Bro. Barker Unmasked….

Brother Barker, take off the magic underoos and give it a rest. You HAVE been unmasked, oh ye defender of the faith and good and faithful servant of Joseph Smith, nameofjesuschristamen.

Bro Barker claimed this in his SHIELDS bio:

Although most acquaintances consider Stan to be a pretty good guy, few critics like him. He has no patience for dishonesty and deception and is often blunt in expressing his feelings about this. When Stan has pointed out weaknesses in critics arguments and their apparent unwillingness to correct those errors, they have often pulled out of conversations with him. Three such cases involved Sandra Tanner, Dick Baer, and Ed Decker. This demonstrated dishonesty bothers Stan. He wishes they would repent so that they too might enjoy the glorious blessings of the Lord’s Kingdom.

Please. I have concrete, uh, well, INTERNET-ete (don’t go there. I’m trying.) evidence that Bro Barker himself runs like the wind (FLEE, FLEE) when faced with the REALLY thorny issues regarding the LDS Church and their beliefs.

See, polygamy has ALWAYS been a hard one to explain. The “there were too many women and not enough men” has been proven false. The “Joseph-never-married-anyone-but-Emma” proven to be false. So what the heck do you do? Well, you HOPE to hell no one EVER asks you about Henry Jacobs. See, Henry was married, civil ceremony, apparently, and Joseph decided he wanted Henry’s wife. And he did get her. So did Breed’em Young, er, I mean Brigham Young. Apologies. Truthfully, this whole affair is kind of icky. Really Icky. As in “shiver me timbers, you people are sick” kinda icky. However, I DO have to tell you about it, in order to explain Bro Barker’s prevarications.

ZINA DIANTHA HUNTINGTON On page 80 of his book Todd Compton reports that Zina Diantha Huntington “In early 1841 Zina married Henry Jacobs… ” and then in October of the same year she became one of Joseph Smith’s polygamous wives. On page 82 he reports, “When Zina married Joseph Smith, she was some seven months pregnant….” Smith was killed June 27, 1844. But Zina was not done with polygamy. She now became one of Brigham Young’s wives, while still married to her first husband.

On February 2, 1846, in an inner room in the Nauvoo temple, Zina Huntington Jacobs stood by the side of Brigham Young….Somewhat apart stood Henry B. Jacobs, whom Zina had married in a civil ceremony in March 1841. She was now seven months pregnant with their second child…That Henry Bailey [Jacobs] was inside the temple shows that he was considered a faithful, worthy Latter-day Saint.
Zina and Brigham turned toward each other and Kimball sealed (married) Zina to Joseph Smith for eternity; Brigham stood proxy for the dead prophet, answering in his stead when the ceremony required a response. Then as was customary in temple proxy marriages, Zina and Brigham turned to each other and were sealed to each other for time. Once again Henry stood as witness. ….
One suspects that none of the four participants in these ceremonies understood their full significance. (ibid, page 71, and repeated on page 86)
The faithfulness of Henry Jacobs was demonstrated again when he was ordained one of the presidents of Seventy on January 19, 1845. (ibid, page 85). On January 3, 1846 Henry and Zina received their temple endowments together. A short time later, with many of the Mormons, Henry and Zina evacuated Nauvoo and started west.
Todd Compton now reports how, before they reached their destination, Henry was sent on a mission.

The following day [May 21 1846] the next crucial event affecting Zina’s and Henry’s marriage took place. Though Henry was halfway across Iowa, driving a covered wagon for his wife and two sons, one of them newborn….but now he was sent overseas to England. It is documented that Henry was sent by the de facto First Presidency…. (ibid, page 88).
Zina, with her parents, continued on the trip west. Compton then says,
The final episode in Henry’s marriage to Zina was approaching. Zina now knew that she was going to live as Brigham’s earthly wife, not as Henry’s, but Henry apparently did not understand this fully. (ibid, page 91)
Compton then reports in the following pages how Zina had a child by Brigham Young, traveled extensively with him and functioned as a wife (pages 92-102). Henry also married again. Todd Compton’s information about Zina Diantha Huntington Jacobs is also supported by other sources, Encyclopedia of Mormonism, 4:1612 and Mormon Polygamy – A History, by Signature Books, by Richard S. Van Wagoner, 1986, pages 41-43

So, yeah, ick. And this would be hard to explain away, right? Even for someone like Stanley Barker, who eats critics for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Yeah. He ain’t even trying. Following is an email correspondence he had with a person kind enough to send it to me, and allow me to use it on this blog. Thanks, Andrew. And Stan? Andrew is STILL waiting for your answers. Critics run from you? Yeah, right.

Jan 14th, 2005

Dear Andrew,

Thank you for your inquiry. I have put out some feelers, simply because I
don’t feel informed enough to pontificate on this item. I have received
some responses, but expect more. I’ll let you know what I find out.

Stan Barker

Jan 26th, 2005

I am still waiting to hear back from you on this issue. Could you at
least confirm that you are still looking for information?

Thank you

Andrew, I apologize for the delayed response. I fell on ice a few days ago
and injured my back and head and have been layed up. I am still only partly
functional, so it will be till at least the weekend before I can get back to
you. I did receive some responses, but need to go through them to cull the
appropriate information.

Stan Barker

Owwwww…………………..Well, take your time and get better. This
issue can sit a while longer.

Why not send me the raw data?

I can’t send the raw data because it comes from closed lists and there are
privacy restrictions



March 11th, 2005

I haven’t heard anything from you in quite a while – I am getting the
impression that you are ducking the issue.


Not really… there is nothing to duck that I can see. I just extremely
busy trying to make a living for my family and keep up with my many other

I apologize for taking so long. I’m just completely swamped. I will get
back to you as soon as I can. I did receive some responses from the groups
I belong to.

Best wishes,


Care to answer that one, Bro? Didn’t think so…..


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2 Responses to Bro. Barker Unmasked….

  1. Emma Black says:

    I’ve been reading up somewhat on Zina Huntington Young. As I’ve learned from life, it’s pretty hard to understand the motives of other people, especially those you’ve never talked to. However, it appears that while many women were sealed to their husbands with whom they lived and bore children, Zina was not particularly happy in her marriage to Jacobs and therefore took the opportunity to be sealed to a man whom she thought she would be happier with in the “long run,” Joseph Smith. There is no evidence that they had any sexual relationship while she lived with Jacobs. After Joseph’s death, and before she married Brigham Young for time, she left Jacobs. When you realize that half of marriages in our day end in divorce, it makes sense that Zina and Jacobs weren’t well suited to each other and knew it.


  2. Judy says:

    Give me a break! This woman is relatedto my husband’s family, he is the great grandson of John H. Huntington, and is therefor great great nephew of Zina. There was absolutely no excuse for the marriage of Joe Smith to Zina other than wanting a sexual relationship outside of mariage, and then condoning it by proclaiming it to be demanded by God that he marry her, after committing adultry,. How stupid were the people who followed this man? Read the true story of this man in the story of Heber c. Kimball written by his grandson in the 1880’s. This group of people threatened the people with death a fear if they didn’t go along with them, and if they didn’t go along they were sent overseas, while Brigham, Orson, and good old Joseph played around with the young women, married or unmarried of the clan. The group of them became rich off the inheritance of these women through their Kimball Hoilding company. They stold the land these womeeeeeeeen’s famlies gave to them, they made them place everrrrrrrrrything into their Mormon holding company, and conned several affluent members of the church to do the same. This is why they married these women, for lust and money. These men thought they were the Pharoahs of egypt, and all the earth, and women were theirs. All you need to do is go to Utah to see who hold the riches of Utah, and it ain’t the women.


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