. It’s that the CHURCH could not live up to mine.

But you go ahead and try to infer I have mental problems and guilt. After all, why ELSE would someone else choose to leave the Church? In the meantime, I have a solution for your SADNESS problem. It’s called Prozac. I won’t tell Tom Cruise if you won’t.


About Natalie R. Collins

Natalie has more than 30 years writing, editing, proofreading and design experience. She has written 20 books (and counting), has worked for the Sundance Film Festival, and as an investigative journalist, editor, and proofreader. She embraces her gypsy-heart and is following her new free-thinking journey through life. Follow her as she starts over and learns a bunch of life's lessons--some the hard way.
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2 Responses to More Sad Mormons

  1. Natalie,
    Thank you so much for your honesty about the serious lies, deception, and problems in the LDS church today. Indeed, it all began very early in the church history when Joseph Smith FAILED to become an apostle and instead opted to become a “King” as warned against with the type and shadow story of wicked King Noah who was also a President of the church. Then JS failed to heed God’s warning against doing his “own will and CARNAL DESIRES or he would FALL” (D&C 3:1-11) which he did although D. Michael Quinn provides info that JS repented of polygamy and Satanic Masonry prior to his murder (he failed to flee to the Rockies to complete his repentance) (Origins of Power, pg 565-566).

    Polygamy is an abomination no matter who practices it (Jacob 2:23-24, Jacob 3). Not even Abraham who LIED to the Prince and was given Hagar who gave us the Muslims who hate Christians ~ the consequence of evil “carnal desires” produces bad fruits. The Muslims like Mormons believe in polygamy which is an abomination and treat women like 2nd class citizens or worse.

    Polygamy was the reason why the Nephites were destroyed and part of the reason why the church is the THIRD “Most Great and Abominable Church” 1 Ne 13 ~ also due to the 3,000 significant alteration of the BoM which “took out the plain and precious truths” that Jesus is God the Eternal Father and that just as Jesus told Philip there is only ONE God (why do ye ask to see the father…when ye have seen me ye have seen the Father…I and my Father are ONE)…Thanks to a profound NDE, we incarnate with our Soul while our Spirit remains in Heaven…That’s how it works and that’s how Mosiah 15:1-5, Ether 3:14, and Alma 11:23-40 and the origiinal BoM states the “plain & P truth of who God is!

    The prophesied cleansing of the Lord’s House is happening today with the Internet fulfilling Isaiah’s prophesy about no more secrets as truth will be “shouted from the rooftops”. Key scriptures ~ D&C 64 about our false profit and apostles aka “money changers” who make millions sitting on Bank/Insurance, etc Boards, build 5 Billion dollar Malls and other “great and spacious buildings”, and are NOT witnesses of Christ! Also, D&C 124 says we are a condemned church “due to our “follies and abominations ye do practice before me saith the Lord” and D&C 112 tells how the Cleansing will begin with the leaders of our church. We have been given a mission to restore the original Book of Mormon (pure not perfect) which exposes how evil the church is today complete with full fupport of CIA MKUltra mind control programming of the members as documented in LDS Cathy OBrien’s book “Trance Formation of America”, Paperdolls: Healing from Sex Abuse in Mormon Neighborhoods, and Hell Minus One with the Satanic Ritual Abusers confessing in writing their abuse of their scape goat daughter (much like Martha Beck scape goat status by her dad, Hugh Nibley). Hell Minus One gives a huge hint that the sadistic parents ran to THEIR HANDLERS ~ the Bishop and Stake President and were instructed to write out their confession (so the church could look good), but then there was never any legal justice obtained? Check out , and There is so much more to say and it all makes sense of the corruption of the church today. Also read Ann Eliza Young’s book “Wife No 19” to see how evil polygamy and Blood atonement was as it was written in 1875 as she was the 10th wife to DIVORCE evil murderer Brigham Young.


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